1. the queen says

    andy, you are the future — i love towleroad tv!!! — as for mr. rice, hmmmmm…. i don’t read thrillers, but he will keep me up late at night as i fantasize about him, his powerful thighs thrust between my own…. the both of us drowning in waves of hot hot hot homo passion… yummm…

  2. johnnzboy says

    Not to be petty, but “…there was a storm of comments calling basically for my death — that I disgraced the Marine Corps, that I should be shot between the eyes, everyone like me should be shot between the eyes” – did he really need confirmation from someone else that these were death threats?

  3. YrPalJoey says

    Bought the book at the signing last week and finished it this weekend, Definitely his best book since Density of Souls. The relationship between the straight Marine and the young gay guy was very well drawn–and hot too. And the gay guy’s mother is a fabulous character. He should write a novel about her.

  4. Allen says

    I do like Christopher Rice’s first novels, I’m glad to see he’s maturing as a writer though… I can’t wait to see how he did with this one. Hopefully it’ll be good enough to make me forget that I have to sift through a dozen comments about Rice’s looks before I find something genuinely insightful.

  5. Kyle says

    Strange to have a TowleRoad TV, and then write down all that was said.

    Seems to be missing the point and taking up unnecessary space in the process.

    Liked the story though!

  6. Jeff NYC says

    The link is:

    The first threat was from a poster named “StukaAttack”: “fuckin fag. tryin to make the corp look bad. fags should be shot in the head”

    Then there is one from “gahooshi4″:
    “Gays should not be allowed in the military because there is minimal female contct and if a gay tried to make a move on a devil dog he would get his throat slit and eyes gouged out before he could say fudgpacker.I do have something against gays its against what God says and fricking nasty and i dont believe that billy jack bullshit that they cant help it.”

  7. RJ says

    JOHNNZBOY, like most people, Christopher Rice has probably never received a real death threat before. Since YouTube is known for a lot of anonymous trash talking, he probably wanted to consult someone familiar with death threats about the comments he received and whether to take them seriously.

    ALLEN, being a bit melodramatic aren’t you? A dozen comments about Rice’s looks? Try two.

  8. Jeff NYC says

    Also there was some doubt as to whether StukaAttack was a real Marine or not because he said “corp” and not “corps.”

    But if you click on his YouTube profile, he seems pretty real–and pretty scary.

  9. says

    I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Chris and spending a little time with him. He had a book signing in Austin, Texas for his first book, Density of Souls and we hosted an invitation only party for him later that evening at a bar downtown that I owned. Chris is charismatic and a people magnet. He was genuinely nice to everyone and stayed at the party for nearly three hours. I was totally impressed with him and it is great to see that his career as an author has flourished. The subject of his new novel sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to read it.

    Towleroad TV is a great concept Andy!

    Chris, you are the best!

  10. nikko says

    His mom, Anne Rice, is now a born again christian, do you know that? I think it’s about two years now…I wonder if she disapproves of her son’s homosexuality?

  11. Mark says

    I met Christopher Rice at a book signing in Chicago on March 29. I didn’t know what to expect but he’s one of the nicest people. He’s interesting, articulate and an all around nice guy.

  12. Oceanside Michelle says

    His mom never claimed to NOT being Christian.. You should look more into her, she is a fascinating woman. Chris, I have never known much about, and I can say he has struck my interest after seeing these videos. I will be reading his works very soon. I am very familiar with the Palm Springs area lol, and it will be lovely to finally have a full and very real visual of his locations. Where in his mom’s books, I have sadly never been to New Orleans =[
    But I hope to some day soon!!

  13. Oceanside Michelle says

    Also, my husband is a Marine, and he would never be a horrible person to judge another on their sexual preference. Personally, I believe that there are good and there are bad people, just as in anything else, as there is in teh Marine Corps. It is illegal and very much NOT ALLOWED to discriminate. I believe history and the “now” are different matters.

    Please, for the sake of the future, research things and come to common sense with the situation before going forward and putting claims on people’s heads.

    Even discussing these things, causes problems..Unfortunately.

  14. says

    I have not read this book. Just browsing online. I feel gays should be allowed to be in the military. If straight people can be in the military and do their jobs without any sexual intimacy then gays can do the same. It is quite immature to believe that gay people can help being. That they have control in whether or not they are attracted to the same sex or the opposite sex. If that’s true then a straight person can do the same. And as far as the bible goes, to believe that all things written in it are God’s actual words is a belief that was taught and therefore that is why it is believed: because it was taught. There are many things written in the bible that even the most devout Christian would not accept as from God if the method of faith is simply based on “what the bible says”. Slavery would be okay based on what the bible says, but I’m sure most Christians would not agree with that sentiment.

  15. Dan says

    Hi Christopher

    I just finished your new book this morning and it was great.
    As an military man who loved the service and who would have stayed in, except for the fact that I had fear of what would happen if I was found out and I love this Country to mush to have bring shame on the Navy or Country.It would not beon me I am what I am but I couldn’t be myself in the service. Anyway your book I hope your are doing a new book about Alex and John did Alex recover,an start a new life with John?

  16. brittney says

    Hey guys and Christopher Rice,
    I’ve only read one book so far(A Densiy of Souls) and i loved it. I read half of Snow Garden and loved it. I have to go back to the library and get it. All the other books sound intrusting and cant wait to get to them. As for The crazy marine guy making death threats to any gays is wrong! i mean im a 17 year old girl thats strait and i love gay guys! Someone needs to arrest that dude for even saying anything like that! Well good bye and gay guys are awesome! And have to put this out there Christopher Rice is sooo Hott! sry!

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