Valentino Spits on Dolce & Gabbana on the Way Out the Door


Valentino decided to let his fellow designers what they thought of them prior to the presentation of his final collection in Paris yesterday.

GabbanaThe Telegraph reports: “Valentino Garavani was reflecting on his 50-year career and on his rivals when he dismissed Dolce & Gabbana as ‘shy to begin with, but now rather arrogant’. The 76-year-old added: ‘The problem with young stylists is that they all want to be famous straight away and then they all do the same things.’ Valentino’s comments appear to have touched a raw nerve, especially as he only had superlative praise for other Italian designers. He went on to describe Giorgio Armani as ‘revolutionary’, Miuccia Prada as ‘stupefying’ and Donatella Versace as ‘gritty and determined’. In return, Mr Armani sent a vibrant red dress down his recent catwalk show in tribute to ‘the genius of Valentino’, who made red dresses his trademark. Stefano Gabbana, 46, one half of the label that now has an annual turnover of over £700 million, said: ‘Valentino has been having goodbye parties since last July. I’ve been working. To be quite honest, I don’t care what Valentino says about us.'”

Gabbana also believes a child should not be raised by same-sex parents.

No word on what Valentino thought of Karl Lagerfeld, who handled the retiring designer with kid gloves at a ceremony later at the Hotel de Ville, where Valentino was awarded the Medal of Paris by gay mayor Bertrand Delanoe.

Valentino Steps Down from Design House He Founded [tr]


  1. Rob says

    Has this blog reached the same level of deceptive over-reaching headlines as a shopping market tabloid? I think “spits on” is going a bit too far with this story, Andy.

  2. GEOFF says

    That picture of Valentino & Karl, they look like two old mummies. Imagine going to bed with either of them. YUK!

  3. says

    Valentino was being a bit catty, but he certainly did’nt spit on them. Btw, I thought he was dead anyway. His creativity died years ago.

    As far as Dolce & Gabbana go, they are amazing. Stefano should keep his mouth shut about gay parenting though.

  4. peterparker says

    @ MICHAEL: No amount of talent/creativity from Dolce & Gabbana can make up for Stefano Gabbana’s ignorant, homophobic opinion that children should not be raised in households with GLBT parents. And Valentino will go down in history as a more important designer than Dolce & Gabbana.

  5. GEOFF says

    Gabe, At least i’ll grow older naturally instead of having all that work done and trying to look like what i’m not.

  6. Matty says

    I think the photo is classic, as are the gentlemen in it. Karl has ALWAYS had his own distinctive and rather flamboyant look, it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with personality.

    Speaking of personality (or lack of), I’ve never understood what the hype over Dolce & Gabbana was all about; their designs lack originality and the quality of the clothes is nothing to rave about. Just because every affected circuit party queen from here to Timbuktu has blown a full month’s rent on one of their T shirts, does not make them stylish or great.