1. Derrick from Philly says

    Maybe I can learn how to hate John McCain now. It may not be easy, but I’m going to try. Hopefully, he’ll choose a real right-wing nut as a running mate–that’ll help.

  2. John says

    I don’t hate John McCain, but I’m not interested in a hundred year war in the Middle East. That’s all the motivation I need to vote against him.

    Sorry, Mac, but you really have to go.

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    This just in: one of the most disastrous Presidents America ever got suckered into electing has just made the obligatory endorsement of the survivor of the Mud Wrestling Contest at the Old Straight White Guys Home.

    McCain is not the worst Republican in the world but with his love of war and total cluelessness about women, minorities, economics, etc., look for the country to go even further into the toilet—assuming he doesn’t bring on a nuclear Armageddon period.

    Expect to see even less of Bush on the campaign trail than we did in 2006. He’ll spend his time learning how to read with Laura’s help; cutting brush on his fake Crawford ranch, and counting his millions, and dreading the day when the first history book charaterizes him as the most hated President since Nixon and the greatest failure since ………

  4. patrick nyc says

    “If my showing up and endorsing him helps him, or if I’m against him and it helps him, either way, I want him to win,” Mr. Bush said

    Man I can’t wait to see this idiot gone.

  5. nic says

    this bears repeating: a new ABC poll shows hillary or barack beating McCodger. so i am ok w/either of our lovely dems.

    i support hill b’cuz she has been thouroughly and completey vetted; barack has not. the repugs did everything to hill and bill except perform cavity searches, and after years of trying to flush out the wild geese, there was no “there,” there. hill is battle-tested and can give better than she gets.

    i shudder to think what the rovian, repug hate-machine will come up with against mr. obama. by their playbook, “barack obama” is not a ‘merican name, and, gasp, his middle name is “hussein”!!!!!!!!! and, what we don’t know about obama already, they sure will expose it.

    nothing speaks to me on a gut level more than a hot, intelligent man in a well-tailored suit, but my big head over-rules my smaller one. hillary is tried and true.

    the nation would go ape-shit over a hill/obama ticket. after eight years, obama would only be 54 or 55. he would have more political cred, and in my dreams, he would continue the hill/obama legacy by his own beautiful self, and on his own terms.

    but, what do i know? i predicted 16 years of dem rule when clinton/gore took office in ’92. who woulda thunk that a draft-evading, patrician, chicken-hawk, ne’er-do-well clown from texas with nothing to offer and nothing to redeem him would rise to such heady heights?

    there is no over-estimating the ignorance of the average american. most who visit here (andy’s blog), keep up with shit. i don’t think that any of us are average. for the most part, we all have valid, considered opinions.

    whatever happens, i think we can all rejoice that the next president of the united states will be a woman or a black man. think what that message will send to the world…. we are the most aggressivily powerful country in the world, but women, blacks, latinos, and GLBTs have the power to bitch-slap the good-ol’boys. we all said, “enough, already!” it is time to make nice to the world. we are all in this together — after all.

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