Ryan Seacrest Could Potentially be a Heterosexual


Says Ryan Seacrest about a girlfriend he once had: “I completely fell into [a] relationship, and I didn’t want to. I remember having conversations like ‘This is so weird for me, because I’m not supposed to like anyone until I’ve achieved what I want to achieve.'”

No discussion of the gay jibes he endures from the tongue of Simon Cowell, though there is plenty of talk about his potential female mates. It’s revealed that the “husky” adolescent Seacrest once had a cute blond “surrender” after he persisted for days on a diet of grapefruit and oranges.

Also offered up is a quote about his potential heterosexuality from real-life gay Ellen DeGeneres: “I’d love to see him meet a nice girl and settle down.”

But that won’t be happening soon, according to the article: “Seacrest is in bed, at home in the Hollywood Hills, by eight o’clock almost every night. He sleeps spooning a BlackBerry, his dating life is in suspended animation.”

Ryan Seacrest Knows What You Think of Him [details]

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