1. Castigator says

    It’s crass and vulgar of Slimane to lift erotic bondage objects out of their intensely intimate habitat and slap them on a willowy androgyne for cheap effect. Contrast these photos to the recent ones of Janet Jackson, a kinky woman who understands the context of those implements and the passion they instill in real BDSM players.

    Hedi should just stick to his strong suit – clothing for consumptives.

  2. Mary, Really Late Dowager Queen of the British Empire, Ireland, Empress of India, etc..... says

    Ewww,,,,,not many second dates I’d venture.

  3. johnny says

    For me the larger question is: Why is this particular S&M/leather bent (which is used by a relatively small percentage of us) being portrayed as somehow “de rigeur sex gear” for gay men?

    There’s a whole lot more to gay erotica than what is portrayed, although it may not have the shock value needed. Is anyone else tired of gays being pidgeonholed by mainstream press as leatherwearing freaks who have questionable sex practices?

    Wake up, Vogue, it’s not the 80’s.

  4. seattle mike says

    They need to do a photoshoot with this model and Jonathan Rhys-Myers. Get some kinky pseudo-twin action going.

  5. Jack Scribe says

    Seattle Mike has a GREAT suggestion. My immediate reaction to Josh’s photos was that he looked like a younger version of Jonathan. WOW, what a layout those two would make.

  6. Karen Lees says

    Thanks to moi, Josh has become a bit of a star on this site: It’s on the ‘Anything Else’ board on the ‘Noel lookalike’ thread, as, from certain angles, some of us Boosh fans think Josh looks a bit like Noel Fielding. Most think more Jonathan Rhys-Myers, though.