Crackdown on ‘Dangerous’ Gays Proposed in Bahrain

MPs in Bahrain, which already prohibits homosexuality (it’s punishable by up to ten years in prison or deportation), are proposing a tougher crackdown on gays which, not surprisingly, is informed by plenty of offensive and ignorant stereotypes:

Bahrain“The proposal was submitted by MPs belonging to the Al Menbar parliamentary bloc. It is in response to what MPs see as Bahrain’s growing gay problem and foreigners found to be gay face deportation, said committee secretary Jalal Fairooz. He said the study was being carried out despite the fact that the Education Ministry claims there are no homosexuals in schools. However, Mr Fairooz had no suggestions on how such a study could be carried out, saying it would be up to the government to decide. ‘The Interior Ministry has told us that it already bans suspected homosexuals as they try entering the country from Bahrain International Airport,’ said committee secretary Jalal Fairooz. However, he claimed the ministry said homosexuals pretend not to be gay by posing ‘manly’ until they make it past immigration. ‘They look manly as they come to the airport, but when they get in they return back to their unaccepted homosexual attitude,’ said Mr Fairooz. ‘Homosexuals are found in huge numbers at hairdressing salons and beauty and massage spas, which the ministry regularly inspects.’ However, he said many homosexuals were slipping through the net because the ministry was having problems determining if they were gay or not. ‘Those who look homosexual or offer customers personal services are being caught by police and taken to the Public Prosecution,’ he said. He described gays as ‘dangerous’ and a ‘threat to our society and Islamic values’.”

Gays to Face New Clamp [gulf daily news]


  1. Ernie says

    I completely understand their concern. There is nothing more frightening than a gang of homosexuals in a hairdressing salon. (Maybe we should alert them to the threat of florists and interior decorators as well?!)

  2. Shan says

    Not only Jackson but most of the celebs like Beckham and Posh are constantly in and out of that place. As a person of an minority faith (buddhism)I think I am a very tolerant person but my respect for Islam and its followers has been replaced by disgust. Why cant we just accept each other?

  3. davefromtampa says

    Scratch another country off my list to visit. I don’t think any muslim countries are safe for us.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    “as a person of a minority faith”

    SHAN! There are over 2 Billion of you guys, aren’t there? LOL Seriously, I wish there were more Buddhist, we’d probably have a more peaceful planet.

  5. Sebastian says

    Look “manly” umm, most gay men are men to begin with. And, its odd how these third world bigots are always doing crack downs, when men seeking men are online 24/7 and other venues just like in the West, so, they must be manly enough to pass in these alleged Islamic societies.

    And, I doubt if Jackson would be a concern, after all, he has never been known to have a thing for men, manly or feminine.

  6. says

    Before we rule out all Islamic countries as holiday destinations, can I please put in a plea for Indonesia, home to more Moslems than any other country? Indonesians regard gays with near total indifference, and embraces transgenders as part of the fabric of society. The boys (and girls) are cool and the beaches hot. And I don’t work for the tourism board, promise!

    More on

  7. JJ says

    Holy Cow. That’s some ignorance. And I complain about our government. Next time I’m sashaying through airport security, I’m going to remember that we still have it better than alot of people.

  8. mb says

    I went to high school in Bahrain for a few years and I find this to be laughable. “Manly” men? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to fit that bill in Bahrain.

  9. Daniel says

    i’ve recently returned from teaching in the Gulf region. (Towleroad is banned/censored there). Bahrain is considered the party place for neighboring countries, ie: alcohol-dry Kuwait and repressive Saudi, etc. I guess that 90% of men are practicing gay sex but lying about it. The sultan of Oman, ruler for 37 years (and big USA ally), is gay. Their lack of access to women makes them choose same-sex adventures. “Men are for sex, women are for babies,” is the motto in the Gulf. So there is breathtaking hypocrisy for a gov’t crackdown. Also, re: buddhism, the Moslems there at minimal respect Jews and Christians for at least sharing Abraham as a founder of their 3 religions but they wouldn’t sit at the same table and share a meal with a Buddhist since they are totally un-Abrahamic.

  10. John says


    Between the Muslim insurgency in Southern Thailand, the destruction of Buddhist shrines in Afghanistan, and the persecution of Buddhists in Pakistan…I’d say Buddhist nations like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam are growing more wary of Islam everyday.

    China has strategic interests with the Islamic world, but it is also busy suppressing Muslim nationalism in Yunnan and Xinjiang provinces.

    Everyone talks about the Christian-Muslim divide, but there’s also underlying tensions between Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. Like it or not, it seems ever more likely “Islam versus Everyone Else” will be the driving force of global instability in this century…much as class warfare was in the 20th century.

  11. nic says


    i, like you, am totally frustrated by the relatively (think decades) recent turn of events in the mid-east. islam used to be a tolerant religion which respected the religions of “the book”.

    however, since the regions there became theocracies and the U.S. became an aider and abettor on their behalves, things have gone from bad to worse. the stirring up of a hornets’ nest was never a good idea, yet Bush and the wretched neo-cons dived head-first into that maelstrom.

    westerners cannot impose our dictates on islamic cultures. history has taught us that over and over, but we have yet to learn. we (the u.s.) need to humbly admit defeat in that arena, wash our hands of our participation, and redirect the billions of dollars that are going to our ill-conceived, misguided efforts homeward.

    jebus, can you imagine what the trillion dollars already spent on a “war” of choice might have done for new orleans or S-chip or food stamps or heath care or Darfur or numerous other or’s?

    it makes me want to weep.

    the lunatics took over the asylum. we HAVE to get them out.

  12. Noor says

    being part bahraini, i feel absolutely disgusted by the way things are right now!
    It’s unbelieveble to see what this place has come to! It’s starting to annoy the hell out of me! every now and then something comes up in the news or i hear of something that happened from my friends and i start wondering how ppl can be so selfish, arrogant and narrow-minded! and everytime i’m surprised ! it’s ridiculous that ‘ministry official’ find it necessary to force residents to be a certain way !