1. JJ says

    Queens have been using the word “fierce” since before this kid was born, so it’s hardly his trademark. But he’s right. It is over. “Fierce” went out in the 80’s.

  2. CLEMSONAJ says

    He continues to give all the people where I live hope that their mullets will come back into style.

  3. DSC says

    Wow, I never watched Project Runway so I don’t really know much about the guest but decided to watch the interview to contrast with the Leno clip.

    Loved Ferguson on The Drew Carey Show and he is clearly in his element here. I assume he is straight and obviously knows his guest is not. There were no comedic setups designed to embarass or belittle the guest, as is so often the case with Leno OR Letterman. He actually looks like he was having fun.

    What an open minded, comfortable, and quick witted host. Ferguson deserves much wider success.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    All y’all say that queens can’t be nice people. The young guy (Siriano) is charming…right now. The Scottish guy is kinda’ sexy.

  5. yeahisaidit says

    Christian may have retired “fierce” from his vocab, but he brought me “Ferosh Coutura,” I can’t stop saying it…It’s my new drag name, (and I don’t even DO drag), I won’t answer my friends now if they don’t use it, LOL…

  6. jomicur says

    Ferguson consistently runs the most gay-friendly, gay-positive show on network TV. When he laughs, it’s always clear he’s laughing with us, not at us. It’s great to see the gay press finally taking notice.

  7. Sebastian says

    This kid is great, although, I was still going for the hotter looking Rami to win the whole thing as his creations were exquisite. Christian is who he is, and, could care less what anyone thinks, and, has the talent to go along with it.

  8. says

    Im thinking his hair might be a lil “expired”
    Love him, though, he is a hoot. I never watched project runway til this season, largely because he kept me in stitches.

  9. seattle mike says

    I just ADORE Colin Ferguson! He’s everything Leno is not, as in f**king HILARIOUS! And that Scottish accent makes me weak in the knees.

    And even though I first hated Christian on PR, he grew on me and now I’m really happy for him. And that kid has talent to burn.

  10. Daniel says

    He has talent, but his Project Runway finale collection showed him to be super-conservative and boring. The construction of the clothing was great (if a little derivative, seeing as he ripped off 17th Century Spain), however he was scared of using COLOR. Most of the pieces were monochrome! He still has a ways to go. A true risk-taker would come up with interesting palettes.

    PS How anyone can be proud of being a total caricature is beyond me. Ferosh? Fierce? Please. Is there a real person inside that little frame?

  11. justincredible says

    Okay Victoria Beckham may not be snazzy, but how does, “Victoria Beckham is expired,’ sound? It means she’s dead. And that ain’t too fierce.

  12. wetcnt says

    Daniel, why is Christian a “caricature”? Because he’s effeminate? Paul Lynde and Richard Simmons are caricatures, meaning they overplay a stereotype, they are cartoonish. Christian simply is who he is, and he comes across as totally genuine and real.

    Gender nonconformity is still dangerous, as we’ve seen with recent murders and beatings of “girly men”. Your comments, however off the cuff only serve to further that danger.

  13. gwm4craig says

    That interview was so sexy! I love the way little Christian had to sit in the farthest corner of his seat, away from the HUGEly funny and horned up Craig Ferguson. I’m so going to look for them on X-tube.

  14. Patrick nyc says

    Okay Victoria Beckham may not be snazzy, but how does, “Victoria Beckham is expired,’ sound? It means she’s dead. And that ain’t too fierce.

    POSTED BY: JUSTINCREDIBLE | MAR 28, 2008 12:21:52 PM
    I don’t know. The thought of her being six feet under, away from any mirrors or cameras is pretty exciting to me.

  15. Daniel says

    Real what? Also, I don’t see how my comments endanger gender rebels. Lots of people are targets for whatever reason.

    The guy’s a phony, a poseur, and his behavior is tacky. He’s a court jester. Enjoy him. I won’t.

  16. chuck says

    craig ferguson ROCKS! i laughed out loud so many times during this interview!
    thanks for posting it.

  17. Bill says

    Justincredible, I agree that this guy is simply who he is — and he IS affected and annoying. It’s totally manipulative for you to claim that criticizing Christian is akin to speaking out against gender-noncomformity. I have met lots of young men who adopt a stereotypically swishy affect. I guess some people find it likable, and it can get other people’s attention. But it doesn’t make you homophobic to point out that it’s an affectation. And if you are confusing Mike’s comments against affectedness with comments that further pernicious homophobia, then you don’t really understand how homophobia actually manifests itself.