Is Fort Lauderdale Mayor Naugle Responsible for Anti-Gay Hate?


Two ugly attacks on gay men, one fatal, have occurred in Fort Lauderdale in the last week.

Melbourne Brunner, the man I posted about yesterday who was brutally beaten after a late night meal outside a gay-friendly diner on Fort Lauderdale’s Las Olas Blvd, thinks homophobic Mayor Jim Naugle bears some of the responsibility.

NaugleNaugle has been publicly demonizing gays for months. In July, Naugle proposed installing a timed, $250,000 robotic toilet in Fort Lauderdale public restrooms. Naugle, who claims he uses the word “homosexuals” to describe gay men rather than “gay” because gay people “are unhappy,” has said that an added plus to having the toilets is that they would keep gay people from using the facilities. Last August, Naugle stood with right-wing religious leaders and held a news conference where the Rev. O’Neal Dozier said “We want the homosexual community to know that we love them and that God loves them also. But God hates the act of homosexuality.”

Said Brunner to the Sun-Sentinel: “I kind of blame [Naugle] for what’s going on.”

View a video of Brunner talking about his ordeal here.

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  1. baniboi says


    Not only does Naugle’s blatant homophobic rhetoric make make my blood boil, but the fact that African Americans stand by him stikes me as the height of stupidity.

    As an African American man myself, it totally infuriates me that blacks align themselves with with the religious right on this “issue”. These ignorant fools are quick to rise to the anti-homosexual agenda as if it’s the most critical issue facing us today – never mind our sinking economy or The Neverending War.

    I hate to say this, but I truly believe that some heterosexual blacks suffer from this syndrome whereas they feel they’ve been oppressed for so long resulting in a toxic self loathing which causes them to condemn gays in order to make themselves feel better in the sense that “at least we’re not GAY”….

    ……and the conservatives PLAY on this!

    Damn, does Kanye have to remix this sh*t? CONSERVATIVES DON”T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE.


  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I agree with you, BANJBOI. Maybe someone should do a public service spot with the famous photographs of black lynching victims juxtaposed with photos of gay/transgendered victims who’ve been mutilated and murdered. Initially, there would be an uproar, but the message may be powerful enough to penetrate some minds.

  3. FizziekruntNT says

    Naugle should be hung by his own bigotry from the highest tree of the law. If anyone had any sense, a civil suit in response to the combination of hate crimes committed during his term should be brought against Naugle for being complicit in those acts.

    Another question I have is WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH DOING A SIMPLE VEHICLE REGISTRATION CHECK? I know state offices aren’t always organized in appearance, but you can be sure that if anyone WANTED to find a green metallic Toyota ANYTHING, all they need to do is LOOK AT THE RECORDS. Probable cause seems to work for the police whenever they want. Seems to me that’s all that would be necessary to produce a lineup.

  4. Banjiboi says

    Derrick, my great fear is all just might be lost on that account. I’m sure you know as well as I do that as far as blacks are concerned, religious dogma is so intertwined with homophobic hysteria, that it would probably take some sort of Philip K. Dick-like deprogramming scenario to cure them lol!

    But I love your suggestion – and I’ll give my “peoples” the benefit of the doubt.

    *Sigh* Keep Hope Alive! :-)

  5. CK says

    Naugle is a first-class fuckehead and should be held jointly accountable for this crime… his hate-speech surely incites violence against gay people in Ft Lauderdale, and IQ-challenged people like the coward that beat up on Melbourne lap up the shit that Naugle spews! Have to say with all that I have read (including and especially from FL residents) I don’t intend to spend ANY of my hard earned Dollars in Florida… lots of better places to visit. So long, Fla!

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