1. says

    He was rather cute at first, but then his eyes got all goggled. One goes one way and the other the opposite. Perhaps one only notices such things when the crap starts flying out of their mouth.

  2. says

    I have a different take on Matt. It’s gone beyond “thou protest too much.” Now he is hugging all the male members of the household when there is good news including Josh last night. This guy is a major closet case who is waiting for the right guy to make a move.

  3. says

    i’ve always enjoyed previous Big Brother seasons as vacuous summertime viewing, but this season is completely unwatchable.

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    Why is this show allowed to be on the air again? Ugh! Writers, I know you wanted more money but this strike is why they put this show on now. Why writers, why?!

  5. noah says

    Guys hugging their guy friends does not make a person gay. Maybe that was the case in your generation, but most straight guys I know greet their friends with a quick hug.

    The culture has changed.

    That said, it’s interesting to see lack of outrage focused on this guy versus Isaiah Washington.

  6. Aubrey says

    I was watching when he said that comment. Needless to say, I was SHOCKED! What an ignorant SOB.

    He has made several thinly veiled homophobic comments, in regards to Josh. What a loser! Doesn’t know know millions of people are watching & people are recording the feeds?

    It’s funny how right after it – he renegged a little and said, “No offense I love gay people, don’t get me wrong. I have gay friends but I don’t like that motherfucker downstairs.”….. it’s like he thought for a second, “man, I shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag that I am a total ignorant homophobe”…

    Josh is definitely a douche bag, too but Matt’s comments were completely ridiculous.

  7. michael says

    He’s a dumbass, but he’s right, “america does’nt like gay people”.

    Him using the N word is not cool, but even that did’nt offend me.

  8. Wes says

    As moronic as he appears to be, I actually think a comment like “America doesn’t like gay people” is accurate.

  9. Paul R says

    I also don’t see what’s so terrible about last night’s comment. Last week’s is way more offensive, but I don’t see how it could be argued that last night’s comment is too off-base.

    If he were wrong, we wouldn’t have straight children shooting gay children in schools.

  10. PJ says

    Matt is a meathead, and he has no respect for women while he’s deluded himself into thinking he’s classy. And Joshuah’s comments (such as wanting to paint portraits using Natalie’s abortions) are beyond defense. But I have to say there are times when I agree that America hates us gays, even if in practice the numbers are on our side. What I don’t agree with are some of the other things Matt said yesterday that aren’t in the clip. Like, “gay guys think they’re women,” and “he wishes he had a pussy.” Matt’s comments about Josh’s sexuality (which have nothing to do with Joshuah’s offensive comments anyway) are almost always predicated on heterosexual superiority. It’s depressing because I’ve been living under the thumb of cocky, dumb, straight, meathead frat boys all my life.

  11. Mike says

    Matt may have a gay friend or two but you can tell how he thinks about gays as a whole. He is a hyprocrite. There is a video out there of Natalie giving him head under the covers yet he has always bad mouthed her in the house and said that he hates her. He then goes off on Josh for being a jerk to Nat like he does.

    Josh said that he is the “gay Dick” in the house, referring to evil Dick from last season. Not even close. He and Matt have egos beyong belief.

  12. Zeke says

    I don’t think that the comment in and of itself is homophobic but when you put into context of why he was saying it and when you put it into the larger context of his overall bigoted words and actions you realize that his simple statement of “fact” was in fact meant to put Josh in particular, and gay people in general, in their place.

    And I’m getting sick to death of homophobes making bigoted statements and then, realizing how their statments make them look, play the “oh, but I don’t hate gay people or anything, some of my best friends are gay, I just don’t agree with their child molesting lifestyle and their homosexual agenda to destroy the family and the country.”

    I call BULLSHIT on these people. The next time you here this line of crap, pull out your cell phone, hand it to them and ask them to call JUST ONE of their close gay friends. They NEVER can do it because they don’t have a gay friend. Even if they do, talk to them and ask them if they agree with their friend’s opinion (the opinion that the bigot will always claim that ALL of their gay friends agree with). Chances are they won’t.

    I’ve done this more than once and I have YET to have one come through.

  13. frodo441 says

    Sex, and racism, go hand in hand. They are the tools of the unimaginative because both topics are handily “provocative.” You do not (even in your acquired perception of your radar) live under the thumb of anyone regardless of sex or race proper. This is only fodder of the information making and breaking game that is indulged for the purpose of “factual” entities of generational pseudo politicalization…It is a false semantical barometer that leaves us with a perception that we must live under the gun so to speak. The fact of the matter is, when you here someone with racist bigoted sexist remarks, you must implement and take a proactive stance at confronting them in an most “righteous as hell” holy indignation fostered from an objective standpoint…not merely reacting or hitting below the belt, but taking a stand. Having done so, you will retain the honor of your own best intentions in the world and with the people within earshot, remaining true to your original conviction and not compromising your own sentiments, lest you should make a victim of yourself, for allowing the hostility to manifest further in your general environment, let alone your betrayal of your own consciousness, there by victimizing yourself. In short, I suggest a well orchestrated “tongue lashing.”