1. Anonymous says

    This is a disaster for gay rights and gay marriage in New York! Spitzer will probably be forced to resign if these charges are true. This will set us back years..

    Just when we were on the verge of changing the State Senate, this happens.

    This is like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky all over again. Why can’t these intelligent men use their brains before they use their d**ks? This is actually worse than Monica Lewinsky because a crime was probably committed.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    Well this shouldn’t hamper him in NY, but his chances at a cabinet position 08 is nixed.

    He was on my short list for AG


    Well, still holding out for either Edwards or Conyers though both with one as deputy AG is even beter.

    A side bar, Prostittion shoud be legalized and TAXED!

  3. Giovanni says

    That’s going to be quite a party at Joe Bruno’s house tonight. The only possible upside of this would be the ascent of the amazing David Paterson.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Why does he HAVE TO resign. Republicans don’t resign when they get caught up in shit like this. No, he should simply be straight (no pun intended) with the people of New York. Maybe the professionals could do things for him that his wife couldn’t. For God’s sake–he’s a hetero man. They can never stay faithful to their spouse’s like us homos can.

    Hell, Hillary and Barack will help him out. If Larry Craig didn’t resign, why must Governor Spritzer…I mean, Spitzer.

  5. Jimmyboyo says


    HERE HERE!!!!! AMEN!

    Repubs don’t resign till the voters practicaly drag them out by their ankles.

    He should just go public

    Voters can forgive alot if you actualy deliver on good government.

    Besides, it is NY. Not the bible belt.

    A tempest in a tea cup at most

  6. John says

    I’m sorry, man, but the Democratic presidential candidates don’t have the spine to defend him because they’re weenies.

    Barack wouldn’t take a picture with Gavin Newsom because of same-sex marriage. Hillary abandoned Spitzer once already (over drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants). Do you honestly think Hillary and Barack will rise to the occassion?

    A left-leaning leader with gravitas? You must be thinking Spain’s Socialist president Jose Zapatero. Heh.

  7. scott says

    Who cares if he was seeing a hooker? Not me, for one. Why is our government wasting money on a prostitution sting? That’s the real outrage here.

  8. Princess Superstar says

    I just don’t get it. I’d have freaked his toes off for free. What’s the point of paying for it?

  9. BANNE says

    Well let’s just keep clear that while we may not agree, it is still illegal. Until the law changes, it is actually pretty relevant that he was breaking the law. Larry Craig WAS arrested. And while it might not mean he should resign, he cannot be forced to resign regardless. People resign by choice. He may be pressured to or asked to to not harm the party, but it is his choice until the voters have the chance to elect someone new.

  10. Will says

    Sorry boys, but I think he has to resign. My complaint with the repugs when they get caught is the hypocricy. Well, we have hypocricy here too. As AG he prosecuted plenty of prostitution rings and went to the press to brag about it.

    Hypocricy is the real career killer.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    He couldn’t help it, don’t you understand? If he were a Christian Fundamentalist apologizing would work. They forgive each other for anything as long as you cry and pray over it. Bet Jimmy Swaggert still sees hookers. But Larry Craig still gets a hard on by just the smell of a public men’s room.

    Is there a Democratic Lt. Governor in New York? Just askin’–so much for loyalty, right?

    Jimmyboyo: You had John Conyers on your list for Attorney General. I’ll never forgive Conyers for bad-mouthing Jimmy Carter last year. I’ll never respect him again. So much for blacks sticking together, hunh?

  12. Mark says

    As I write this Fox News is crucifying Eliot Spitzer for basically the same thing David Vitter did. Where was the live coverage by the “Fair and Balanced” station when Vitter was caught?

  13. Jersey says

    I like the man alot but he broke the law and must resign. There shouldn’t be any double standard. Just because they (repub assholes) do it (remain in office) doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Btw, I don’t see how this will affect gay rights in NY or anywhere else.

  14. Zeke says

    This is really distressing.

    The issue here, at least in my mind, is the same as the issue I have with Republicans who do this sort of thing. It’s the HYPOCRISY stupid! Spitzer, who I felt was a hero, was VERY aggressive in his prosecution of prostitution rings while he was Attorney General. He took great pride in calling press conferences to announce his latest take down of “disgusting” and “illegal” prostitution rings.

    As much as I like him and as much as I realize that there are many people doing the same or worse as he has done, I’m not willing to give him a pass where I wouldn’t give one to a Republican.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, 24PLAY:

    I had no idea. Wow. I don’t want to wish bad on any Democrat, but the idea of GOVERNOR DAVID PATTERSON of New York. Wow…with Deval Patrick right next door. And Barack in the White House. Oh, my, what is this country comin’ to! A Melting Pot? or just a Tossed Salad?

  16. Zeke says

    Does anyone know the Lt. Governor’s position on gay rights/marriage?

    Should he become the governor he will be the first African-American governor in the state’s history and, as far as I know, the first blind governor in American history.

  17. Mark says

    It’s not an issue of giving him a pass. Let him resign if he did wrong, but hold Republicans like Vitter to the same standard. That’s not happening, and I don’t see it happening when it comes to “straight” sex scandals.

  18. Joshua says

    Most of the Republicans caught with their hands in the cookie jar have resigned. Craig and Vitters didn’t, but Craig isn’t running again and is done this year and Vitters might just get the toss next election for him.

    It’s not just that he hired a high end prostitute folks, but he engaged in **interstate conspirosy to commit a crime**, thats a Fed charge, not some local prostitute charge. It carries 5 to 20 and a huge fine. If the Gov. had had the lady do him in New York, it would be basically a misdomeaner, fine and slap on the wrist. But he stupidly had her cross state lines to commit her illegal acts(and his).

    Roscoe……Bruno may be gleeful, but he didn’t have anything to do with the Gov. slipping his meat into the wrong hole. Guys like Spitzer usually are the cause of their own downfall, they are arrogant and believe the hype about themselves. This guy may have just screwed the pooch for a lot of people who trusted him and had hopes of an improving life with him as Gov…..Gays among those people. I for one am tired of ALL politicians who do these things and there should be zero tolerance for any deviation from a legal stand point.

  19. Joe says

    May he was just trying to get this illegal prostitute a drivers license. And to think she wasn’t even from New York. How sad, not for him but for her.

  20. Jimmyboyo says


    My love of conyers will never be tarnished.

    It is tried and true based mostly on what he did about the downing street memos.

    The Downing street memos came out and Conyer wanted to hold hearings. The repub controlled congress at the time said hell no.

    He went to the Capitol basement, pulled out folding card tables and chairs, called reporters and held a hearing anyway!

    LOL The man has balls and didn’t let the repubs keep him quiet.

    From that point on I have had a hard on for Conyers and nothing will ever tarnish it.



  21. Mark says

    Wow, so if Vitter had called for his DC hooker from Louisiana, he would be just as bad as Spitzer. But since he did it from DC he’s a Shining Knight as far as the law is concerned. Interstate Conspiracy my ass, he was wrong but this is a Democratic witch hunt.

  22. the queen says

    rethug or dem, i don’t care who or what they have sex with, just don’t be a hypocrite about it.. and i mean good god, couldn’t the man find anyone in washington to suck his dick?… i’m thinking of being of service to my country, and at the same time doing everyone a political favor, and offering myself to anyone of either political party to satisfy their sexual needs whatever it may be…at no cost, no strings attached and without threat of legal consequences, i can be so discreet you know…just pay for my air fare, room, and some champagne… whatya think, boys?

  23. says

    He should resign if it is true. I like the bit with him saying “this is a private matter”. Hello you are the governor and and were AG in charge of prosecuting crimes. How can he possibly go after anyone again for committing similar crimes or any?

    I do believe our Lt. is pro gay marriage.

    Also he needs to lay off the black eye liner.

  24. says

    Princess Superstar, why was that my first thought too? I’d hit it! Plus, you’re the governor! That’s why assistants and non-disclosure agreements were made.

  25. anon says

    An amusing story. Of course, it would help if Dems actually insist that Vitter also resign, along with cold cash Washington, but you just don’t hear them say much. Pelosi and Feinstein are very vulnerable to corruption charges because of their war-profiting husbands, so perhaps there are so few saints in DC it’s become a glass house.

  26. Chris says

    It’s good to know that the al Qaeda threat and the threat of terrorism in general is gone and the FBI can focus now on the second biggest threat to the American Republic, politicians paying for blow jobs.

  27. patrick nyc says

    I met Spitzer at the LGBT Community Center when he first ran for AG and was very impressd with him. Several weeks later I ran into him running in Central Park and he remembered me and what we spoke about on Gay rights. I had high hopes for him which makes this all the more sad. I doubt this will have any long term affects on our community but I can not see how he stays in office giving the seriousness of the charge and his being a former AG.

  28. peterparker says

    Whenever a public official is accused of some sex crime and/or infidelity they always trot their wife before the cameras while making the public apology. And it never makes sense to me why the wife would go along with being used in such a way to protect her husband’s career. If I were in a similar position, I’d tell him he could face the music all by himself. But maybe that is why I’m single.

    As for Spitzer’s situation…it sucks. He was a great, liberal Attorney General and Governor and he showed much promise as a politician on the national level. And I agree with another poster here who said that prostitution should be legal, regulated and taxed.

  29. Giovanni says

    “Does anyone know the Lt. Governor’s position on gay rights/marriage?”

    “I actually think a marriage bill should be introduced next week. We are definitely working on it. I only mentioned the three issues that Eliot included me on in the State of the State address.

    Issues of same-sex marriage, issues of disability—there are a number of things I would have liked to have brought up, but I didn’t try to focus on issues as much.

    Although I did make what I thought was a slight reference to it when I said that Frederick Douglass accused those who were opposed to reform as denigrating women, slaves and strangers—meaning anybody who is different than anybody else.

    I thought it was quite a prophetic thought in 1852 because it applies to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people now.
    It was noted tonight that you’re one of the best lobbyists in Albany. ”

    Will you be helping the LGBT community in the fight for marriage?

    “I’m not going to be in that fight—I’m going to be in front of that fight because my first day as [Senate Minority Leader] was the day we passed the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA).

    One of the reasons we need same-sex marriage is because the statistics for heterosexual marriage are so bad, that might be a way to upgrade some of the success rates.”

  30. Giovanni says

    More from Paterson interview with NY Blade after last years inauguration:

    “It is my belief that same-sex marriage cannot pass while Republicans are running the state Senate. They will probably take that quote and use it in some of their campaigns, but I am speaking truth to power and hoping that citizens are going to get it.”

    Perhaps a Paterson administration would have better luck getting things passed- Bruno might be in the mood to throw a concilliatory bone now that his wildest dream has come true.

  31. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    I don’t see how he can have championed busting-up several high profile prostitution cases…and then sweep this under the rug. If he had taken the position long-ago that it was a victimless-crime and low-priority he might have had a chance….but in this he’s exposed as a political and legal hypocrite.

  32. nic says

    you guys need to serious-up. are we not men? all the best leaders have been less than faithful to their (wo)men. don’t expect that all of us are boot-lickers.

    as long as (men and women) are competent political leaders, shame them for perceived hypocrisy, but don’t expect them to be other than who they are. if we had done so, FDR would have been hung, IKE would have been pilloried for fucking around on Amy, JFK would have been killed before Dallas, and MLK, Jr. would have not made it to that balcony.

    please, do not compare spitzer to vitter or craig. spitzer was enforcing wthe law and what he was hired to do; vitter and craig were taking the law into their own hands, and hurting others in the process.

    we can quibble over the finer points, but there is a nuance there. god, some of you fags make me ashamed to be gay. not because of your delicate, inviolate sensibilties, but because of your abyssmal ignorance of history and the concomitant weakness that it engenders. i am selling spines. anyone interested?

    sorry, i tend to not spell-check or proofread when i’m pissed.

  33. Zeke says

    Does anyone else find it interesting that Spitzer is getting much kinder treatment here than Governor McGreevy did.

    It seems that we are harder on Republican hypocrites and gay hypocrites than we are on straight Democratic hypocrites.

  34. rudy says

    It is going to be extremely difficult for Spitzer to retain his elected position. Schadenfreude is a bitch. The long knives have been waiting for this opportunity and he has provided a perfect target.

    Pointedly, Spitzer’s problems are of his own making, both the catalytic event (breaking the law) and the pertinent standard of judgment, his self-created reputation as “Mr. Clean”. Had he merely hired a prostitute, he might have been able to survive, seriously damaged in his ability to get anything done, but he might have been able to survive. Allegations of (1) conspiracy to (2) cross state lines to (3) engage in prostitution, (4) by using money laundering and (5) fraud to conceal his identity, however, are going to be much more difficult to defend against. He honed his reputation on fighting corruption–including prostitution rings–and used public shame as a weapon against alleged criminals, against whom many thought he had insufficient evidence. Moreover, he angered many career prosecutors and judges by bringing cases by “boast and media spotlight” rather than evidential case building. Others were left to pick up the pieces as he moved on to another spotlight.

    It would not be surprising to see him indicted on multiple counts by a less than sympathetic prosecutor and come before a less than sympathetic judge. Rest assured that the rich and powerful on Wall Street–those he shamed and intimidated with a broad brush of corruption–will be lining up to exact their revenge.

    Spitzer is about to be hoisted upon his own petard. This country loves little more than seeing hypocrites unmasked. In contrast, scoundrels like Bill Clinton are easily forgiven by the public because he never claimed to be a choir boy. Spitzer, however, spent too much time polishing his public halo. He set himself up for the fall that is likely to occur.

    Zeke, I think that one tends to judge those with whom one agrees less harshly than those with whom one disagrees. Hence, the sympathies of most Towleroadies tend to be with Dems rather than Repubs. Blame that natural inclination, and that experience has shown Repubs to be sanctimonious in their hypocrisy whereas Dems usually do not make the mistake to highlighting their “moral” failings. It is the difference between “I am the judge and you are the sinner” versus “we are all sinners” mentalities. Unfortunately for Spitzer, he set himself up as the moral standard bearer and, therefore, will not be allowed to complain in the court of public opinion when he is held to that standard.

    [NIC, as usual, I have no idea what you are trying to say except that you agree with yourself and that your latest quixotic capitalization is even more annoying and pretentious than your previous version.]

  35. says

    He just happened to get caught. Does anyone realize the number of prostitutes working in this country on any given night? There are tens of thousands that constantly stay on the move working major cities. Los Angeles gangs bring thousands in to work Vegas every weekend. The vast majority work undetected. Spitzer has made lots of enemies. Payback is a bitch.

  36. hank says

    we need a national coming out day for johns. as we say about teh gay, if everyone who ever tried it was out, the issue would go away overnight.
    Saying that Spitzer is a hypocrite getting his comeuppance ignores the fact that as the “Wall St. sheriff” he prosecuted real wrongdoing with thousands of victims; his own transgressions are not remotely comparable in gravity to those he prosecuted.
    Spitzer is a good man and a fine public servant. Plus he’s kind of a hottie too. And apparently he may like it nasty, (although we don’t know the details) …wow, he’s my dream date…

  37. MarcoPolo says

    George W. Bush kills tens of thousands of civilians overseas, wipes out habeas corpus and other basic tenets of law, eliminates health care for poor children, tortures an unknown number of innocent people, gives away thousands of acres of wilderness to timber and mining companies, runs up a trillion-dollar debt, and he walks away to the sound of brass bands and wild applause. Meanwhile, Spitzer has consensual sex with a prostitute and his career is over. Seems fair, right?