1. sean says

    its not tacky its fun! everyone knows that when madge makes an album she totally immerses herself in it, and this album is obviously more hip hop. so just get into it and stop being a hater. only thing is, i wish it was ferosha m-dolla!

  2. Chad says

    Once again “M” rules! All you haters can suck it.

    The new single will be burning the clubs up very soon and even be a hit with the hip hop scene cause of the killer beats.

    Must suck to be so negative like many bitches around here are.

    She’s gonna laugh…all the way to the bank (yet again).

  3. says

    Holy Leaping Lizards of the Sacred Cities of Secular Syria! What IS it with you people? Madonna is just making an honest buck, like she has always done. Good great galloping ghosts of games long gone! Get ahold, girls and boys, get ahold of yourselves. Enjoy the gal for what she is, not what you dream her to be. Sacerdotal sacred sites of Sufism!, let the woman follow Kabbala kif kshe kwants kand kmake ka kshekel ktoo!

  4. JJ says

    Madonna is a fighter. You don’t get to her level of success without being one. I may be reading too much into it but I think the belt is a great metaphor for her.

  5. resurrect says

    ditto mr. rivendell. the art work is so BAD that it about put me off listening to the tune. the riff is very catchy – and for some odd reason the vocals aren’t as half-assed as I feared. I fear how it’s gonna sound come June in the clubs however – worn out and as tired as her spread legs on the cover.

    “ray of light” was Madonna at a peak – fully alive, vital, in charge of her womanhood and the tune as a freaking call on the dance floor. this is good – but not a patch on that high point.

  6. Marius says

    Fuck y’all bitter bitches. Over analyzing pop culture. How dare you.. This kind of entertainment is skin deep, frivolous, and no need to make it more than that. She has my Dolla when it comes time to purchasing (a-hem downloading) Hard Candy. She rocks!

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