Larry Craig Has Resumed Senate Life as if Nothing Ever Happened


Politico reports that the spotlight has shifted away from Larry Craig: “Five months after reports emerged that he was arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport bathroom and his 27-year congressional résumé was forever damaged, Craig has resumed his life in the Senate as if none of it ever happened.”

Craig still does get leers and snickers, however, though he lets them roll off his back: “Craig hears the comments when they do come. But he never seems to flinch, even as heads turn and fingers point. He’s used to it, he said. Craig is the first to admit that there was some awkwardness upon his return, including ‘ack of eye contact’ and whispering from some of his colleagues. But, for the most part, he said, ‘I think my colleagues are giving me the benefit of the doubt that I have given my colleagues…They’re reciprocating.'”

Which, of course, is more than he got from Officer Dave Karsnia.

In any case, Craig’s indiscretions may have been replaced by other worries in the Senate, but network TV, as recently as last week, was still tapping away…

Spotlight Fades for Craig [politico]

(video via GoodAsYou)