News: Writer’s Strike, Lance Bass, Maryland, Val Kilmer, Florida

road.jpg Michael Eisner says deal has been reached in writer’s strike.

Theronroad.jpg Charlize Theron impressed by breasts of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding drag boys.

road.jpg Anti-gay Pastor Ken Hutcherson’s wife attends school board meeting to discuss public reaction since her Hutcherson appeared at Mount Si High School on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: “My family is boldly called names like ‘bigot’, ‘homophobe’ and we’ve been permanently branded in the valley.”

road.jpg Wouldn’t a divorce have been simpler, loser?

road.jpg Speakers exchange “verbal fisticuffs” in Florida in debate over gay marriage ban.

road.jpg Forces against same-sex marriage in Maryland vow to step up their attacks: “Del. Donald H. Dwyer Jr. is circulating a petition to take a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage directly to the floor of the House of Delegates without a committee vote. He also is seeking signatures to bring to the House floor a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. While the Anne Arundel Republican is a fervent gay-rights opponent, he said Marylanders deserve to know their legislators’ views. ‘It’s only when the votes are cast that we really know where people stand,’ Dwyer said.”

road.jpg Gawker takes on Barry Diller

Veindarterroad.jpg Gorgeous shot of a bug covered in dew (via kottke)

road.jpg BBC: Hundreds of gay Asians in marriages of convenience because of the shame faced in Asian cultures: “In my culture it’s not acceptable to be gay. If I have a marriage of convenience it will give them the illusion that I’m straight and I can carry on with who I want.”

road.jpg TJ Maxx courting the gay dollar? What about those who are versatile?

road.jpg Gay Christian man wins £47,000 in compensation from the Church of England: “John Reaney took the Hereford diocesan board of finance to an employment tribunal after his appointment as a youth worker was blocked. Bishop of Hereford Anthony Priddis has apologised and gay rights group Stonewall said the “substantial compensation” sent a clear message. Mr Reaney, from Colwyn Bay, Conwy, said he was delighted the case was over. ‘Lesbian and gay Christians working within the Church of England are entitled to be treated with humanity,’ said Mr Reaney, 42. ‘I’m very grateful to Stonewall for supporting this case throughout.'”

road.jpg Former Washington state Rep. Richard Curtis returning checks to campaign donors.

road.jpg Lance Bass and beau on the rocks?

Fabroad.jpg Toronto gay mag FAB bought up by Pink Triangle Press: “Pink Triangle Press is also publisher of the Ultimate Pride Guides in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, as well as international gay travel mag The Guide. The combined circulation of PTP’s print pubs is now 156,000, with a reach of about 275,000 monthly readers. Along with its operations in Internet, television and interactive media, PTP’s total reach in the gay community is over half a million.”

road.jpg School ends blood drives because of anti-discrimination policy on sexual orientation: San Jose State University President Don Kassing suspended all on-campus blood drives last week, claiming federal donation guidelines that forbid gay men from donating blood conflict with the school’s non-discrimination policy regarding sexual orientation. Kassing announced his decision to end blood drives in a Jan. 31 email to students. ‘I recognize the importance of giving blood and we know that universities are significant sources of blood . . . however lacking further action by the FDA, we are guided by the clear mandates of our non-discrimination policy,’ Kassing said in the email.

road.jpg Justin Timberlake to hit the “Open Road” in new movie: “According to Variety, the 27-year-old Sexyback singer will play a young man trying to reconnect with his father (Jeff Bridges), a legendary athlete, as he struggles to get him home to his ailing mother’s bedside (Mary Steenburgen).”

road.jpg Val Kilmer to be the voice of K.I.T.T. in the new Knight Rider.


  1. ZEKE says

    That news story on the man who tried to hire a hit man to kill his wife was just about the most homophobically written report from a mainstream news source that I’ve ever seen. They went out of their way to conflate “homosexual” with “evil”. Rather than simply pointing out what an evil bastard the man is the writers chose to define him as an evil HOMOSEXUAL bastard and almost acting as if it’s only to be expected. How disgusting. I think we should all contact KOLO8 and the NOTORIOUSLY HOMOPHOBIC AP about this sensationalized reporting.

    As for the debate on gay marriage in Florida, UUUUUUGH, I HATE the tactics of Florida Red and Blue and I quit working with them because of it. They have exactly two arguments against the anti-gay and misnamed “Marriage Protection Amendment” and if you listen to the family law attorney that debated on the side against the amendment he makes that clear: 1. the amendment isn’t needed because Florida already has a law that adequately discriminates against gay people by denying them marriage; and 2. the only thing that this amendment will do is shamefully and hatefully extend that ban to good, innocent straight people.

    When I asked a director of Florida Red and Blue if they would be involved in this fight if the Amendment used specific language to restrict it to gay and lesbian couples she said “I don’t know, I’m not sure”. I left that day and never went back. I work exclusively with Fairness for ALL Families, who unfortunately (but probably pragmatically) state the two above facts along with the fact that it is discriminatory, anti-family, anti-gay and mean spirited partisan politics.

    One last observation. I’m always a bit perplexed when people (like the Asian woman in Britain) say that they can’t come out because their friends or family won’t love them and might disown them. Having been disowned for coming out myself I would like to point out that if someone loves you because they think you are someone or something that you’re not, and their love is dependent upon maintaining that deception, then they don’t love YOU at all. They love the caricature that they think is you. It’s a bit like falling in love with a drag queen but wanting nothing to do with him out of drag.

  2. says

    The FDA blood donation policy is ridiculous. I know gay men that lie on the blood bank’s questionnaire because they believe in giving blood. There are promiscuous, straight men and women that don’t practice safe-sex that give blood too. The current policy is not based on science. It is based on hated, fear and disgust of gay men.

    It is not the first time politics trumps science in blood policies. Dr. Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950) was an African-American physician and medical researcher. His research was in the field of blood transfusions, blood storage, and developing large-scale blood banks early in World War II. He protested against the practice of racial segregation in the donation of blood from donors of different races since it lacked scientific foundation.
    In 1941 Dr Drew was chosen to lead the American Red Cross blood bank program. However, a War Department directive stated that, “It is not advisable to indiscriminately mix Caucasian and Negro blood for use in blood transfusions for the U.S. Military”. Dr Drew protested against this blood segregation, which has no basis in scientific fact, and as a result was forced to resign his position. The United States Military did not end segregation of its blood supplies until 1949. Politics and bigotry of blood still continues today.

  3. Clay says

    That FAB magazine cover boy, incidentally, is the straight, leftie Mayor of Toronto, David Miller.

  4. Trasker says

    Marriage to Diane does absolutely NOTHING to shield her son from inheritance taxes should he inherit directly from Barry. I think I read somewhere that he actually adopted her kids but this too doesn’t help. He is able to leave everything to HER inheritance tax free but not them. As the son of a wealthy man I know there are a few strategies that can reduce inheritance taxes, etc. but they aren’t anything special that only a son or stepson can take advantage of.

    If I’m wrong, I REALLY want to hear about it!

  5. Bill says

    If it weren’t so maddening it would be amusing. Don Dwyer is absolute white trash who lives in a crappy white trash hillbilly neighborhood in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He was elected as a delegate by his white trash neighbors, and only barely won this last election. His ONLY issue in his service to his constituents is to ban gay marriage. Why is he so big on this? Because his father was caught and arrested for having sex with men in the woods when Dwyer was a teenager. His father’s name was printed in the local paper and young Dwyer was ridiculed in school. So little Donny hates fags because his father was one.

  6. Jeffrey says

    As a gay man who used to lie to give blood and wised up, I applaud this or any organization that refuses to participate in blatant, unwarranted discrimination.

  7. says

    I am so glad somebody found a way to stand up to the Red Cross. Their discrimination against bisexuals too has annoyed me for years. Just test the blood if you think it might carry an infection – there’s no need to tell anyone they can’t donate. I assume they’re testing it now, not just saying “well, we told the queers they couldn’t donate!!” so what’s the problem?!