‘Christian’ Says Gay Former Pop Star Ian Watkins like Jeffrey Dahmer

Ian Watkins (pictured, formerly of the British pop band Steps), who came out publicly in January 2007, was recently filming a special on Wales for the BBC and was confronted by a “Christian campaigner” who told him that being gay is no better than being a serial killer, the BBC reports:

Watkins“Christian Voice director, Stephen Green, told Watkins his lifestyle was ‘sinful’, and made him no better than US mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. Mr Green also told the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant he could become straight if he wanted to. The comparison to Dahmer who was jailed for life in 1992 after the Wisconsin trial heard evidence of his cannibalism after murdering his victims came when Watkins told Mr Green he was ‘completely happy’ being gay and that he was in a loving relationship. Mr Green added: ‘Jeremy (sic) Dahmer was happy murdering people, does that make it right?’ The comment shocked Watkins and he responded: ‘So, being completely happy and at one with yourself, and being in a happy, loving relationship is the same as murdering somebody?’ But Mr Green stuck to his guns during the exchange: ‘Sin is sin…in the eyes of God, sin is sin…’ When Watkins referred to people being born gay, Mr Green told him: ‘I don’t believe anybody is born homosexual. God wouldn’t allow anybody to be born homosexual.’ Watkins, who came out when he was in the Big Brother house alongside Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody, says he was ‘absolutely flabbergasted’ by the comments.”

Green obviously attended the Sally Kern school of lower education.

Former Steps Singer Ian Watkins: I’m Gay [tr]


  1. JLS says

    Andy, why is Christian in quotes? As if he isn’t really one? He certainly is a Christian, and by his words, a very faithful one at that. The stuff he is saying comes straight from the Bible.

  2. says

    I don’t think equating homosexuality with being a serial killer (a modern concept, but still) is “straight from the Bible.” Unless you want to go the route that all sin is equal, which itself is more proof that the Bible is hogwash despite some useful truisms here and there.

    The ex-Steps dude was called “H” in the group and is a sweetheart. It’s nice seeing people come out, even if it’s a bit after the time when it would have had the biggest, “WTF?” factor.

  3. Nikko says

    Hey JLS, if you really believe that garbage, you are worse than shit…eat and die, idiot.That you can see serial murder no different than being gay is proof positive that ‘christians’ like you are truly mentally ill, if not evil. But that’s the ‘god’ you believe in. Yuck.

  4. says

    Why was he ‘flabbergasted’ by these assertions? Is it that the young gay man is so shielded from society, or is it ignorance that prevents him from recognizing the fact that we are considered sinful by many and that we are hated by some. Had he been prepared, perhaps he would not have been so dumbfounded and could have replied with strength instead of befuddlement.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think he held up against this asshole (there are evil “Christians” out there who cherrypick their scripture to suit their bigotry) but I am amazed that HE was amazed.

  5. Dutchguytoo says

    DWH, thankfully (Bible-inspired) homophobia is not that common in Europe so I’m not surprised that H did not have a response ready. Just out of curiosity, what would you have said to the Bible-thumper?

  6. says

    Christians don’t even know their own religion, they are so spoon fed by morons. Nobody goes to hell for their own personal sins, even mass murder. They do so because of original sin. Christ never said a word about gay people. Christians are always quoting the Old Testament, but the coming of Jesus did away with the old law. If it did not, they would all be Jews. So they pick out one old law they claim should apply to us while they ignore all the old laws. Christians have to recognize the Old Testament in order to have a foundation that Jesus is the Messiah, but they do not accept its laws.

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