Live Feeds Reveal Yet Another Big Brother 9 Homophobe: Matt


GuyTV Blog uncovers yet another homophobe in the Big Brother house. Not that we’re surprised.

GuyTVBlog: “Uh oh! Matt just found out about the ‘ladies’ of the house, Sheila, Sharon, James, Joshuah wanting to get to Ryan to backdoor him. Once he found out this plan was created by Joshuah and Sharon Matt utters…’That fucking fag, I’ll send his faggot ass home!'”

Joshuah was previously the target of a slur from housemate Adam, who said on the live feeds that Josh was a “faggot” who should “go back to the gay bar.”

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  1. chris says

    Joshua called the one girl a c*nt. Multiple times. Also told her she looked like a horse.

    Perhaps “faggot” is simply a term of disgust towards Joshua who’s obviously not a great person.

    No one called Josh a sexist, did they?

    Why does one utterance of the word “faggot” said in anger towards a jerk suddenly label someone a “homophobe”? Perhaps they’re just an prick-aphobe since Josh is obviously a huge prick (although he doesn’t have a huge prick as the screencaps online this week show).

  2. Jack says

    Let’s do some more stereotyping – Matt’s a roofer from Boston – acts and sounds like an uneducated bonehead to me. Too bad, cause he’s by far the hottest guy on BB for a long time. Maybe one day he’ll have to much to drink and do something he will forget about by the next morning.

  3. todd says

    and he stupidly talks about “tops” not being at risk for HIV and thinks cocaine up the ass is really great…and has pics on the web snorting cocaine…such an idiot.

  4. DW says

    Matts even kissed Josh on the neck before, so what he called the ass hole Josh a fag, that dosent make him homophoic. Like somone said above Josh has called women the C word plenty of times, no ones bitching about him.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    How is “cunt” ipso facto “sexist” any more than calling Bryn Mawr a “women’s college”? It references a SPECIFIC woman not ALL women. If calling an individual woman a cunt is misogynistic, is calling a guy a “prick” misandrist? And Josh may BE a prick but that doesn’t justify a straight guy calling him a “faggot.”

    While some of us use “faggot” to describe a particular kind of gay man, this Big Troglodyte, and other homophobes on the show, are slurring all gay men. Matt and Adam should be so GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last season it was a GAY housemate telling another in one of the after hours feeds that he called his dog “NIGGER Bitch.” That was unquestionably, reprehensibly racist for which he should have been kicked out of the contest by CBS and the comment aired only to explain why. He is probably sexist, too, but use of “bitch” alone doesn’t prove that.

    So, like David, please tell me again why so many faggots like and promote this show by discussion?

  6. anon says

    Do you think the producers could force participants to have sex?? That might be considered prostitution. No doubt they’ve had many meetings on how to accomplish this.

  7. says

    Blah, blah, blah. The producers know exactly who their audience is, and how to get buzz. How many people are gonna tune in to watch the re-run just to see the mess in toto, as a result of reading about it here?

    This is how reality TV makes money: scandal. When you play along you’re just encouraging them.

  8. chris says

    “How is “cunt” ipso facto “sexist” any more than calling Bryn Mawr a “women’s college”? It references a SPECIFIC woman not ALL women. If calling an individual woman a cunt is misogynistic, is calling a guy a “prick” misandrist? And Josh may BE a prick but that doesn’t justify a straight guy calling him a “faggot.””

    What can Matt call him then? A prick? A queer prick? A big bottom prick? An ass-hole? A douche bag?

    Why is calling him a faggot so bad?

    Can I call Matt a bonehead? An idiot? A stupid, lazy, worthless slob? A dego? A Masshole? A woman-chasing booze-hound? A cunt lover?

    Again – why is what Matt did SO bad? God, I’ve called plenty of people who did a lot less to me way worse things. But, then again, I’m a prick…

  9. Zeke says

    CHRIS, why NOT call him a jerk, a prick, an asshole or a dumbass? YES, that is what I think he should have called him rather than using a slur. Do you know the difference between an insult and a slur? An insult is the former and only applies to the individual. A slur (faggot, nigger, etc) is an insult to the entire group the slur refers to because it insenuates that the offensive thing that the INDIVIDUAL did is typical of or expected from people of a certain minority.

    I’m sorry that you and others here don’t understand why one is much more offensive than the other and I’m also sorry that some of you feel that words have no power or that the use of slurs aren’t an indication of underlying bigotry.

    And you guys really need to go back and check the archives of this site before you embarrass yourselves with claims that NO ONE complained about this guy calling the girl a cunt. There were a number of people here who complained strongly about it. His offensive remark still did not justify an anti-gay slur. Call the jerk a jerk; call the asshole an asshole; call the dickhead a dickhead (though I don’t know why that is any less gender offensive than “cunt”.

    People need to learn to fight (if they must) individual to individual without degrading entire minorities.


    wow, Zeke…love to “learn something new every day”…truly never understood the specifics of a slur…well explained.

    of course words are power…words are everything.

    my bottom line, as I near my mid-40’s, is that I have no time for pathetic white trash. sorry, Matt.

  11. PJ says

    I adore this show. It’s fun stuff and a fascinating human experiment. But I don’t like Matt–his body isn’t that great at all. Big belly, and he ruined the rest with random, artless tattoos. And Joshuah has said some inhumanly despicable things far worse than Matt’s “faggot.” Whatever. Joshuah is going home this week, it looks like. Good riddance. Matt next.

  12. Strepsi says

    to CHRIS: You are wrong. Zeke explained it very well. He is tright on about penalizing whole classes of people: if you don;t like an African American because of somethiing they did you call them an a**hole, not a ni**er. That is totally clear. Thus, you call Josh an a**hole, not a fa**ot. And when I need to insult a woman, I make sure not to insult her because of her gender, but her personality, so I call her an a**hole, never a b*tch or c*nt. A**HOLES: Everybody’s got em!!! :)

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