Amazing Race‘s Kynt & Vyxsin to Sit with Lawrence King Classroom


Amazing Race goth couple Kynt and Vyxsin are speaking out against anti-gay hate crimes following the murder of 14-year-old Lawrence King in Oxnard last month. The couple are scheduled to meet with parents, teachers, and students from E. O. Green Jr. High School at a park near the campus, TransWorldNews reports:

King"Kynt had been in discussion with the teacher of the class just a little after the incident, offering support and an 'anything we can do' attitude. The first period English teacher where the slaying took place jumped at the chance to get, 'any sort of help, especially something fun for the kids.'...'We can make a difference in this situation, and help make sure Lawrence is NEVER forgotten,' Kynt commented. 'As a fellow 'Boy-in-Makeup,' I understand and can relate to the torment and turmoil which Lawrence endured from others at his school.'"

Kynt and Vyxsin, who at heated moments were dismissed as "freaks" and "witches" by fellow competitors on the show, feel they can relate to being targeted for being different: "On the night of September 25th, 2004, Kynt was attacked by three men [in Louisville, KY] who 'didn't like the way he looked.' Kynt was hospitalized and his face required reconstructive surgery of his left oribital bone, which was crushed in the assault."

Kynt also released a statement online, which you can read, AFTER THE JUMP...

The couple is also co-sponsoring a candlelight vigil for Lawrence King, which takes place tonight in West Hollywood:

"FALLEN ANGEL: A Candle-Light Tribute to Lawrence King
Los Angeles, California
Wednesday, March 26, 2008
5pm to 9pm
Location: West Hollywood Park, 647 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
*Located behind the ABBEY
Co-Sponsored By: Kynt and Vyxsin from CBS Amazing Race, USC LGBT Resource Center, Vincent E. Vigil.


“I would like to express my condolences and support to the family and friends of Lawrence King. It has been documented that Lawrence was subjected to marked negativity from fellow male students for occassionally wearing make-up, jewelry, and feminine clothing.

The seemingly harmless jokes and name-calling escalated toward this horrific act of violence. Lawrence was considered an outcast, and often teased for his appearance, which is a situation I can relate to very well, as I am a male who is proud to enjoy a more effeminate appearance.

I am saddened that Lawrence’s creativity, free-thinking, and individuality might have contributed to his murder. Every student deserves to attend school with the assumption that they will be safe, no matter how they choose to express themself aesthetically. This is a tragedy but one I feel can be averted in the future with an increased emphasis on diversity and tolerance education in schools.

Parents need to take charge as well, and be mindful of acceptance as they mold the thoughts, ideas, and outlook of their child. Creating a culture based on an ‘acceptance and appreciation of difference,’ whether that difference is race, religion, sexuality, gender expression, or aesthetic, is the responsibility of EACH and EVERY American. This must happen.”