1. Cory says

    I heard the satellite held classified US documents and something tells me that is more threatening then people getting hit by a falling satellite. A shame really, I’m betting some of those documents may have been damaging to the Bush administration, such as who really won the election and what his g.p.a really was at Yale lol ;).

  2. Anonymous says

    This was a show for the Chinese — a macho “don’t mess with us because we can put your eyes out.”

    Hope they enjoyed the show at the U. S. taxpayer’s expense.

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    Standing ovation for Davey! BEST line I’ve heard in ages!

    I landed recently in the last 20 minutes or so of a documentary on PBS about a US Air Force program in the early 60s that was trying to develop a manned spy satellite that was cancelled before anyone was actually sent up after it was determined that unmanned satellites could be more effective—and safer: I couldn’t believe how primitive the equipment looked. The Russians first attempt at launching their own exploded, but two others hurled men around the globe for awhile. One version had a cannon attached, I kid you not, which required “pointing” the satellite itself to hit its target, thus destabilizing the craft’s orbit; and the last one, rockets.

    One of those selected for the American program before it was cancelled was USAF Major Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr., who had a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry and a top AF test pilot. He was killed at the age of 32 as the result of the crash of jet fighter caused by an error of the student pilot he was training.

  4. Oscar says

    Kudos for the USA. If the Chinks thought they were the only ones with the ability to knock down sats from space they got quite a surprise yesterday. Not only did we do it but did it better. The sat’s pieces left were really small while the chink’s were really large. I’m not a warmonger but neither am I a purple-pansy. I take pride when my country shows the world we are better even if unfortunately has to be in matters of explosions. In this world, again unfortunately, one has to be strong or your enemies rain 9/11’s on you. And although I’m gay and has been for a long time, I take pride in my country achivements even if it is in the military, because eventually these achivements trickel down to achivements in medicine and other non-military advances for the benefit of all. Love this country & have made love to many of its men and are the best. Here you can have a different type, race, leaning every different night. WOW.

  5. says

    Now let’s think about this. . .
    This satellite was supposedly the size of a bus. What purpose could they have for filling it with rocket fuel? It’s already up there. It doesn’t need fuel. There was something they had to destroy before it returned to earth and might have posed a threat to politicians by revealing a devious and illegal project to spy on the people. This administration is obsessed with gathering intelligence on everyone. Did they tell us what this thing was actually doing? Why not? We paid for it.

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