1. Derrick from Philly says

    Hilarious! West Coast people got a little taste of musical comedy.

    ” the most singinest janitor I ever seen”

    Now, call him “stepin’ fetchit”, FORREAL. Some people are just “real”.

  2. says

    While I thought the Grand Central freeze was a little too terroristy for my taste, this was adorable. Can they bring this to NY, cause theater ticket prices are much too high for me!

  3. Vi Agara says

    Bravo! Reminds me a little bit of the strangeness in O’Hare last Tuesday nite when the (3) three young ladies at the McDonald’s counter loudly seranaded all of us within earshot of Gates L1-7 on and off for several hours.

  4. TonyG says

    Loved it – but I understand the general suspicion of those in the audience. I live and work near Berklee College of Music, and I have little respect for people walking down the street and breaking into spontaneous arias or such – it reeks of needing attention. I’ll admit to an eyeroll or two… yes, I’m jaded… but I enjoyed this from the comfort of my computer!

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