You Too Can Be as ‘Amazing’ as Celine Dion

Since you saw the ‘Celine Dion is Amazing’ video I’m sure you’ve been wondering how you can learn to be so totally amazing too.

Now you can learn the moves that got this French-Canadian crooner where she is, and stay fit at the same time!

Who Let Celine Out? Thank Them [tr]
Celine Dion: I’d Love My Gay Son [tr]
Celine Dion: “Look into My Eyes and Feel Me, Baby” [tr]

(via best week ever)


  1. Rob says

    Okay, maybe I’m an idiot– but is that really Celine or is this a parody of a Celine? I mean it seems obvious that its a parody, but she is such a parody herself (if that makes sense) so its hard to tell.

  2. rudy says

    F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Laura Landauer obviously had classical dance training. Rocking out in strappy heels with leg warmers, oh yeah baby. Bet Celine would get off on that wonderful parody.

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