Jesse Metcalfe Succeeds in Baring Flesh in Street Fight


Jesse Metcalfe had an altercation with the boyfriend of actress Taryn Manning outside the L.A. Club Boulevard 3 last night that eventually sent him tumbling to the ground as a result of a fist to the right jaw. Metcalfe did manage, however, to show off his best assets in the process. More shots a Page Six. Clip at TMZ.

Yes, young Hollywood is all about fighting.


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  1. David D. says

    I don’t care how retro you think you are, you can’t go up to Taryn’s boyfriend and say “Ditch the bitch and make the switch.” These things never end well.

  2. FernLaPlante says

    This seems staged to me because A) no one know who Taryn Manning or her boyfriend are and B) Metcalfe’s career has taken a nose dive since he left Desperate Housewives. And now look, it’s all over the blogs.

  3. peterparker says

    As much as I’d like to see *any* video of Jesse Metcalf, I refuse to go to TMZ. When Heath Ledger died, that site posted video of paparazzi, some of whom were no doubt employed by TMZ, surrounding Heath’s friends and family on the sidewalk in NYC and harassing them to no end. It was so disgusting I vowed never to go back to that site again. Andy, I’m really disappointed that you would link to them.

  4. Siridean says

    This morning at 7 AM a cab pulls up in front of Jesse’s house and two people get out. One is Jesse, wearing the same shirt as in this picture. He and a young woman with long dark hair get out of the cab and make their way inside. Was it Taryn? By the way, Jesse’s just been cast in another movie so his career his just fine.

  5. Oscar says

    Jesse is such a ninny. Can’t deal with the guy one on one and has to get a posee to go after the guy. I always new he is nothing but a “girlie man”. Ha, ha, ha…

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