Moby Praises ‘Superior’ Gays, Wants Gay Kids, Blasts Sally Kern

In an interview with The Advocate’s Brandon Voss, electronic music artist Moby says he’d “much rather align myself with the gay community than the straight community” and says that he still stands by statements he made some time ago that gays are “superior to straight people.”

Moby_2Says Moby: “I also said that if and when I ever have children, I want gay children, which didn’t really endear me to the Christian right wing of America. There are a lot of people in the world who are virulently homophobic or misogynistic or anti-Semitic, and what baffles me is that if you just look at it empirically, gays, women, and Jews are certainly responsible for far fewer violent crimes than straight white guys. They’ve started fewer wars, and they tend to be well educated, fun to hang out with, and they have nice homes, bars, and restaurants.”

As far as his own sexuality goes, Moby refuses to label it: “I just like to think of myself as being pretty open-minded. Also, you never know what the future might bring, so I have no idea. It’s a cliché to say this, but in a perfect world, the dichotomous definition of straight and gay would probably carry less weight.”

In an entry on his website, Moby also recently blasted Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern for her remarks about gay people.

Said Moby: “ok, where to begin…how about this simple question: what did jesus (presumably sally kern’s god) say about homosexuality? let’s see…nothing? yup, nothing. dear sally kern: jesus never mentioned homosexuality. allow me to put it a different way, perhaps in question form…how many times did jesus mention homosexuality? oh (to be conversational), none? yup none. never. not once. zero. he did mention divorce (saying it was bad), and capitalism (ditto: bad), and judgementalism and intolerance (again: bad), and forgiveness (good). but homosexuality? never mentioned by jesus in the gospels. so why are the religious right in the u.s so utterly obsessed with homosexuality? and how is the homosexual agenda (whatever that might be) destroying the nation? i mean, if evangelicals call themselves christians shouldn’t they sort of base their evangelical agenda on the things that christ actually said?

Moby’s new studio album, Last Night, arrives on April 1.

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  1. says

    His heart is clearly in the right place, but we’re no better or worse than “straight white guys.” And, in fact, from the beginning of history, plenty of gay men have started wars (Hello, Alexander the Great.)

  2. Butter says

    Apparently Moby hasn’t met any closet cases yet? Either way, kudos to Moby, I find his heterophobia to be quite refreshing.

    One day, when the revolution comes….

  3. says

    love him as a musician but he’s a bit out there sometimes, maybe he could just adopt some gay kids.

    oh and yes Alexander is as clear ‘mo as the ancient histories can state, times were different back than though, so our labels mean different things.

  4. Frank L says

    Moby seems to have his heart in the right place but his comments that gays have “nice homes” and tend to be “well-educated” is a stereotype. Well-intended, maybe, but a stereotype nonetheless.

  5. Joshua says

    After much thought I have come to the conclusion that there are some people that comment on this blog that if someone shit gold bars on their lap, they would complain about the smell.


  6. scar2 says

    I feel like I’ve grown up with Moby. I’ve followed him since his early days when there was a rave scene & then later with his more spiritual kind of music. I was happy to see him finally get some commercial success & I was actually disappointed to find out he was straight, but nobody’s perfect:) I can’t wait to hear the new stuff.

  7. James says

    Moby. I love you for your creativity, your openess and your courage to say what you think and challenge others to grow. If there is someone I admire it’s you. You’re brilliant and so compassionate. Thank you for giving us “gay” “bi” or “whatever” guys someone to admire. You’re one awesome person.

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