Ian McKellen Witnessed No Evidence of Gay Hobbits on LOTR


In a new ‘E Post’ on his website, Ian McKellen answers a question from a Lord of the Rings fan regarding rumored gay goings-on between the young actors on the sets of those films. The fan asks, “Basically, I’m just curious to hear if you find it upsetting or bothersome that so many actors (that you know) now are ‘in the closet’ just to boost their careers because they feel their female fans would not like them anymore if they ever came out (which I personally disagree with).”

Says McKellen: “This gossip is all news to me. Elijah, Dominic and Orlando introduced me to their girlfriends during shooting. I didn’t ever meet Viggo’s partner although his son visited a a few times. It would seem that none of my friends can be accused of hypocrisy. Probably the fevered imagination of slashers is to blame. Hiding homosexuality is a long-tested shame in Hollywood and no doubt continues even in these days of gay marriage and gay civil partnerships. I agree that audiences are much less perturbed than producers allow, by a performer’s sexuality. How else to explain the continuing popularity of George Michael, Elton John, Rupert Everett, Ellen de Generes and, excuse me, also the gay actor who played Gandalf?”

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  1. johnnzboy says

    I was living in Wellington, New Zealand, when LOTR was being filmed, and I can’t say that I heard any gay rumours about any of the hobbits (in fact, Sean Astin and Billy Boyd were dating two women of my acquaintance) – I’ve heard rumours about both Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom since, but not terribly reliable ones… The only cast member putting it around gay-wise was Sir Ian himself – he invited my boyfriend, who he met at a bar one night when I was working, back to his place, but my boyf, loyal soul that he was, declined (whereas if I’d had the opportunity I would have been back to that hotel room in a flash!)

  2. SAO says

    Johnny – I find it odd you say that Sean Astin was dating a woman of your acquaintance – he’s been married to his wife Christine since ’92. Are you saying he was cheating?

    On topic, I don’t believe that gay rumours regarding the cast. They are simply put out there to titter the gullible – and create press. Any press is good press.

  3. Vegas Bob says

    FYI: I was best man [yes his wife knew] at my ex-lovers wedding. He now has a daughter in college, but is no longer married. He now lives with his male lover.
    So much for the rumors, like they were dating and he’s married.

  4. ProfessorVP says

    Sir Ian, whom I respect as an enormous talent, doesn’t get it. He lists Rupert Everett, Elton John, Ellen, George Michael and himself as proof that the public doesn’t care who’s gay. But none of those listed are at the very top of the slippery slope of film acting, getting $20 million to $50 million or more for a film. I’m talking about gay film stars like Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Matt McConnaughey,
    John Travolta, Will Smith and self-described “single mom” Jodie Foster. That is where the closet comes in. There is not one, I repeat- NOT ONE- gay man or lesbian at the TOP of the $$$$ movie mountain.

  5. ProfessorVP says

    Ooops. Let me correct my last sentence. I meant to write:

    There is not one, I repeat- NOT ONE- OPENLY gay man or lesbian at the TOP of the $$$$ movie mountain.

  6. Joshua says

    Sorry Professorvp, but you forgot to name those top dollar stars that are gay or Lesbian.
    I’ll give you Jodie, who has all but come out over the last couple years and maybe Travolta…..but the others you name aren’t gay, but a whole lot of gays wish they were….though I can’t for the life of me understand why.

  7. ProfessorVP says

    I’ll go out on a limb here, Joshua. You’re straight, and either a teenager or in your 20s. And you don’t know shit yet. Yes, they are gay. Wishing doesn’t make people gay. Being gay makes people gay.

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