Who Let Celine Out? Thank Them

Thank Rich at FourFour for this trip into the world of Dion, culled from her new DVD.

Rich writes: “…it’s very easy for someone known as the Queen of Bland to knock you on your ass with her singular bizarreness. Last month, Céline released a 2-DVD set devoted to her just-wrapped stint in Las Vegas, the soul-robbingly successful, Cirque du Soleil-inspired A New Day… schmaltzfest. In addition to the show itself, there are feature-length (seriously!) documentaries on the making of the production, her fans and a real-time look at what goes on backstage as A New Day… unfurls. All are never less than fascinating, mostly because Céline Dion is a fucking spaz. There’s almost a druggy effect due to her aforementioned goody-goody rep: watching this stuff, I felt high because I could not believe that boring old Céline was capable of being such a ball of weirdness. Her M.O.R. reputation is hilarious because she is, in fact, all over the road.” More at FourFour.

Céline Dion is amazing [fourfour]
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  1. ryan says

    I love it. She’s just a goofy french-canadian girl. If you know any of them yourself, you’ll know what I mean. I love their lack of self-consciousness and ability to genuinely enjoy life without having to pretend to some false “cool” crap. It’s why Quebec is the most lively and liberal province, and this is coming from a born and bred english-canadian.

  2. says

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen this year, which isn’t saying much at this point, but Celine really did crack me up. She may unintentionally win over a few converts…

  3. rextrek says

    For all the “material” things Celine Dion has…you can tell her “Sincerity” as a person…who helps her family…and enjoys life..and is thankful everyday for what she has..

  4. resurrect says

    while I am definitely not a fan of Celine’s music, I am now a fan of HER. What’s so enjoyable in watching her backstage antics is the reveal of her sheer love of the music, the production and the sheet opportunity to have fun doing what she loves. Her childlike joy comes straight through in this clip. Great, great stuff and a blast to watch someone completely engaged in their work.

  5. Rob says

    That was so funny! Love it! I’m a fan, but not rabidly so. She’s such a nut!

    I picked up A New Day on DVD for mom for Christmas. She and I had wanted to go see her in Vegas, but never made it out there, so I figured she could at least watch the DVD. I did get us tickets to see her in Columbus next fall though (great floor seats!) though for about 20% of the cost of a Vegas trip.

  6. Stevo says

    My Mom still talks about when she and my dad saw Liza Minelli’s show in Vegas 1971. It was the “talk of the town”…not just for her pure talent but also for the raw emotion…that many saw as downright weirdness (for the time) ie. Liza ripping off her false eyelashes and dramatically throwing them on the ground as she prepared for her second encore. I’m sure if technology had been then what it is now, we would have already been through the looking glass, and Celine would look totally normal.

    At the time my Mom was seven months pregnant with me.

    I’ve often wondered if that had any effect on my brain chemistry…because I was definitely born this way. However…I am certain Liza’s show was irrelevant.

    What really did it was Joan Rivers’ midnight set at Ceasar’s the very next day.

  7. Andrew S. says

    I’m mystified by people who harbor animosity towards Celine Dion. You might not be a fan of her specific type of music but anyone who says the woman can’t sing is either incredibly irrational or completely tone deaf. Her voice and her musicality are in a class by themselves. There’s Celine Dion and then there’s everyone else. End of story. (Her version of O Holy Night is literally goosebump-raising musical perfection.) Which most sentient people clearly recognize, given the meteoric level of commercial success she’s attained. Despite her worldwide superstardom, it’s clear Celine has retained a humbleness towards her God-given gifts and a simple joy in performing for her fans that few celebrities of her caliber have managed to do. Her outstanding and generous contributions to charity and her obvious deep-seated caring for the world around her are incredibly admirable. Why in the world would anyone mock that? Her detractors should be so lucky to create a tiny fraction of the joy and pleasure she’s brought to literally hundreds of millions of fellow human beings. She’s sui generis, earnest goofiness and all, and I bet her music will be loved by legions of fans for decades to come.

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