Who Let Celine Out? Thank Them

Thank Rich at FourFour for this trip into the world of Dion, culled from her new DVD.

Rich writes: “…it’s very easy for someone known as the Queen of Bland to knock you on your ass with her singular bizarreness. Last month, Céline released a 2-DVD set devoted to her just-wrapped stint in Las Vegas, the soul-robbingly successful, Cirque du Soleil-inspired A New Day… schmaltzfest. In addition to the show itself, there are feature-length (seriously!) documentaries on the making of the production, her fans and a real-time look at what goes on backstage as A New Day… unfurls. All are never less than fascinating, mostly because Céline Dion is a fucking spaz. There’s almost a druggy effect due to her aforementioned goody-goody rep: watching this stuff, I felt high because I could not believe that boring old Céline was capable of being such a ball of weirdness. Her M.O.R. reputation is hilarious because she is, in fact, all over the road.” More at FourFour.

Céline Dion is amazing [fourfour]
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Posted January 2, 2008 at 7:48pm ETC by Andy Towle
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