Larry Craig Has Resumed Senate Life as if Nothing Ever Happened


Politico reports that the spotlight has shifted away from Larry Craig: “Five months after reports emerged that he was arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport bathroom and his 27-year congressional résumé was forever damaged, Craig has resumed his life in the Senate as if none of it ever happened.”

Craig still does get leers and snickers, however, though he lets them roll off his back: “Craig hears the comments when they do come. But he never seems to flinch, even as heads turn and fingers point. He’s used to it, he said. Craig is the first to admit that there was some awkwardness upon his return, including ‘ack of eye contact’ and whispering from some of his colleagues. But, for the most part, he said, ‘I think my colleagues are giving me the benefit of the doubt that I have given my colleagues…They’re reciprocating.'”

Which, of course, is more than he got from Officer Dave Karsnia.

In any case, Craig’s indiscretions may have been replaced by other worries in the Senate, but network TV, as recently as last week, was still tapping away…

Spotlight Fades for Craig [politico]

(video via GoodAsYou)


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I wonder what he does with his sex drive now. Just homo porn, I guess. Do you suppose his wife knows where he stashes it. What a fascinating nutcase he is; but they’re are millions like him all over the world. Damn, people in Idaho must think of Larry Craig everytime they use a public restroom (genteel word for toilet).

  2. davey says

    just my opinion but i think this man has been badgered enough…I still believe the Senator is innocent. I don’t and never have believed “officer” Dave Karsnia for a second..Senator’s Craigs only mistake was being bullied into pleading guilty when he knew he did nothing wrong…The supposed “sting” was nothing but entrapment.. I agree with Matt Coles of the ACLU on this subject:

    “The fundamental problem is that a sting isn’t calculated to stop the activity. Are you trying to stop people from cruising, or are you trying to arrest a lot of people?”

  3. the queen says

    oh please mary, she was caught playing footsies with that hottie karsnia, i say she’s guilty as hell babe.. but hell no she won’t go, she’s gonna hang on to that fat senator’s salary and all the perks that go with it, i guess the money and power is more important than living the truth… gotta feel sorry for the girl… living in shame and denial…

  4. says

    It is NOT over for Larry Craig or other Rrepublicans who have crossed ethical lines. This from Josh Marshall’s TPMMuckraker:

    Reports from the Senate Ethics panel released yesterday (new laws require that the panel’s work is documented) reveals that members have been busy probing Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) for his involvement in the US Attorney firings and Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) for his behavior in a public restroom. Three other Senators or Senate aides are under investigation but no details have been made public. (Washington Post’s “Capitol Briefing”)

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