Right Wing Readying Scandal Attack Against Democrats?

I’ve been hesitant to report on the video again (if you missed it you can watch it here) but there have been developments in the story, and given the recent McCain piece and the Dem nomination approaching its crescendo, I thought I would offer an update.

Larry Sinclair allegedly filed suit against Obama, David Axelrod, and the DNC claiming intimidation among other things. Full complaint here.

SinclairThe website WhiteHouse.com (not affiliated with the U.S. Government) offered Sinclair the opportunity to take a polygraph test, and apparently Sinclair accepted.

“After communicating via email to work out the logistics of the challenge, we were able to reach an agreement. Now, the plan is to get together with Sinclair and one of the best polygraph experts in the country, and ask him some questions – with the camera rolling, of course. As more details are made available we will post it here.”

The website claims that the polygraph test has been scheduled for February 26th in New York City: “We’ve picked a polygraph expert, too: a renowned expert who has been involved in quite a few high-profile cases who we’re not going to name until the results are not only in, but have been verified by a second renowned expert. Then, we’ll post the results, the names of both polygraph experts, and other relevant information, along with video and pictures…”

It all still seems very dubious to me, but there’s no doubt pundits like O’Reilly are champing at the bit to bring it out into the open. I just hope the Democrats are ready because there’s no doubt that once a candidate is anointed the race is going to get a lot dirtier. I just hope the Democrats are ready.

Gay Limo-Riding YouTube Loser Posts Slanderous Obama Smear [tr]


  1. peterparker says

    Yeah, well, Hillary’s camp has been saying pretty much since Day One, “Hillary has been fully vetted while Barack Obama has not.” Let’s hope this fact doesn’t come back to bite us in the ass. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I don’t believe the allegations. But Republicans and some Independents surely will.

  2. Jon says

    Stuff like this is why you should never let a former cocaine addict run for President; It makes this smear story just slightly more believable.

    Disclaimer: I am a Hillary supporter, and will never in my life support Barack Obama, due to his previous life style and to some degree, his current one. (He is still fighting a cigarette addiction). Somebody who is susceptible to addictions does NOT make a good President, I’m sorry. And I apologize for having values. :)

    With that said, I still find this story hard to believe.

  3. Jimmboyo says


    Thankfuly Senator Clinton and her politcal machine have now vetted Obama. The clinton political machine is inarguabl the best this decade.

    O’reilly, LOL. He had to apologize publicly for his “lynching” comment. A top notch news reporter he isn’t.

  4. 24play says

    Save us from faggots like Jon who “have values” and make veiled comments about other people’s “life style” [sic].

    And BTW, Jon, you seem to have a very broad definition of “addict.” I suspect it’s covering up more than a little latent racism.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Cocaine addict? NO. Using cocaine for a few months, then stopping– that’s not an addict. And you’d have to shoot me full of heroine, give me crack and powered cocaine, a fifth of Old Grandad before I could go down on that trashy lookin’ creature. He’s the cocaine addict…trying to get money for more. The folks at Saturday Night Live couldn’t have created a more absurdly comical video. Now, if he looked like Mario Lopez it’d be a different story–NOT FOR BARACK…I mean, for me.

  6. GM says

    Jon: Your comments are ridiculous.

    Bill Clinton obviously has what many would consider a sex-addiction, i.e., a chronic inability to keep his pants zipped. Yet I presume, based on your virulent support of Hillary, that you think that Bill Clinton did a fine job.

    Furthermore is there any evidence that Obama was addicted to cocaine? No. He admits to having used it, but there is a huge gulf between use and addiction.

    And what exactly about his current and past lifestyles is so abhorrent to you? The fact that he smokes cigarettes? Man – if that’s the worst thing that you can accuse him of, I would say he’s doing all right.

  7. Sebastian says

    Of course they are Rove and his ilk at Fox Noise have been planning an attack since the last inauguration day of the current dimwit in office.They will try to win and keep the WH under any means necessary, including making up lies that this public that is for the most part as dimwitted as Bush will take hook line and sinker as the truth.

  8. says

    Obvious trash, and that readers here would believe such trash without anymore than a trashy youtube thrown up on the net is amazing to me.

    Yeah, I can throw up a youtube today saying Hillary and me are long-time lovers and she gave me a half a million to shut up. You going to put that up on this site too?

    Where’s the collaborating evidence?

  9. says

    Jon, based on your pearl-clutching attitude toward smokers, and willful inflation of minor drug use into a full-blown “addiction,” I will never in my life support you for President.

  10. Jon says


    Your pathetic attempt to point out a misspelling FAILED.

    “lifestyle also life-style or life style”

    I also LOVE the replies to my comment. Admitting that I will never support a smoker and ex-addict equates to an attack on the rights of all U.S. Citizens??


    You Obamacrats are also hypocrites. I in no way attack ANYBODY (at that point in time), and suddenly I have a bunch of hoity toity fags jumping down my throat and trying to take away MY RIGHT TO SPEAK?

    LAUGHABLE, as well.

    I’d report you for calling me a faggot, 24play, but since I can’t I may as well lower myself to your miserable level.

  11. Dom says

    If the Obama rumor was true or even had an inkling of truth to it, every major news network would be broadcasting it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You know how they LOVE going after the Dems while ignoring the fuck-ups and indescretions of Bush/Cheney and the rest of the Rethug criminals. So I DARE that fucking O’Reilly to start this smear campaign without any proof. I FUCKING DARE HIM! After that lynching comment, and his useless apology, I would love to see what FoxNoise will have to put up with. This is not a newspaper reporting on the close ties of John McCain to the lobbyist industry – a story that has to do with hypocrisy, not sex, because of McCain’s constant claims of being against the lobbying industry. I would love to see Obama sue the fuck out of O’Reilly and Fox if he has the stupidity to say this on national TV – and after his lynching remark, he probably IS that stupid. But seeing how Obama is running his campaign he’d probably just call O’Reilly a lying idiot and move on, which is the same way Hillary would handle it if something like this happened to her. If the Rethugs honestly believe this would finish Obama off they’d be screaming it on every MSM outlet they could appear on, even St. McCain. Fox and O’Reilly know a change is coming, and it is not going to be good for Fox and their 127-year-old audience demographic. So go ahead, Bill. To paraphrase the words of another conservative Republican asshole: BRING IT ON!

  12. KJ says

    Let me first qualify my statement by stating that I trust no one who wants to be President, I trust no mass media, and ain’t that a bitch?

    Andy, your clip and take on O’Reilly’s comment misses his intended point, which was a criticism of the New York Times’ slipshod journalism and not a threat to release a story that most people already know about, but does not meet critical review. There has been criticism from the left and right regarding the lack of professional journalism demonstrated by the Times in regards to the McCain story and the story, as in the Obama story, should not have made it past a credible editor.

    Relieve yourself of the meta-narrative filter, and political discussion and pundits on the left and right will become a whole lot more interesting as the same standards are applied across the board.

  13. Rey says

    Personally, I prefer Senator Clinton over Obama, but I do like both of them for different reasons.

    The cigarette thing that Jon mentions is just stupid. It just goes to show that idiots are found in every race, ethnic group, or subculture.

    Besides, to a certain extent, I believe most politicians have an addiction to either fame, recognition, or to a lesser extent, helping people.

    Values, my ass. My friend’s cat has a better sense of “values” than poster Jon does. I think my friend’s cat’s box does too.

  14. says

    No one will report this story because no one fucking believes it.

    O’Reilly is an unhinged, bloated toad blowing soap bubbles. If he ever does report this deeply stupid story he can fold up his tent, he’s through.

  15. cadence says

    Jon, Obama kicked the cigarrette habit. And how is his admitted drug use any different from that of George Bush or Bill Clinton’s. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that these are the only three elected officials to ever use drugs.

  16. Jimmyboyo says

    Regardless, what if the story is true?

    Posted by: Christopher | Feb 22, 2008 12:15:03 PM

    Well, what if the story of radioactive spider bites turning people into superheroes was true?

    Come on now. Your personal hard on for a tin foily hat brigade smear against Obama doesn’t make this true.

    There is nothing the media likes more than a sex story. They would have jumped all over this a long time ago.

  17. jb28 says

    Saying it isn’t true because no one in the MSM will report it is a cop out. If true this would undo Obama. The key to this is the limo driver.

    The lawsuit, the possibility of a high profile attorney representing Sinclair (allegedly the same one supporting Jake Van der Sloot) and the impending polygraph test this coming week will get the MSM’s attention I suppose.

    If this is true there is certainly something troubling with regard to Obama’s hypocrisy and lying. Not that I care about the gay sex, but his lack of faith to his wife would also be troubling for many people.

    This will continue to grow legs over the weekend.

  18. Jon says

    Oh, please, Rey… Why do you feel the need to bring intelligence into this? The only smart thing you just said is that you prefer Clinton over Obama. That aside, if you feel arguing over comments on Towleroad necessitates an IQ contest, then be my guest and please do share.

    If you go to my original comment you’ll notice it has NOTHING to do with cigarettes or cocaine. It’s the fact that he has clearly dealt with addictions his entire life. Now, he may have been filling the void that his father left when he split, but at 46 years of age he should be over something like that.

    And before I receive any more criticism, I myself grew up without a father and experienced addictions in my family my entire life. Have I ever touched alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs? NO.

    You don’t do cocaine for several months without some form of an addiction, so quit lying to yourselves, people. Or maybe I’ll get my ex-addict Uncle to tell you all that himself.

    The point is that Obama resorting to drugs at ANY point in his life tells me something about his character. I don’t care at what point in his life either. Nobody was forcing him to do cocaine over an extended period of time. (Which some of you somehow think doesn’t equal an addiction).


    Do you have tangible proof that he’s actually quit? There was this whole media hullabaloo last year, that’s for sure. But does that prove he actually quit? No. It just tells me that they took it public for a reason, and that was to get anti-smokers off his back. Nothing else.

    As for your George/Bill comments, did I say it was any different? No.

    Have I “fooled myself” into thinking Obama is the only candidate to ever do drugs? Certainly not. Where are you getting this BS from? I haven’t written anything of the sort.

    The fact of that matter is that THIS ELECTION is what matters right now. Why would I care if some other politician has done drugs?

  19. Rey says

    Jon, I said not one thing about intelligence, but I did call your idea “stupid” and claim you have no values.

    I stand behind both. And I know believe you have some serious father issues that leads to your terrible logic problem and the fact that you seem to need to get in the last word on issues about which you are entirely clueless.

    You might need a pill. Or a smoke.

  20. Dan says

    People like O’Reilly and Limbaugh are going absolutely apeshit over Obama and McCain because the latter’s rise represents the former’s decline. People have finally had it with their mildly entertaining yet ultimately destructive schtick.

    Of course, there will always be hysterical dullards like JB28 and Jon who will continue to bang the drum. Let them. Every rodeo needs a clown.

  21. Jack Scribe says

    KJ got it. O’Reilly was suggesting how easy it is to run gutter politics in the newspapers. That the NYT has opted to run this story like a Page Six gossip piece should concern all thinking people. I am an independent white gay male who supports Obama. However, if he gets the nomination, it will be his duty to explain how our country is going to fund all his lofty ideas (which are very similar to Hill’s talking points).

  22. Jon says

    Father issues? Seriously?

    Fuck you all for attacking me over a simple personal opinion. You make this site less enjoyable.

    I’m contacting Towleroad and asking that the personal attacks against me be removed. I didn’t provoke any such attacks. You all are a sad lot. Sadder still, I guess nothing will be removed here, due to a clear political bias on the site’s part.

    Why can’t anyone just ADMIT to me that handing an ex-addict over to the GOP is a bad idea? Smear tactics a la John Kerry c.2004 anyone?

    And PLEASE don’t argue McCain’s affair scandal. Affairs don’t do anything to tarnish public opinion. Just look up Bill Clinton’s approval polls.

    Well, anyway, just want to say it’s disappointing to see the lengths you sorry folks have gone to to attack me. God forbid I have my own opinion, and not one which has been handed down to me by a news organization.

  23. Danmac says

    “Sadder still, I guess nothing will be removed here, due to a clear political bias on the site’s part.”

    Jon, you just wrote yourself into a corner. In your first post you claimed to be a Hillary supporter, yet I’d place good money on you not being a Democrat at all.

    I am very sad that Larry, the Crack Guy, is getting this kind of attention. I want attention too. I am Hillary’s secret Ultimate Fighting partner. Hillary is into Ultimate Fighting and on a semi regular basis, between February 1951 and December 1965, she visited my home for some cage fighting. In one memorable bout, Hillary Clinton bit the head off one of my pet chickens and drank the blood. I have kept the chicken in my freezer and will gladly share it with authorities. I am willing to submit to a polygraph because I have actually been kicked in the head so many times that I might actually believe this story.

    shame on us all if this garbage gains any traction…

  24. says

    We are the country tobacco is from.Is your argument Jon that the GOP would political machine would be all over a smoking president (haven’t most of the 43 presidents smoked?)
    Or that cocaine use would play wrong with the masses that elected cocaine using Bush and love Obama. Or that using Cocaine for a brief period of time makes you an addict? Where do you get your science from…scientology or Christian Science? Luckily real addiction science has broadened to include more case studies than just your uncle, no matter how tragic his story may be.
    Anyway, doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to support Obama. He’ll with without you.

  25. Paul R says

    Jon, if Obama hadn’t quit smoking he would have been caught by now—he’s surrounded by press at all times. He might still be using nicotine gum.

    And as others have said, a few months of experimentation does not equal addiction.

    I’m not attacking you, but I would suggest to you that saying “I have values” implies that anyone who has ever smoked or used drugs does not—hence the firestorm in response to your original comment. I’m happy that you’ve never succumbed to those pitfalls, but many people have and still mange to lead (or go on to lead) extremely productive, impressive lives. Apparently you feel otherwise, but most of us see no link between “real values” and occasional ingestion of mind-altering substances (which includes not just nicotine, alcohol, and drugs, but also caffeine and a host of other things).

    Do you judge people who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee? Because that’s about half of America.

    And if you include mood-altering substances, that includes food. I’m not trying to say that cocaine use is the same as overeating, I’m just giving you a hint why you received such a hostile response. Everyone has some sort of addiction, whether it’s cleaning, watching Jeopardy, exercise…

  26. John with an H says

    Jon, sweet pea, you need to relax. This is a public forum where people come to make public comments and then other people come to make public comments ABOUT those public comments. If you can’t handle public criticism to your public comments, perhaps you should not come here and make public comments in the first place, hmm? The real issue here is the stupidity of the points you’re trying to make, and I’m shocked that you would think that you wouldn’t be attacked for saying something so absolutely and totally intellectually bankrupt.

    Also, I’m glad to know that you’re infallible and made it through your entire adolescence, as well as similar adversities to Obama’s without making any mistakes. How DID you do it?! Why aren’t YOU running for President?

    Can we get a round of applause for Jon’s infallibility ladies and gentlemen?!

    Now Jon, run along and go to your McCain rally. Talk to you later!

  27. marky1992! says

    I just heard about this “Larry Sinclair” video accusation, today … I know, I’m slow. :)

    Is it true that he was in the loony bin at the time he alleges that he met Obama>?
    Are there records of this?

    If Obama was in the legislature at the time — can a record of his activities (assuming it was in session) on the day be found somewhere?

    If he passes this polygraph, does it become a more viable story that the MSM would cover? Is Whitehouse.com, reliable?

    I hope this story isn’t true!

  28. Paul R says

    Marky1992!, I think you can safely relax. There are so many holes in this story it goes way beyond bordering on the absurd. Even if he passes the polygraph, it wouldn’t mean much.

    As for Obama’s records, those are a sore spot among his opponents. He claims to have almost none from his years in the statehouse.

  29. Joshua says

    KJ and Jack Scribe have it right. The real issue is how easy it is for people with little or no actual facts to start a rumor or print a story making someone famous look bad or guilty.
    What really makes the Times and what they did with the McCain story is the fact they hld it so long and even endorsed him while they had this supposed story. Also, the Times never, ever mentioned a word about John Edwrds supposed affair and it had live witnesses not **anoyomus sources**. Nor did they bother putting Clintons indiscretions on the front page until the proof was used to slap them in the face about 10 times.
    This piece is a hit piece and nothing more.
    And O’Reilly is blowing smoke up liberals butts with what he said.

    Oh….and 24play….Anyone who isn’t for Obama isn’t a racist. Your showing your own bigotry by even saying such a thing. Remember, Jon or anyone else could say your a myscoginist, anti-feminist for not supporting Hillary. Works both ways.

  30. 24play says


    No, you’re right. Probably only a small minority of people who don’t support Obama are motivated by racism. But in my experience, people who falsely label blacks as “drug addicts” often are motivated by racism.

    If I referred to Hillary as weak, over-emotional, hysterical, or a castrating bitch, I would expect to get called on my misogyny.

  31. NIL says

    Obama has a great scam going, you can’t criticize him without being called racist and this includes the fawning news media who have demonized Hillary for months and never stopped worshipping perfect Barack. People are being caught up in some sort of bizarre fantasy cult. No, I don’t believe he was “vetted” by the Clinton camp, I think they know something – something that they decided, for whatever reason, not to use. This was reported on months ago by Novak.

  32. Randall says

    Consider the source: FOX NEWS. I’m sorry but I am not going take much stock in information given by a media company that has given us such wonderful examples of television quality like “Temptation Island”, “Are You Hot???” & that scintillating masterpiece “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?” & then has the sheer and utter gall to question MY morals & values. NO THANK YOU!!!!!!

  33. Ari Yari says

    Wow first of all I think anyone who uses the word “faggot” is total scum and trash, and I think its funny that the lowlife that used it is complaining about racism, just because someone isnt kissing Obama butt like all the media and naive people are. Anyway like Hillary has been saying all her dirt has been examined and Obama will be defined and destroyed by gop while he will still be giving flowery bs empty speeches and pretending hes uniting the country,yawn. I hope texas saves us from 8 years of Mccain,and if they vote for Hillary we will be saved.

  34. z says

    Thanks ARI YARI. You said exactly what my partner and I have been saying for months.

    “just because someone isnt kissing Obama butt like all the media and naive people are. Anyway like Hillary has been saying all her dirt has been examined and Obama will be defined and destroyed by gop while he will still be giving flowery bs empty speeches and pretending hes uniting the country,yawn. I hope texas saves us from 8 years of Mccain,and if they vote for Hillary we will be saved.”

  35. TST says

    PROOF of Larry Sinclair Delusions about Obama. More can be found simply by going to google!

    Larry Sinclair lives at 600 W Superior St. #604 Duluth MN 55802. That is what Larry filed in Court which is public record for anyone to see. This is available via a google search, we are not revealing anything not publicly available. According to H.U.D. records which are also public, that address is a building with 154 units called Gateway Tower and is a complex for the elderly and disabled; a government subsidized home for the mentally ill and disabled.

    Larry Sinclair may have been in a mental hospital during the time he says he was in Illinois. He was suffering from sever psychosis due to schizophrenia.(Maybe drug induced? He’s a self admitted heavy user or was) This is being confirmed by reporters of the Globe Magazine and others. (It may already be confirmed and why the lies have not made it to mainstream media.

    YouTuber Absinthelover reports the above and this: In the Globe Magazine that just came out. It has an article and an interview with Sinclair. It says he has had multiple convictions for fraud in the past. He also has a brain tumor.

    From YouTuber MasterJoberry, the article: “On Delusional Misidentification” From the link: Focusing on the neurological bases, these delusions can result from…brain tumor. Delusional misidentification syndrome…used to describe certain delusions of times, places, objects, persons, including the ‘self’, and even body parts.”

    Larry claims he was off his meds for a week so as to take the polygraph but if they have not accounted for the role that Larry’s brain tumor might have on his beliefs (and also his clearly demonstrated erratic behavior) then they may be measuring nothing more than delusions caused by the brain tumor. We have reason to believe that his condition is fairly advanced given he said he had little more than a year to live (Globe Magazine).

    CNN, MSNBC & FOX all know about this, and others. They have researched this story and will not air it because it is libelous, inaccurate, and fraud based on the ranting of a very sick man with a self-admitted mental disorder and self-admitted criminal history where he says, “…I actually revealed some things about myself that could put me away for quite a bit of time…”

    In Larry’s radio Interview he revealed that he has a past that could have him put behind bars. It’s about 2/5 near 1/2 way into the interview, JUST before a break.

    “…I actually revealed some things about myself that could put me away for quite a bit of time…”

    YouTuber kujayhawklaw says, “I got really worked up about this. I insulted his methods to the point I got him to call me personally at home. He was friendly, but requested that I start sites against him because controversy helps him sell his message. Nice guy, but a fraud.”

    YouTuber asdffd says, “I just asked this guy on his video if he had ever been convicted of fraud. Soon after he made a post saying he would be busy for a few days and not be able to post for awhile. When I tried to make a follow up comment my comment wasn’t posted- I think he blocked me from posting. I think the truth is going to come out about Larry Sinclair and it ain’t gonna be pretty. The first video he made- it looks like it was made in a hotel room. I wonder if someone put him up to it.”

    YouTuber PoliticalJunk says, “LARRY SINCLAIRE BLOCKED MY SCREEN NAME TO COMMENT ON HIS VIDEO: YOU can check out this website to know the Federal LAWSUIT: It shows his Address with is a HUD FACILITY for ELDERLY and DISABLE PEOPLE (Mentally disable people too!) In a radio interview he even said he had mental problems as a child.”

    Larry has accepted $100,000 to take a lie detector test via a tabloid website. He claims his intentions are selfless to expose Obama…

    Even if he passes the polygraph, it only means he believe his delusion, even if it is a lie.

  36. Paul R says

    Is he REALLY getting paid $100,000? If that’s the case, you can all count on me making bizarre, obviously BS videos slamming politicians and celebrities from now until the end of time.

    Have I mentioned the time Brad Pitt gave me head while I was driving his truck? He said he wanted to give me a hummer in a Hummer. I can prove it because he has five fingers on his left hand. He also has some clothes by Armani. And he wears a wedding band and smells nice.

    So where do I get my check?

  37. astonedtemple says

    Division: The reason the Democrats are poised to lose the general election if Hillary wins the nomination; Hillary and her supporters tendency to insult voters who are for Obama; Republican tactic; Southern strategy; lies, lies, spin, and more lies.

  38. DATTEXAA says

    Oops. That should be “fingered.”

    And Jon, you are right. You’re entitled to your opinion. But I think you’re wrong. I would imagine you would have a hard time proving your assertion – addicts do not make good Presidents. Sure they can. There are addicts in every walk of life, and thousands are highly intelligent, successful, and yes, even great leaders.

    What kind of addict are you thinking of? The level of addiction can vary. There are your abusers but not addicted; there are functional addicts; there are hard core addicts; there are occasional users.

    But what you said is telling. You said that one who is only “susceptible” to addiction would not make a good President. You’re kidding, right? My grandfather was an alcoholic. My mother and uncle probably have a predisposition for alcoholism, but they don’t drink. Does that mean they wouldn’t make good leaders?

    And smoking!!?? Lumping smoking into the mix seems to indicate to me that you relish in judging others, cuz it’s just plain silly. If you think you’re superior to those who have addictions, just come out and say it.

    I don’t think you’re better than an addict, just because you aren’t one. But if that’s how you feel, good for you.

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