1. RomanR says

    I don’t know how true these statements are really about being gay in Iran. I do remember seeing a programme on TV where they showed a gathering of gays in a bar in Iran, being very open about who they were. It was obviously not some secret gathering because there were straight customers there as well. Obviously the “Nazi” authorities are turning a blind eye to this kind of thing going on in thier midst. Ironically the programme was trying to show how hard life is in Iran for gay people, and really failing as it showed them happily flirting out in the open. Obviously many people in Iran and its rulers are really homophobic. But I find it hard to believe that Mr. Tatchell’s comparison with Nazi Germany is an accurate one.

  2. cd says

    just when you think there are no heroes, Tatchell and more so, Baron Alli, have really gone to bat for Kazemi and thank goodness, as all the others condemned to death a priori for whom they love could have no better champions. To paraphrase, God Save the Queens (literally).

  3. Anonymous says

    Why did he say, “It’s like Nazi Germany with regard to Jews”? Does he not realize that homosexuals were also kidnapped and sent off to the exact same concentration camps as Jews during the Holocaust? Why does nobody seem to know about this?

  4. Ian in Toronto says

    Thankfully there are people like Peter out there! He deserves every good bit of karma we can send him! If only others would have the guts to speak up like Peter. Harvey Milk would be very proud – as am I!