Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Charles Barkley supports gay marriage, slams “fake” GOP Christians. Backlash
road.jpg DEM RACE: Barack borrows, Obama wins WI, HI, YouTube clips, Texas debate.
road.jpg Matthew McConaughey hawks fragrance by ripping off his shirt, and Timberlake follows
road.jpg Montana GOP lawmaker plays immature “gay prank” on fellow legislator.
road.jpg Huge vigil turnout for slain gay teen Lawrence King — America reacts.
road.jpg THE TUBE: Neil Patrick Harris, Chip Kidd, Celine, Brit Awards.
road.jpg Indiana House leader kills gay marriage ban by refusing to hear it.
road.jpg Iowa QB Yordi in court on gay slur: ‘Just getting a good laugh out of it.’
road.jpg NJ Commission: civil unions = second class status: Governor troubled.
road.jpg Fidel Castro stepping down as President of Cuba. Brother to take over…
road.jpg Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn dubs Hillary Clinton’s fashion sense “Gender confused”.
road.jpg Moscow gay activists request one million in compensation for treatment.
road.jpg CT State Rep. Jason Bartlett comes out, becomes 1st openly gay Black state lawmaker.
road.jpg MUSIC: Shopping at the Mall of Mariah Carey.
road.jpg Tennessee House committee kills bill prohibiting discussion of homosexuality in schools.
road.jpg Poots: Irish cultural minister slams gay rugby ‘apartheid’.
road.jpg Eric Bana talks stand-up comedy and kissing ‘Tom Cruise’ in GQ.
road.jpg Las Vegas man in embarrassing Madonna, Marilyn Monroe mix-up.
road.jpg Even Schwarzenegger is a fan of Anderson Cooper’s biceps.
road.jpg Barack Obama supporter meltdown: can’t name one accomplishment.
road.jpg Israel has its own Pat Robertson: MK blames gays for earthquakes.
road.jpg New York Times hints at McCain lobbyist affair. Denial. Dem scandal percolates?
road.jpg Star wars? Navy missile obliterates errant spy satellite.
road.jpg Football hopefuls show off their pecs and packages at training camp in Florida.
road.jpg Luke and Noah: Fans protest bias against gay affection on As the World Turns.
road.jpg ESPN columnist shoved, taunted with gay slurs at NBA New Orleans weekend.
road.jpg K.I.S.S.I.N.G.: Zac Efron or random Emo twink?
road.jpg PLUS: Hayden Christensen (gay?), BB 9, Cool hotel, Robert Hoffman, Alexandre Despatie.

Posted February 23, 2008 at 11:37am ETC by Andy Towle
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