1. akiswid says

    AWFUL!!! LORDIE LORD, nice getup but the pose is too pushing it. She’s 50 for pete’s sake!!!

  2. Strepsi says

    Come on AKISWID, you want people to stop being sexy at 50? Nu-uh — Team Madonna on that one. I am more concerned by the Beginner Photoshop look and the 2 minutes it apparently took to pick a font and make a logo. Did she hire the same teenager for an hour that Britney did for Blackout? Even True Blue was at least a Bruce Weber photo, lovingly hand-tinted. This is like design 101. Shake that dominatrix vadge, Madge!!!!

  3. Chad says

    Love it! It’s Madonna for god’s sake! It’s expected (and allowed) of her, besides, what other 50 year old is in as great of shape as she is, anyway? Isn’t 50 the new 40? (or 30). Age is only in your mind if you allow it.

    I can’t wait for the remixes to hit to clubs myself. I’m sure we’ll be dancing all summer to them.

  4. says

    Turning back the clock to Erotica just doesn’t work when you’re 50. She’s devolving, not evolving. Where’s Eva Peron when you need her?

  5. JLS says

    Looks like already has an entry for 2008’s Worst Album Cover contest!

    She looks like a tranny granny.

  6. Wes says

    Oh man… I think of someone like Dolly Parton, who can still be sexy at 62 and yet simultaniously classy. And then I think of Madonna at 50, and all I envision is a woman who’s indefinately going through mid-life crisis.

    I find it ironic that Madonna, who was known for always transforming and reinventing herself, has let that gimmick define her career. In the end, there is no real Madonna. For a while she was a trailblazer, but having defined herself as the undefinable, she can ultimately be defined as little more than a flakey phony.

    My opinion, of course.

  7. holdensf says

    i’ve hated that nasty bitch for years and this album cover does nothing to sway my opinion.

  8. says

    When all of you b!tches look this good at 49 (her birthday’s in Aug) and are still putting out music people are eager to hear then you can talk about what’s gross, fake or old.

    Madonna rules!

  9. holdensf says

    i’ve hated that nasty bitch for years and this album cover does nothing to sway my opinion.

  10. crispy says

    When photos of a ripped 53-year-old Dennis Quaid appeared on this site just days ago, the fellas were falling all over themselves to declare him hot shit. But Madonna can’t be sexy because she’s (nearly) 50?

    Nope, no misogyny here at all.

  11. rascal says

    It’s ridiculous. It’s not sexy, it’s not funny, it’s not edgy.

    As another commenter observed, it’s the utter absence of class that saddens the most.

    I realize she works that body like nobody’s bizness and that’s terrifically impressive, but there are much more interesting and captivating ways to show it off.

  12. Matty says

    I agree with STREPSI, the cover looks like an amateur Photoshop job. There seems to be a trend happening with bad cd covers lately, everything from Britney to Ashlee Simpson’s new one all seem to have been created under two minutes with no thought going into it. Has the music industry gotten that bad that they can’t afford good graphic designers?

  13. JR says

    Loving the new song, HATING this picture. Given the caliber of previous album covers, this is incredibly pedestrian. Seriously lacking in imagination and effort. Good thing it’s the last one for Warner’s. Maybe she’s over it. The music on the record should be enough to make up for lack of decent cover art.

  14. Chad says

    She’s obviously doing what she’s always done best, pushing people’s buttons (even before the album’s been released).

    Just the violent reactions she provokes in people is one of the reasons why I love her so (and why she’s still around after 25 years). Oh, that and the music.

  15. Strepsi says

    Please, you hypocrites, if ANY of you had the opportunity to play dominatrix and crack a riding crop on Justin Timberlake’s bare ass you’d JUMP at it. Devolving? Nevah! Evolving into a hot cougar mess. Hate the cover, love the look. Team Madge the Vadge.

  16. says

    Yeah, it never fails to amuse me to hear a group of gay men cluck and tsk-tsk a woman for being too openly sexual. Goodness! It’s just not classsssy!

    The Dennis Quaid comparison was perfect—it’s a double-standard. She looks good, she’s going for a sexy vibe and it’s her brand so it’s not a weird reach. I really do think most people, perhaps encouraged by (other!) blogs, are so hyper-critical of age it’s unbelievable. Even people 49+ themselves get in on it. Let’s stone her in the town square. So much for queer vs. gay. And flashing a sexy side does not = devolving. You don’t evolve from being sexual into being asexual—that’s not progress.

    That said, I like that the text is immediately readable, but I don’t like the font much, which seems to be the one the project is going with.

    The new song’s great, too, unless you have a rule about 49-year-olds seeming desperate if their music has too many BPMs.

  17. Wes says

    It’s not just about being classless, its about being downright tacky.

    Need I bring up “American Life”? Whatever happened to her edgy, controversial, religious rapping career anyways?

  18. JJ says

    Crispys right. Why can’t she be sexy at 50? What is she supposed to be doing? Needlepoint? Or maybe her album cover should be a picture of her in a sweater vest taking a pie out of the oven. That would really sell a pop album.

  19. Bob Jones says

    Madonna is a brand. And just like any other brand in America, it gets stale and has to be reinvented with a new font, new color or new look. I dont care if she is 20, 50 or 60, she only cares about making money. She doesnt care about art or expression or being connected to her fans. Unless her fans have $500 for a concert ticket and an extra $150 for a t-shirt and a bottle of Kabbalah water. Good on you, Madonna, for living the American dream in Britain. Good on you, gays, for tolerating her bullshit for the last 25 years.

  20. says

    Pass the delousing lotion. Looks like someone’s clueless Mom’s idea of a shocking outfit for a kinky potluck dinner down at the rec center. At least she’s been consistent with the embarrassing attempts at cultural relevance for the past couple of decades. Get out of the way already, Mags.

  21. d.j. says

    Please, please, PLEEEEEAAASE, Amy Sedaris, if you’re out there: Can we PLEEEEAAASE get a Jerri Blank “Strangers with Hard Candy” knockoff cover, pronto? C’mon–thirty seconds of Photoshop and we’re there….

  22. Wes says

    Oh and btw, if Dennis Quaid had appeared in photos dressed in assless chaps with an oversized police badge belt on his torso trying to look “edgy” and “controversial,” I’d call him tacky too.

    Its not about the age. I would have the same opinion if it were Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan’s album cover. Its just tacky!

  23. Wes says

    “Crispys right. Why can’t she be sexy at 50? What is she supposed to be doing? Needlepoint? Or maybe her album cover should be a picture of her in a sweater vest taking a pie out of the oven. That would really sell a pop album.”

    Seriously though, what is sexy about that album cover? Its horrible.

  24. David says

    How is that sexy? Helen Mirren is sexy and a bit older. Don’t see her wearing many sweater vests. You also don’t see her shoving her crotch out wearing faux leather and spandex. Personally, I think Madonna looks disgusting now with the zero percent body fat, but putting that aside, I don’t think anyone is saying she need give up the idea of sex appeal. But she did this back in “Human Nature” days, when she was at an age where it was, arguably, more appropriate. She needs to reinvent herself into something respectable now because struggling to hold onto something she did once so well just looks desperate. And she is a mother of three now too; if my mom shoved her crotch in the public’s face at ANY age, I’d be mortified.

    Anyway, I hate Madonna. Her music makes my ears bleed.

  25. says

    I’m not sure I’d consider it a double standard. I think Quaid is sexy because I would totally do him! I may enjoy dancing to Madonna’s music, but I would never even imagine having sex with her so her “sex appeal” is lost on me.

    I would guess that most commenter’s feelings on the subject don’t go far beyond that.

    And… it’s a CD cover. Who even buys CD’s anymore? 😉

  26. Strepsi says

    Wes, Wes, Wes, if Dennis Quaid’s picture had been in assless chaps you KNOW that NO-ONE would have tsk-tsked him for being “tacky”. Come on, the average comment would have included “hot”, not “gross”. As to relevance, Madonna’s last album sold millions to a new generation of teen homos – surely she’s still relevant. Andy Towle, I love you and I love your blog. I know better, but I click on the “comments” link anyway. And the bitter queens who abound here, who hate EVERYthing, once again make me regret it……

  27. giovanni says

    Walk into any leather bar in any city in the world and you will find an assortment of middle aged men in their finest plumage -why should Madonna or any other “older” woman be denied the right to sexually express themselves in a similar fashion. If it turns her on more power to her.

  28. Bob jones says

    STREPSI, just because someone doesn’t agree with your point of view doesn’t make them bitter. It makes you bitter because you “know better” not to click on the comments but do it anyway. Grow up and understand that not everybody likes what you like and not everybody is going to respond how you respond. It’s called being an adult. Maybe if Madonna recorded a song about it, you would get it.

  29. says

    It’s not just the obvious photo… Madonna’s graphics have always left alot to be desired, always abit cheap and halfass… but this slice of crud is her absolute worst, a soft chew at best… the text alone is abominable. Amanda Lear had better quality graphics, that’s how terribly tacky this lack of effort is. She should’ve had Takahashi Murakami do a “Hard Candy” cover.
    As for the crass photo, I thought she already Died Another Day… god knows her sexiness did. She just passes off as an Idiot Tart, which might’ve been a more appropriate title for the album.

  30. john says

    Tacky tacky tacky.Yukarama.Just a picture of the belt would suffice and show some class.However the actual title design is woeful.Cannot be the final product,surely.Hasn’t she done the naughty girl routine to death already?This is exactly how she lost her momentum in the 90’s,overkill.Luckily she came back with the killer “Ray”.And the wonderful underated “American Life”.Going backwards again?

  31. JJ says

    Well, Madonna’s got everyone going again.
    I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. Love her or hate her, this is what she does best. All the comments on this site are a testament to her ability to push peoples buttons and get them talking about her. Call her tacky, call her whatever. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  32. YankinTex says

    It’s not like Madonna hasn’t been photographed as an art object many, many times. This time she’s going for a glitzy, cheap, sexy look. I think it’s good. It’s not the best cover ever, but it’s good.

    Madonna and Hillary: the haters just can’t hate enough.

  33. rascal says

    JJ — we (who don’t like it) totally get what she’s going for. I ignored the comments about it looking “photoshopped in 2 minutes” — of course that’s the whole point. Yes, the typestyle is funny.

    This is not a hack job, it’s obviously intentional. Still doesn’t make it appealing or cool.

  34. crispy says

    I just love when the gays come together as one to support the vital issues of our time.

  35. Marco says

    I know when I hit fifty, I hope I look good and still want to fuck… a lot.

    I know that gay culture declares you dead over 35, but to say Madonna or anyone else has to throw on a pair of mom jeans and call your sexuality a day is just bullshit.

  36. says

    Yeah, you can look sexy at 50 WITHOUT also looking a desperate hooker. You don’t need to wear whatever it is that she is wearing in order to be sexy.

    Plus, the design is just terrible. It’s so gaudy and grotesque. The font is not at all “edgy” (if that’s what she was going for) and her body posture/facial expression makes this look like a reject from an America’s Next Top Model shoot.

    I love Madonna, and I really like “4 Minutes”, but this cover is terrible. Not misogynistic, not agist, not anyway. It’s just a bad cover.

  37. kwellshampoo says

    The trend right now (Britney and Ashlee Simpson)is to give packaging a cheap-looking mid-eighties pop-trash sort of vibe and yet the whole design is inconsistent. The photography and the image itself is too crisp and hard-edged for the bubblegum font. The designer is giving off mixed messages and is clearly in over his head in making this kind of ironic reference. If they just ditched the font altogether, they might be able to make something of this cover. And everything else i’ve read on these comments about Madonna not being classy, or whatever, is just crabby nonsense. It’s a picture of a fucking pop star, not your mother.

  38. says

    Kwellshampoo: Isn’t the hard/soft, hard/sweet juxtaposition deliberate? Don’t you think that might be the *point* of this image? The tension between the elements makes this a striking image.

    I love the bubblegum font.

    Everyone is attacking her for a sexual image, saying things like, “you don’t have to wear X to be sexy.” That’s true at any age. So the principle basis for attacking this as ‘tacky’ exhibited here is strickly Madonna’s age. But it’s not like she hasn’t anticipated your very predictable bashing of her: she’s spoiling for a fight with you — you haters.

    But AJ takes the cake: She should’ve had Takahashi Murakami do a “Hard Candy” cover.

    What a cliche and obvious idea.

  39. Br!on says

    Two words.

    Praying Mantis.

    Still looks good? Did you see her at the RockandRollInductionCeremony?

    More Botox than Nicole Kidman’s forehead. She couldn’t move anything from the chin up.

  40. michael says

    I love reading these violently stupid, and misogynist musings from the queens who post here. The vitriol is so telling, and like a mirror into their own lives.

    Madonna looks amazing in that pic, and is as sexy as ever. The irony of that cover is lost on no one who has ever gotten Madonna, and the reactions to it less than a day after it’s release is just what she wanted.

    I’ll see you mincing queens on april 29th, at the local virgin megastore.

  41. Jay says

    Reading the difference of opinion and posts about when someone can and can’t be overtly sexual – shows that Madonna is doing it again. She’s pushing the boundaries about what is acceptable in mainstream society. She is incredibly forward thinking. Do the nay-sayers here really believe she didn’t know it would get this kind of reaction. Of course she knew! But she’s making a statement in a way that causes us to question what’s acceptable. Think Black Jesus in Like a Prayer, think the Sex book, think camp and guy culture ala In Bed with Madonna in the homophobic early 90’s. She aims to free people’s minds from the shackles of repressive thinking.

    And I certainly agree with Strepsi – the misogyny found in these posts is quite sickening.

  42. Tonic says

    Obviously, Madonna is STILL culturally relevant…as she is provoking such a huge response, and exposing the ageist, sexist attitudes that even gay men quite often display. Do you think she should close her legs at age 50, 60, 70? She doesn’t give a fuck. That’s awesome.

  43. Caligula says

    Madonna is going hiphop this time arround, so she is changing things up. Besides, all of you are posting, a lot of you. So, that means “job well done”. I am in PR and this is the response we wanted.