Sportrait: John Cena


Bruce Weber wrestles with WWE star John Cena in the “Vogue Sport” insert of the new L’Uomo Vogue. More images at Boy Culture

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  1. the queen says

    oooooo babee, i wouldn’t mind wrestling with him myself… what a body, that cleft chin, the furrowed brow… what a gorgeous stud… yumm yummm…

  2. says

    Oh… my… God…

    I have major hots for John Cena. I know, I know. I shouldn’t. Professional wrestling is silly, steroid-ridden, and bad bad bad. But still… he blows my skirt up.

    Double freaking yum.

  3. Mike says

    why do i care that he’s drenched with steroids? WHYYYYY? He’s so damn hot, and apparently he’ll screw anything (female) that moves. He told a story of bedding a fat fan on Stern… ooomph

  4. rudy says

    Dayum! Not at all my type but he sure is purdier than a new tractor. And holding what is the cutest of all baby animals, a little kid. Oh honey, grab the towel, JC comes with Powerglide built-in.

  5. says

    It seems to me that someone at the WWE said, “You know those gays watch wrestling too…” because with Cena, Chris Jericho, Batista and more, it seems the men have gotten much better looking than during the Hulk and Randy Savage days.

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