Gay Aide to Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Charged with Sexual Assault

Carl Stanley McGee. a 38-year-old aide to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, has been charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old male at a steam room in December at the Gasparilla Inn on the island of Boca Grande on Florida’s west coast, the Boston Globe reports:

Mcgee“According to police reports, McGee was arrested Dec. 28 and accused of performing oral sex on the 15-year-old, who was a guest at The Gasparilla Inn & Club, a 95-year-old hotel and championship golf course in Boca Grande. McGee was held overnight on a $300,000 bond. Few state employees were aware of the arrest. An account had appeared in the local newspaper, the Boca Beacon. McGee’s co-workers said they had been told he was out sick. McGee, whose annual salary is approximately $150,000, could not be reached for comment. His lawyer, Charles Rankin, did not return phone calls from the Globe.”

Friends and supporters of McGee told the Globe they don’t believe the incident happened. McGee allegedly masturbated and performed oral sex on the teenager, who later identified him to police.

The Globe adds: “McGee, a former Rhodes scholar and Harvard Law School graduate, was previously a corporate lawyer at the law firm WilmerHale. He was instrumental in the movement seeking to defeat efforts to overturn legalization of same-sex marriage, serving as director of the civic and business outreach efforts of the advocacy group MassEquality. A year after same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts in May 2004, McGee’s wedding to John Finley IV was highlighted in the ‘Vows’ section of The New York Times. Former state senator Jarrett T. Barrios officiated.”

McGee was placed on administrative leave January 7th and is scheduled to be arraigned on February 11th.

Key aide to Patrick accused of sex assault [boston globe]
Boston man faces assault charges [boca beacon]
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  1. anonymous says

    This exact same thing (guy in his late 30s) happened to me when I was 15 and I never reported it. It wasn’t exactly consensual but it wasn’t forced either. I was just too young to know how to say no. But it didn’t traumatize me; I just wanted to put it behind me.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Don’t worry, y’all, we got about 40 Republicans to counter this fool with. And what exactly was the “assault”. Oh, the age of the boy. OK. Well, I forget, y’all never worked trade on city streets in the 70’s & 80’s. Hell, I would still be in jail today, and I NEVER was the aggressor, nor did the approaching. No proper queen does.

  3. forreal says

    “Don’t worry, y’all, we got about 40 Republicans to counter this fool with. And what exactly was the “assault”. Oh, the age of the boy. OK. Well, I forget, y’all never worked trade on city streets in the 70’s & 80’s. Hell, I would still be in jail today, and I NEVER was the aggressor, nor did the approaching. No proper queen does.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Feb 7, 2008 11:12:57 AM”

    Do you ever tire of your
    stepin fetchit

  4. secretagentman says

    I guess no one carries ID in a steamroom, and we dont know who initiated what, but some 15 yr olds look 20 and some look 12. Always best to err on the side of caution and dont touch!

  5. Sebastian says

    I don’t get how this creep can be considered “gay?” As a gay man, I have never once had the desire to have sex with a kid,and, a 15 year old is a child, this creep is a pedophile, and, should be called that as this is what confuses the public at large, that all gay men want boys, which just isn’t true, that is a group of sick losers.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    And another thing, have y’all looked at some of these fifteen year olds nowadays. Some of them are 6 feet tall weighing 200 lbs. I aint excusing the man because he’s a Democrat and one of “ours”, but let’s be reasonable. Most fifteen year olds would knock the shit out of you if they didn’t want to…oh, never mind.

    Yes, he could’ve been an innocent, sensitive, passive youngster. Yeah. But when conservative Republicans get caught doing this stuff they’re usually closeted homos who speak out against openly gay people–HYPOCRITES! or pitiful psychotic creatures…tap tap tap “your stall or mine”

    Yes, “going down” on fifteen year olds is wrong, but in the “masculine mind” the boy still believes he’s a man because there was no reciprocation. Usually, in the young guy’s mind, “he’s still a man, you’re a fag.” I’m not trying to justify such behavior, but I aint gonna’ crucify anybody in THIS particular predicament. Now, forced or coerced sex, anal penetration on someone under the age of consent, or sex with the obviously very young—ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  7. Fetchit from Philly says

    “Do you ever tire of your Stepin’ Fechit show?”

    No, Miss Ann, and you just keep readin’, honey chile. Ah enjoys makin’ trash feel like quality folk.

  8. Chev says

    Mmmm… 15-year old in the steam room? Sounds fishy. What if this was some sort of entrapment? I remember a very muscular 16-year old neighbour cutting the grass in his speedo shorts.
    He was sweaty. I offered him a drink of water. We went inside since it was cooler. I admired his physique. He showed me what
    I had left to see. Mmmm…

  9. says

    The guy looked older, younger, whatever. It was a public steam room, not a bathhouse! The guy’s a public official. Talk about stupidity. Come on, guys. Until we stop fucking around in public, out and proud or in the closet or “not gay” or whatever you want to call yourself, we’re all going to end up looking like sex freaks. Check his ID and get a room!

  10. says

    Why do some one here try to lessen the offense? He “may” have looked older, the kid was asking for it being in the steam room. Please. It was wrong, plain and simple.
    If he need to get off that badly why not just go to his room and rub one out instead of a PUBLIC area.

  11. Brandon says

    I’m glad that someone (Sam), has remembered that this is an allegation right now. There are only two people who know whether this is “true’, and I don’t think that they are posting on Towleroad right now. Let’s just try remembering this before we start condemning people or taking positions.

  12. peterparker says

    When I was 15 years old, I was seeking out (and having) sex with adult men. I loved it. But those sex acts proved to be fraught with anxiety for me when the HIV/AIDS epidemic hit about a year after I’d had been having sex with adults. That anxiety about HIV/AIDS was overwhelming to adults in that era, so it was much too much anxiety for a 15 year old to bear. When I look back at it now, I know that a 15 year old simply cannot make the decision to have sex with an adult (even if the 15 year old initiates) simply because a 15 year old cannot understand the consequences of the act.

    What I’m getting at here is that I believe the 15 year in this case likely participated willingly in the act and accused McGee only later when he had second thoughts about his actions or perhaps when someone else caught them in the steamroom (if that was the case). Most 15 year olds would simply get up and walk out of a steamroom if a man started masturbating in front of them. It would not normally get to the point of the underage kid’s cock in the adult’s mouth unless A) force was involved B) the 15 year was develpmentally disabled C) the 15 year was willing to have sex. This article has not mentioned force or developmental delay, so I’m guessing the 15 year old was willing in the moment and only later regretted his participation.

    And lest anyone miss my point, let me be very clear that McGee should have never had sex with a 15 year old. It is wrong to engage in sexual behavior with anyone who you think even might be underage. And despite what some of the posters here have said about today’s 15 year olds looking mature, I disagree. A few years ago I had an internship in which I was working in a high school setting. Out of a couple of hundred students I would say that only 2 or 3 of the male students could have passed for being over the age of 18 (and those were the 17 year olds). The rest of them were clearly underage.

  13. ZEKE says

    True story.

    YEARS ago while on vacation in Arizona I had a very attractive young man aggressively coming on to me while I was soaking in the hotel hot tub. He was tall and very muscular. I guessed that he was about 18 or 19 years old, probably a college freshman. He was VERY sexually aggressive saying things that even made this Marine blush and trying to touch me under the water. He told me that he was 19 years old, he went to UCLA and that he was in town with friends for the weekend. I told him that I was in a committed and monogamous relationship and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be interested in him sexually because I wasn’t generally attracted younger men. He wouldn’t stop his unwelcomed advances so I excused myself, went back to my room and told my partner what had happened. Later I discovered that he was at the Hotel with his parents and that he was actually FIFTEEN years old! I couldn’t f’n believe it. All I could think was, how many people would have gone for his advances and found them in jail when in fact they weren’t pedophiles at all. Then I started thinking about how vulnerable I was if this kid decided to take offense to my turning him down and then tell his parents that I had made advances on HIM. From that day forward I have been VERY conscious of being alone with minors and that really sucks when you have a 13 year old child of your own who constantly has friends around.

    With my experience in mind I think more needs to be known about this case before people pass judgment. My reservations have nothing to do with the fact that the man is a Democrat. I would have given Foley the same benefit of the doubt had it not been clear that he knew EXACTLY how old the aid was because he knew him personally, professionally and for a period of time before he made advances on him. Now, if it’s discovered that the claims against McGee are true and that he knew, or suspected, the age of the kid, then all bets are off.

    On a lighter note: That man is 38 years old? Jesus, he looks like he’s 58 years old. He looks like that guy on Project Runway, uhn kaaaaaaay.

  14. ZEKE says

    I didn’t notice that the article said the alleged offense happened AT a public steam room. I agree with others here that regardless of the details it’s inappropriate for people to have sex in the public steam room of a Hotel that doesn’t specifically cater to that sort of thing. If people want to have sex in the steam room of a Hotel then they should stay at a specialty ADULT-ONLY guest house/hotel/motel where everyone knows about, has no issue with and expects such behavior and there will be no chance of having sex with a fifteen year old who looks nineteen.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, Zeke & PeterParker:

    You’ve said in a much clearer way than I (with my Stepin’ Fetchit show) was trying to get at.

    FORREAL: when I do my “Stepin’ Fetchit (Lincoln Perry was his real name) show” it is an attempt to write the way I speak. I do not speak to friends in standard English–I try to use it at work, visiting some office, dealing with strangers, etc.–but not with friends. What I first noticed about these blogs 5 years ago is that many posters seem to write the way they speak. I was entertained by that style, and so I attempted it– especially when giving a personal life anecdote to make a point.

    FORREAL, if you are white, I found your comment racially offensive and pretentious. If you are black, I found your comment personally offensive and pretentious.

    People throw around the “Stepin’ Fetchit” criticism too often. Often they are people who’ve never seen his work in old Hollywood movies and know little of his career. They use it not only to criticize/insult in the black community, gays also use it to compare the ALLEDGED damage “stereotypical” queens do to the image of gay men. Those who do that are pompous bitches (black or gay) who take themselves too seriously. Stepin’ Fetchit was a masterful comedian who played his “dimwitted” character in front of black audiences as well as white. I used the same writing style on Keith Boykin’s blog as I do here on Andy Towle’s–Kinda’ like Stepin’ Fetchit, aint that right, Miss Ann?

  16. Charles says

    Derrick, I think the “Stepin Fetchit” reference had nothing to do with Stepin Fetchit specifically, he was just saying that you often sound like a fool and it frequently undercuts your arguments, which are often valid. Why should anyone have to cut through your slang-the most important thing is the point you are making, not entertaining yourself with ‘how you talk’.

    And I’m black-and I resent the idea that there is one black way to talk and if you dont talk/write a certain way, you are pretentious.

  17. Christian says

    I don’t care what the young man looked like or even if he consented, any adult who engages in sexual activity with young people has issues. And, as a community, if we are going to endorse this behavior, either with excuses (‘maybe the kid doesn’t look 15′, ‘maybe he wanted it’, ‘straight people do it’, ‘what’s a 15 y.o. doing in a sauna?’) or simply by dismissing it as ‘something that happens’, then we don’t get to be offended by negative and false stereotypes (like gays being pedophiles and predators).

    If that boy were your child, only a parent who didn’t care would be so friggin’ nonchalant, regardless of the circumstances.

    We need to strive for a higher standard, not a double standard – for our own sakes, not because it makes straights feel better about us.

    And, if Mr. McGee is guilty then he needs to join his brethren in prison.

  18. Derrick from Philly says


    you know that one can sound like a fool and never use slang or vernacular. We recently had a poster who speaks/writes standard English who called Barack Obama “a crack smoking nigger.” It wasn’t how he said, it was what he said that made him sound like a fool. There are many folks who have something insightful/ useful to say, but don’t speak standard English.

    I know many black people who do not speak using slang, or one of the various black vernaculars, or Ebonics. You obviously don’t use them, and I respect your use of language and the writing style that you are comfortable with. I do not expect any black, southern white, Latino, Asian, gay person to speak in a way that is uncomfortable for them just for the “effect”– unless they want to, and everybody’s laughing with them not at them. Charles, I don’t only post to amuse myself, other posters have been amused at my non-serious comments. For the ones who have not, just ignore them. Why start a nasty exchange?

    When I said FORREAL’s comment was “pretentious” I’m sayin’, don’t be a FOOL in how you insult me about my use of a certain vernacular in my speaking/writing style. If you know it’s DELIBERATE then you question me, don’t insult me. If one wants to ask me, “why do you speak like a 1970s stereotypical effeminate black queen, constantly using “aint” and the southern contraction ‘y’all’?”–then ask me that. They are my special effects, honey. Of course, it also depends on the seriousness of the topic. So, as for FORREAL’S “Stepin’ Fetchit” comparison: oh, yes, that was about the stereotypical image of the effeminate queen in the gay world. And you must know what vile language & counter insults I’d use to respond to gay men who feel that way.

    I’ve never initiated personal attack or name-callin’ on this or any blog, but I will respond to it–even though, not being face to face, it’s rather foolish, isn’…I mean, aint it?

    Andy, I’m really sorry about taking up so much space on the blog today with this personal defense, but Lord knows, you’re used to this type of unnecessary…personal discourse, and you’ve tolerated it as “free speech” I suppose. Thanks

  19. Rodney says

    I agree with Christian…

    the only thing worse than hearing these types of stories is the reaction of some gay men who try to dismiss it as not true or worse, blame the kid. It doesn’t matter if he looked 15 or 115, it’s still statutory rape.

    Secondly this guy is married to a man in Massachusetts and was supposedly act in fighting against anti-gay legislation. I mean, if this guy doesn’t re-ignite the ol’ “gay men are pedophiles” then I don’t know who does….

    this is just sickening and no amount of rationalizing by others will change that.

  20. pablo says

    A few years ago(i would’ve been 32)I met this guy in a bar and took him home. Afterwards he informed me that he was 17 and had to get home because he had school the next day. I thought he was in his early twenties. I’m just happy he was over the age of consent.

  21. Charles says

    Point taken, Derrick-I apologize for how I phrased what I wrote. I still have issues with your style and think your arguments would be stronger if they were clearer, but again, apologies.

    Note to self: Need to learn to pause before writing a bit more.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, but guess what? Two friends and a co-worker read the thread–they all agree with you.
    But thanks, I know that you know you don’t have apologize when you’re right, so your final comment was very generous of you. You’re right, I just be enjoyin’ myself a little too much here on this blog.


    The same folks who believe that gay men are pedophiles are the same ones who Jesus was white (that goes for black and white right-wing Christian nuts). We are not blaming the boy. We’re pointing out that such a predicament can happen to many gay men (and queens) who normally would have no interest in a fifteen year old. Although, he was a married gay man–thanks for pointing that out, Rodney. The cad.

    Rodney, I wish you could hear some women’s stories about how many of them were seduced by grown men when they were fifteen or younger.

    Only 45 years ago, a grown straight man could marry a thirteen year old girl quite legally in many states–and they all happen to be states the McCain/Huckabee ticket will carry in November.

  23. Sami says

    Charles, what you said is really annoying. Black English is just as legitimate a dialect as any other dialect of English. It has its own vocabulary and its own grammar rules that cannot be violated. Those rules may differ from General American, but I got news for you American grammar differs from British grammar. I don’t think that you want to argue that using the former over the latter means your argument is less effective.

  24. Ernie says

    It’s easy to label this guy a pedophile, and perhaps he is, but it could also be more complicated than that. Reading the story, I’m wondering what really went on . . . society likes to pretend that 15 year olds are asexual children when in fact they’re sexual beings hovering awkwardly between childhood and adulthood. Without knowing the facts of what went on in that steamroom, I’m reluctant to cast too many stones.

    As for this being ammunition for anti-gay groups, they can try, but when was the last time that straight people as a whole got tarred and feathered for one married het guy’s sexual misadventures?

  25. anon ( says

    My general advice is to avoid being alone with children if you are a man. Always have a female or close relative of the child with you if you are dealing with children. If you come across (sorry) a child by “accident” as in this case, the best legal advice is to walk away. Simply put, you can’t win in court, even if the charges are preposterous.

  26. Jason Young says

    You guys do realize that the age of consent in Canada is 14 don’t you. I’m not saying that having sex with a teenager is a good idea but teenagers are closer to being adults than children whether you like to believe it or not. American culture has turned teenagers and arguably many adults into having a child-like mindset. At 15 I knew who I wanted to have sex with and who I didn’t. I knew the consequences of my actions. Am I some sort of rare exception to the general population or something?

    Maybe I am as I know many adults who seem to have no clue with regard to the fact that their actions have consequences especially when those consequences were unforeseen by them. I’m 23 now I used to think my views on such things would change as I got older and they haven’t. One of the biggest problems in American society is that we try to reduce people’s personal responsibility as much as possible. We don’t let people make mistakes and then when we do react either we overreact or under-react. Let teenagers have more responsibility and you might be pleasantly surprised. Whenever I work with teenagers in various projects they excel when I treat them like adults and expect the same thing of them as I would any adult. The kid gloves should come of at 13 if not a little sooner.

    Sex with someone at 15 is not pedophilia. It may still be rape but that is different. This incident is bad for our community. For starters the guy has no business cheating on his husband, assuming they don’t have an open relationship, and second random sexual acts with a teenager was probably not a good idea although the kid may have looked older. I looked 17/18 when I was 15/16. Personally I think the age of consent should be lowered to 14 and that we should make our laws look like Canada’s at least in this regard.

  27. rudy says

    This is disheartening on so many levels. We must think with the big head not the little one. Sexual activity when only one participant is a teenager is always wrong and more often than not criminal. Whether the allegations are true, this man’s life is shattered.

    The damage to the gay community is also real. That is the unfortunate reality of being a member of a minority group. The negative actions of one of our community are consistently used to justify pre-exiting prejudices. What is particularly harmful is that this situation feeds the erroneous “belief” that gay men are pedophiles.

    I urge everyone to protect themselves in such situations. Zeke’s story could have all too easily taken a horrible turn and become a vendetta promulgated by the spurned young man.

    When still a teenager, I was hit on frequently by men in their twenties and thirties because I always looked much older than my actual age. I have shaved daily since I was in seventh grade and was never carded after the age of fourteen. Despite being attracted to many older men, I always warned them that I was much younger than I appeared. I do not believe that most of the men were pedophiles but the law does not recognize a defense of “he really looks much older”. They could have faced serious consequences had I been a different person.

  28. Kevinvt says

    Yes, one wonders what a 15 year old was doing naked in a steam room… American boys are so prudish about such things.

    But the other issue is definitely the asexualization of children, which also deprives them of agency. The whole age of consent thing is a social construct created, after all, by the majority, which is why there have often been different ages of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex (they’d like the age to be never for homo sex). I recommend Judith Levine’s “Harmful to Minors” to everyone. The same people who want to protect children (defined as anyone under a randomly chosen and constantly changing number) from sex are the ones who want to protect them from sex education (including sexual orientation) as well. That fact alone should make us think twice any time an incident like this comes up and not just jump on the “sex with a child is always wrong” bandwagon.

    Oh and Derrick, if you’re still reading, I LOVE your posts! (by which I mean substance AND style)

  29. ZEKE says

    I don’t know how I missed the whole side bar about Derrick in Philly’s writing style.

    I agree with KEVINVT, I love Derrick in Philly just the way he is, substance, style and all. He makes wonderful points and his style is a beautiful thread in the tapestry that makes life an interesting and brightly colored quilt rather than just a plain WHITE sheet.

    Derrick, you ROCK baby!

  30. Derrick from Philly says

    KEVINVT & ZEKE: Y’all made my day & my weekend. Thanks.

    Reading your comments was like receiving an Oscar! I mean the Motion Picture Academy’s Oscar, not our Oscar here on Towleroad (Bless his senior citizen KKK soul). If I received him, he’d swear I was the new janitor. If y’all can remember some of his posts, Oscar has posted some of most outrageously racist comments ever on Towleroad–so outrageous that I can only laugh when I read his views; but I don’t hate him. Hate him for what?–he aint Strom Thurmond with power to inflict pain. He’s an old gay man. He’s told too much about his vulnerability now that he’s a gay senior–he made himself human by telling us about himself. That’s what I try to do. That’s what the best blogs are about, right? Understanding and tolerance even when you disagree.

    I come to this blog and others to hear the views of gay people from all over–even those who are politically conservative & racially divisive. And as I said, I enjoy it when people write the way they talk–or come close to it. I especially love people’s sharing personal stories and anecdotes from their lives; that helps to explain their views on topics & news stories that Andy Towle has posted. Oh, Yeah, and I sure enjoy talkin’ about ME.

    Hey, I bet Oscar remembers Stepin’ Fetchit.

  31. Wheezy says

    Even if the kid doesn’t look like a kid, steer clear! Just read an article that said puberty now starts at age 8! Even if they have i.d that says they’re older, stay away! Plenty of times has a minor got into a bar with a fake i.d, don’t let them get into your pants as well.

    Carl Stanley McGee is innocent until proven guilty. If guilty he’s a creep, but no more a creep than a 38 year-old straight man who has sex with a 15 y/o girl. His punishment, if found guilty, should fit the crime.

  32. says

    There are perfectly civilized countries where the age of consent is 15 or lower. I don’t think the term “pedophile” properly applies to someone who is attracted to post-pubescent individuals, however numerically young they may be. There’s a big difference between being attracted to a physically mature 15 year old with pubic hair and being attracted to a 6 year old child. It’s also misleading when the charge includes the word “assault” (or “rape,” as in statutory) simply because of the age of one of the parties; using that word suggests a whole lot of things that may not have actually happened.

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