Keith Boykin Launches ‘The Daily Voice’

Gay blogger and activist Keith Boykin has launched The Daily Voice, a sort of ‘Huffington Post’ with a focus on the African-American community.

DailyvoiceWrites Boykin on his final blog post: “It’s the most exciting media project I’ve been involved with in my entire life, and I’m thrilled to be in the middle of the cutting edge plans for the site…The Daily Voice is not a gay site. Or a straight site. But rather it’s a place for all of us to come together in the African American community. Whether you’re male or female, gay or straight, young or old, Republican or Democrat, we want to hear your voices. I see this as a space where Rev. Jesse Jackson may contribute one day and then Clarence Thomas the next. (And you all know what I think about Clarence Thomas.) Still, this new project is much bigger than me. It’s about us, our community, our people coming together as one. This past weekend, as I watched the new Barack Obama music video, ‘Yes We Can,’ I suddenly felt inspired again. I remembered what it felt like to believe that anything is possible. I remembered what it felt like not to listen to the cynics and the naysayers. And I remembered the awesome power we have inside of us when we only dare but to dream.”

We wish him the best in his new endeavor.

The Daily Voice [official site]


  1. says

    Only criticism is why do liberals always feel beholden to provide a space for conservatives to speak out, too? They’re doing find on their own, and if a conservative were launching a similar site, Clarence Thomas would be blogging every day with no Jesse! But other than that small complaint, it’s a great idea and should become a great resource and I wish him the best!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Good luck to Keith! I enjoyed his blog for years (they got as sick of me on that blog as y’all do here…tough).

    Only problem with inviting Clarence Thomas to contribute is he has nothing to say. You’ll have to invite Alan Keyes to speak/write if you need a right-wing nut who happens to be black.

  3. Sebastian says

    Good luck to him, he is a voice of reason in the sometimes insanity that strikes the gay world, although having Clarence Thomas who is as crazy as they come contribute is kind of odd.

    Derrick, boo, you know you are one of the beloved children everywhere you go, what would we do without that wicked sense of humor?

  4. mark says

    Suddenly, Obama has made Boykin’s race-based site seem old-fashioned. The “WE” that Obama is promoting is “we–ALL of us,” not “WE black people.”

    I don’t mean, as some white people are fond of saying, that race doesn’t matter any more–race always matters in this country, even in 2008. But this presidential season has me hopeful that race- and gender-based politics are waning. Not sure that Boykin’s site is attuned to the zeitgeist.

  5. Sebastian says

    Race based politics are waning? Not in the UA. I guess you didn’t follow the SC race or Nevada caucuses, where the Clinton tag team pulled out every race card they could find. Racism is alive and well, and, in all sections of life in the USA, and, as a gay white man, I hear it more in the Castro than the in Downtown San Francisco. Sadly, race is always going to be an issue in this country.

    Boykin’s board was a niche, a place where people like him could feel welcomed, no harm in that.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    Sebastian, Sebastian! Just put down the Hillary Haterade and the Barackberry Kook Aide and step away from you keyboard for a moment. Or are we to believe your Messiah, Sen. Obama, was lying through his teeth when he said he wanted his supporters to stop falsely demonizing the Clintons as racist?

    Far be it for me, another San Francisco “gay white man,” to turn the light around on Sen. Obama, so let’s review what black lesbian minister Irene Monroe said last fall about McClurkingate:

    “Obama the vote-whore with ‘ex-gay’ at his side.

    …At the Values Voter Summit in Washington last weekend, Obama’s campaign announced that they, too, could help conservative voters have a voice in the presidential campaign. They then announced they would be hosting the “Embrace the Change! Gospel Series.” It’s a gospel fest to run in three South Carolina cities – Charleston, Greenwood and Columbia – this coming weekend with gospel mega-star Pastor Donnie McClurkin as part of the concert line-up.
    It appeared to be an innocuous announcement showcasing some of gospel music’s most successful artists that would mark the final days of Obama’s “40 Days of Faith and Family” campaign in South Carolina. But it’s actually outing some of the black gospel chitlin’ circuit’s closeted gays ministers and biggest opponents of queer civil rights.

    A reporter at the New York Daily News wrote me in an e-mail asking, “I’m writing a piece … about Sen. Obama’s gospel tour and the fact that one of the performers, Donnie McClurkin, has suggested that gay tendencies can be ‘cured’ or resisted. … I’m wondering how you feel specifically about McClurkin acting as an ambassador for Obama to the African-American Southern Christian community.”

    Well, let me tell you. McClurkin is the poster boy for African-American ex-gay ministries. “There’s a group that says, ‘God made us this way,’ but then there’s another group that knows God didn’t make them that way,” McClurkin has told the media. “Love is pulling you one way and lust is pulling you another, and your relationship with Jesus is tearing you.”
    In the highly competitive race for black evangelical votes in South Carolina, McClurkin just might give Obama the needed edge. However, that edge will come at a cost far greater than having McClurkin at his side. It comes at revealing how Obama is not only a vote-whore, but a race-card user as well.

    The Obama/McClurkin alliance introduces Obama to McClurkin’s black and white Southern evangelical base, which thinks Obama is neither Christian nor black enough.
    And though religion came to Obama late in life, and he was reared in a non-religious household, he came to understand “the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change.” And how much Obama really covets the power of the black church for his own political aggrandizement, rather than for its religion, has raised questions in the minds of many.

    When he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004, Obama campaigned at the Salem Baptist Church on Chicago’s South Side. It’s the 22,000-member black mega-church of Rev. James Meeks, who has called homosexuality an evil sickness. Outside of the hallowed walls of church the Rev. James Meeks is State Senator James Meeks.

    Obama knew to pander to his base.
    Obama will continue to speak and write about the special relationship he has with his pastor, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, as long as it doesn’t run afoul of his ambitions. When news got out about Wright’s Afrocentric theology and Sunday sermons that disparagingly speak ill of whites and Israel, Obama immediately distanced himself. Yet these same sermons were not a problem for Obama when they were spiritually nurturing him into becoming a public figure. And when news got out that Wright was to deliver the invocation when Obama formally announced his candidacy in February, Obama canceled his appearance. …
    McClurkin is not the only singer on the gospel tour who has publicly spewed vitriolic statements against LGBTQ people. But he is the biggest one Obama can use to try to win over black evangelical voters.

    So once again, Obama is proving that his campaign marketed as “The Audacity of Hope” is really based on the audacity of hypocrisy.”

  7. KB says

    Introducing his partner Nathan Hale Williams as the site’s “new” arts and entertainment editor on the very day of the launch is a dubious start for The Daily Voice. There are lots of African American news and African American lifestyle blogs. Why the need? Keith has left his gay blog and gone mainstream…but it’s about 5 years too late. Me thinks someone needs a day job.

  8. f. boykin says

    It’s a shame that my name is associated with sodomites– The naacp has supported sodomite marriage in calif. shame shame sham– since no naacp leaders or other black leaders have spoken out then they have become the new clan– adopt black boy and sodomize them that is what is coming — Aids is still in existence and no matter what you call it sodomites are sodomite – death will win in the end-

  9. f. boykin says

    Black people are not represented in this social issue of sodomite activity. Blacks (approx. 67%) do not support sodomites– stop calling them gay call them what they are sodomites– I know they hate the bible but death will prevail– a nation of sodomites on the battle field –army navy marines sodomites fighting–what- Black leaders are cowards– save our children black white and other set standards that will allow the nation to prosper- don’t support immorality– “IF GOD (WHO YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN) WANTED A MAN TO MARRY A MAN HE WOULD HAVE MADE A WOMAN) The sodomites of the United States have constantly tried to equate the fight for black equality to that of immorality– how stupid do you think black people are– California has voted not to support sodomite marriage if the courts overturn the votes of the people then there will be no need to vote for any other issues facing the state– the vote doesn’t matter– Speak out black leaders stop being cowards like the naacp do what is right– once the liberal left allows islam to take control of the country then they will eliminate public sodomite activity.

  10. Jeffrey Fichtelberg says

    Keith Boykin: Phillip Bleicher CEO of Flava Works still advertises and travels around the country finding vulnerable men of color to exploit. When anyone speaks up his lawyers try to silence them. How many Black men must die for his profit. Warn your readers about this plaque

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