Bryan Singer to Cameo in Gus van Sant’s Harvey Milk Film?


Bryan Singer, who was working on a competing Harvey Milk film project (The Mayor of Castro Street) when Gus van Sant’s Milk sped in into production, may cameo in van Sant’s film, Portland’s Williamette Week reports:

“In the battle of the gay directors and even gayer projects, score one for Portland’s own Gus Van Sant , who has extended an ‘olive branch’ to Bryan Singer —the X-Men director he beat out for the biopic on San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. Singer himself is expected to make a cameo appearance in Gus’ film, Milk, about the life and death of the ‘Mayor of Castro Street.’ When asked to confirm, Van Sant said he had his fingers crossed that Singer will join his cast. ‘We hope so,’ Van Sant told WW in between takes on the San Francisco set. ‘He said that he will, but scheduling is hard.'”

Last we heard, Singer’s project was looking unlikely to come to fruition.

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  1. Jake says

    Let’s be honest. Having seen the two’s films, I know Van Sant will put on a much better showing than Bryan Singer would have. The man completely ravaged the X-Men series just to rush it to the theater (and his wallet). Meanwhile, Van Sant has been creating actual art pieces (rather than blockbusters) for the last 10 years. Kinda glad that it ended up being only his project.

  2. says

    xmen was pretty good for a comic movie – a fun piece of escapism for two hours. I’m not saying Singer’s movie would have been better, but it may have been more mainstream and accessible to the general public. Ultimately, that’s important for a movie like this. If it’s going to be a real piece of art, one meant to move people into a more accepting position, it has to be something that more than gay audiences will want to watch.

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