Democrat Bill Foster Wins Dennis Hastert’s GOP Seat in Illinois

A huge upset in Illinois over the weekend as Democrat Bill Foster beat GOP candidate Jim Oberweis to win Dennis Hastert's seat in the House special election with 53% of the vote over Oberweis' 47%. Hastert has held the seat for two decades.

Oberweis_fosterDavid Kurtz at Talking Points Memo writes: "As I hinted at the other day, this race recalls Hastert's fall from power, the Mark Foley scandal and the general debacle of the last GOP Congress. In some ways it's the coda to the 2006 elections. But on the other hand, you've got a Democrat winning in a special election in a Republican district against a well-funded opponent untainted by scandal. So last hurrah of 2006 -- or prelude to 2008?"

McCain campaigned and fundraised for Oberweis. Foster's campaign was endorsed by Barack Obama in a campaign ad. You can see that clip, AFTER THE JUMP...