Christian Siriano: ‘Fierce’ is Out, ‘Expired’ is In


Project Runway winner Christian Siriano appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Wednesday night, and sounded the death knell for his trademark "fierce". He has a new word, however.

FERGUSON: You've been saying fierce a lot. I've got to talk to you about that.

SIRIANO: Yeah, I know.

FERGUSON: It's time.

SIRIANO: It's kind of time. It's going. My new one is 'expired'. And, I mean (looks at Ferguson's suit) sometimes the pinstripes just a little expired.

FERGUSON: Can I suggest a word?



SIRIANO: Snazzy.

FERGUSON: Hey girl, that's snazzy.

SIRIANO: Victoria Beckham, you're snazzy. It doesn't really work.

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