1. devilgirl says

    Fantastic news! I knew when he backpedaled during the Foley scandal and denied any knowledge of his activities that this hypocrite’s days were numbered. Yay!

  2. rudy says

    C’mon Dems, this is another signal that the Presidential race is the Democratic Party’s to lose. Pick the wrong nominee and she will do so and fracture the party at the same time. This is a critical election: forward-looking, hopeful, decent, and strong versus old-style divisive, vengeful, and corrupt. The choice could not be more stark.

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    Obama’s coattails for downticket candidates is looking GREAT! for 08.

    Super d elected officials are going to take notice of this bcause it helps their re-elections.

  4. noah says

    It’s also important to note that this is the 4th time that Oberweis has run in an election in Illinois. The guy is really vile; so vile that the normally conservative Chicago Tribune endorsed Foster.

    In previous campaigns, Oberweis has tossed the kitchen in terms of Republican tactics from xenophobic attacks against immigrants to big spending liberals, etc.

    The needs to accept that the people of Illinois just don’t like him and his ideas. The guy desperately wants to be in Washington or hold some high political office, which makes him seem less interested in public service than personal aggrandizement.

    Did anyone read Gary Hart’s denouncement of Sen. Clinton in the Huffington Post? Hart called into questions Clinton’s constant endorsement of McCain over Obama and called her disloyal to the party, interested in only her success.

    This is a strategy never seen in recent history: destroy the presumptive nominee’s credibility such that even if he wins the nomination, he’ll lose the election. Doing so, of course, in the hope of forcing the party see her as the only winnable nominee and over turning the popular vote through the use of super-delegates.

    If she doesn’t win the nomination and Obama does and loses the general election because of the damage Sen. Clinton’s caused him, she can wait another four years and run again.

    I think this campaign will be reviewed and analyzed for years to come. Historians will look back and write about this Machiavellian strategy for years, judging its effects on the Democratic party and election campaigning since it blows away traditional decorum.

    One thing to note for Hillary supporters, if Obama is the nominee and loses because of the damage Clinton has done him, will they accept the 4 years of Republican rule easily when Supreme Court seats are filled and anti-consumer laws are passed? Will that be an easy price to pay for the chance for Hillary to run in 4 years or 8 years? Given that Sen. Clinton is 60 and John McCain is 71, there would be less going against her running at 64 or 68.

    What is sad about this, is that Clinton had deservedly earned a great deal of respect for surviving the “vast Right-wing conspiracy” that attacked her from the beginning of Bill Clinton’s administration; but instead of repudiating the tactics used against her, she has embraced them.

    In the 2004 election cycle in Iowa, Howard Dean was attacked by Republicans who said that his followers were “Volvo” driving and latte drinkers, thus elitists. The Clinton campaign has described Obama supporters as latte drinkers, and Obama as the most liberal candidate.

  5. Marco says

    Wow, does every thread on politics have to be anti-Clinton attack? Rudy, both barack and Hillary beat McCain in latest polling, so can we drop the “she can’t win” memo for once and for all?

    And sorry, Noah. The fight Hillary is giving to Barack right now is nothing like what he’ll get from Republicans this summer and fall. You think her tactics are so wrong? What about his surrogates painting her and Bill as racists and Daschle on Meet the Press saying her only experience is as a former first lady? She’s a ‘monster” so says his now former aide. is that the “hope” and “change” Obama inspires in his supporters?

    It’s politics, folks. I’d prefer a knockout fight now with everyone getting behind the winner in November than the kid glove treatment Obama is getting from the press now. Only one person is beloved by our media more than Barack and that’s their St. McCain.

    The “Clintons are evil and will destroy us all” bullshit is more than annoying. It’s weak bordering on wuss talk.

  6. John says

    I’m very, very hopeful today.

    And I’m not talking about anything the indecisive, gutless, spineless, feckless Democratic Party did. Are they even a “center-left” party anymore?

    No, I’m talking about the re-election of a courageous politician was wasn’t afraid to take a risk on gay marriage in a deeply religious nation:

    Presidente Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero…congratulations on your hard won re-election!

  7. OMG says

    Is that true? I saw his profile on on millionaire&celeb dating site “” last week. It is said he has a crush on wealthy women on that site. How come he is a gay.