1. virgoboy says

    “Individuals are free to purchase Ford vehicles again.” OK Thanks. I’ll go get one RIGHT NOW! Thanks for letting me… asshole… Wildmon, indeed!

  2. Tyler says

    So now its our turn? If this is all entirely true, I hope Ford is looking forward to the loss of its gay and lesbian business. Isn’t it the “pink dollar” that is supposed to not waiver through this recession, and they are turning their back on us? That was a great move. Ford is officially off my list for the car that I am in the process of buying right now.
    Shall we start a petition of our own with demands?

  3. Rad says

    1) Ford continually manufactures high horsepower, low gas mileage product lines.

    2) Ford insists that every truck owner must drive a 4×4.

    3) Ford would rather charge their R&D to come up with a better sounding radio than improve the over all product line.

    4) Equivalent 2008 Ford Product line gets worse gas mileage than same models 5 years ago (look at the Expedition. I owned one, I know).

    5) Ford routinely builds product obsolescence into the components so that the vehicle owner MUST either pony up big $$$ for repairs after warranty, or just cave and buy a new car. Ditto. I owned one, I know.

    I know… I was a Ford person for most of my life. Can’t stand the direction their product line took the past several years.

    At least at GM, though struggling, they are placing their money where there mouths are on getting better fuel efficiency into their product line, and getting that product line to market. The Saturn Vue Greenline I bought is MARVELOUS, and the gas mileage is superb. THey got their collective stuff together.

    So as for Ford… let the AFA buy the oversized, overpowered 4×4’s that the ignorant inbred breeders feel they need to own.

  4. Tyler says

    Ditto B_C_P … I think I just made up my mind to go with the Audi… I feel like this is going to be another Microsoft thing…Denying us support, then jumping back on the bandwagon when they see it doesn’t pay to cater to Christian organizations…Glad I already own all Mac products!

  5. Joel says

    You know, I wonder if the AFA would be willing to publish the names of the 780,000+ “concerned citizens” who signed that petition. Just for fun, I’d love to see how many of them own Fords. I somehow doubt the sincerity of their commitment (other than their need to be committed).

  6. Josh says

    A-Ha, very interesting what JoeMyGod discovered. Makes me think AFA thought they could get us all riled up by claiming Ford met their conditions. Its nice to learn Ford has a gay employee group…take that AFA! My family would never disown me for being gay, but they would disown me for buying something other than a Ford.

  7. Britton says

    Why are you guys now saying let’s petition Ford? This was an issue several years ago. That is when you should have been petitioning Ford. Let’s face it, most gays are not cruising around in a Focus. Let the bigots have their pickups and Contours. I’ll keep my Audi thank you very much.

  8. Josh says

    I suggested the petition because,well, I didn’t even know AFA started this boycott. But thanks to JoeMyGod, it sounds like there is no need for a petition anyway. I was about to purchase an Escape Hybrid…but now I’m questioning my gay-taste if all the other gays aren’t cruising around in Fords. What exactly IS a gay car?

  9. Zeke says

    I hate to break it to you Audi boys but Ford is more gay supportive than ANY German car company; ESPECIALLY Volkswagen/Porsche/Audi (the General Motors of Deutschland).

  10. says

    No… no need to take any action against Ford. This is standard operating procedure for AFA (and their like) to declare victory when they have gained no ground at all – they have done this many times before.

  11. Zeke says

    Ford needs to do a press conference or a press release where it addresses each and every one of the claims by the AFA individually.

    I’m not talking about a word parsing email to JoeMyGod but an official press release where there position on each issue is stated clearly and without double talk.

    I know the AFA is a scam organization that will resort to ANYTHING to accomplish their goals (I was born in Tupelo Mississippi where they are headquartered), however I find this bold and public statement to be troubling. I find it hard to believe that even they would release a statement that could so easily be refuted by the company.

    I’m also suspicious of Ford’s VERY carefully worded statement to JMG. You can NEVER take these things at face value. You have to pay attention to their word play and how they parse words. I think the email to JMG was troubling in its wording.

  12. Tyler says

    The petition was meant to be more sarcastic, a vehicle to point out how ridiculous AFA is. Do you think that I would want to petition Ford to inundate me with more Ads for their products? No thanks.

    Jim: Look into HRC…They aren’t the all-inclusive be-all end-all authority on gay issues. They are fairly well intentioned, but consistently fall short on really important issues.

    Finally, I’m not going to buy a car that spends more money on advertising for the gay audience, that is ridiculous. I don’t think that corporations have an obligation to give money to gay organizations, but if they discriminate, they can count me out. So again…Audi it is.

  13. says

    Well, it made WingNutDaily’s top story:

    Flinch! Ford finally bends, homosexual boycott over

    Plus this nugget is available in their shop:

    Ford’s pro-homosexual policies all part of ‘THE MARKETING OF EVIL’

    “… Or that the “gay rights” movement – which transformed America’s former view of homosexuals as self-destructive human beings into their current status as victims and cultural heroes – faithfully followed an in-depth, phased plan laid out by professional Harvard-trained marketers.”

    So many fascinating articles to choose from. Know thy enemy…

    Homosexual-rights group’s ‘perfect’ corporations
    ‘Gay-friendly’ companies up 41%
    Corporate America gets ‘gay’-friendlier
    Ford backs homosexual polygamy
    Family advocates to Ford: Stop funding ‘gay’ agenda
    New boycott of Ford considered
    America’s pro-homosexual giants: 2006
    Corporate America snuggles up to ‘gays’
    America’s pro-homosexual giants: 2005
    Fired Allstate manager starts website
    Christian Exodus banned from Google ads
    Allstate on list of top 10 pro-‘gay’ firms
    Showtime sponsors homosexual ‘pride’ events
    Procter & Gamble boycott builds momentum
    Company offers ‘gay’ wedding planner
    Christian fired for ‘anti-gay’ Bible verses
    CBS television thrusting ‘married gays’ on public
    Corporations proud of ‘gay’ politics
    Kodak fires man over ‘gay’ stance
    Motorola seen promoting homosexuality
    Minute Maid: Popeye not ‘gay’ in O.J. ad

  14. peterparker says

    I love how they say ‘Individuals are free to purchase Ford vehicles again.’ Why thank you, American Family Association. It was getting awfully difficult

  15. peterparker says

    Let’s try this again:

    I love how they say ‘Individuals are free to purchase Ford vehicles again.’ Why thank you American Family Association. It was getting awfully difficult to continue functioning in my daily life while being constrained by your rules and regulations.

  16. hitek3 says

    Let’s be honest: None of you were considering buying a Ford product in the first place. I would also guess that none of you knew that Ford reported a $12 Billion loss last year and that they are pulling in most of their old media advertising spending including those in queer mags etc. None of you also probably know that Ford offers full domestic partner benefits to their ENTIRE workforce, which is something that some of the companies that you WOULD buy a car from don’t do. And BTW, if you were actually following this story from the beginning you would know that Ford INCREASED its ad spending and expanded the brands that they placed in gay mags right after the boycott.

  17. nic says

    are you guys stupid? the story is that the AFA boycott had NO impact. they claimed a hollow victory.

    andy, you need to hire a “normal-to-idiot” translator.

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