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road.jpg Kathy Griffin ordained into the clergy of the Universal Life Church so that she can marry a straight couple: “People asked if I was concerned that I might upstage the bride. But Elka didn’t have to worry. I’m wearing a green gown I wore to the Golden Globes a few years ago – which got me on one of those ‘Worst Dressed’ lists!”

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Star Jones divorcing Al Reynolds: “They hadn’t been seeing eye to eye for months and had already spent a great deal of time apart. Finally, Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or ‘get out.’”

road.jpg Not over yet: Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal to reprise their roles in Rent for 2009 national tour.

road.jpg Security camera developed that sees through clothing: “A camera that can “see” explosives, drugs and weapons hidden under clothing from 25 metres has been invented. The ThruVision system could be deployed at airports, railway stations or other public spaces. It is based on so-called ‘terahertz’, or T-ray, technology, normally used by astronomers to study dying stars. Although it is able to see through clothes it does not reveal ‘body detail’ or subject people to ‘harmful radiation’, according to the designers. ‘It is totally and utterly passive – it receives only,’ said a spokesperson for Thruvision.”

road.jpg Robbie Williams says he has seen three UFOs and wants to study them when he retires.

road.jpg Paper reports on gay life in Afghanistan: “There are no organised gay associations in Afghanistan, but contrary to many Western countries, men can freely walk the streets holding hands. This was especially shocking for foreign troops who became fascinating for the Afghan men. Armed and ready to engage in conflicts with Al-Qaeda, the only conflicts the foreign troops had were with local men who only wanted to stroke their hair. ‘It was hell. Every village we went into we got a group of men wearing make-up coming up, stroking our hair and cheeks and making kissing noises,’ 20-year-old Corporal Paul Richard uttered.”

Brideofpalestineroad.jpg The underground drag queens of Tel Aviv: “In an effort to carve out a space for themselves, Palestinian drag queens gather every few months at a club in the heart of Tel Aviv to take part in underground shows. These parties offer a rare forum for them to explore complicated and convoluted ideas about sexuality, politics, nationalism, militancy and religion. They’re forging their identities at the center of what some consider an occupying power. The Palestinian nationalists among them recognize the irony in the fact that Israel has become their sanctuary. ‘I didn’t choose this place; it’s the place that I found I could be myself in,’ said M, a 24-year-old Arab-Israeli woman with short black hair who’s performed at the club. ‘That’s my only refuge.'”

road.jpg Cyndi Lauper asks Britney Spears to join her on the True Colors tour which starts on May 31.

road.jpg What’s Justin Timberlake’s problem with women?

Boomroad.jpg Tireless battle to save Laguna Beach’s Boom Boom Room goes on: “Supporters of a beachside nightclub that catered for half a century to Hollywood’s gay stars are hitting its owner with a blizzard of yellow postcards urging that the shuttered bar be reopened. Supporters, including ‘Brady Bunch’ co-star Florence Henderson and former National Basketball Association player Dennis Rodman, have sent about 500 yellow postcards emblazoned ‘SAVE the BOOM!!!’ to [owner Steven] Udvar-Hazy’s Los Angeles office…”

road.jpg Tucker Carlson’s show gets dumped: “The official announcement, expected tomorrow, will include details about who will replace Tucker at 6pmET as well as other political programming additions. Sources say the network is going to beef up its schedule with more NBC News talent.”

road.jpg Olympic ambassador and former British silver medallist hurdler Colin Jackson: I’m not gay. ” “I don’t mind having people say what they like in that circumstance. I know that I am not but I don’t think it’s for me to be going round screaming it from the rooftops. I think it’s just rubbish. It makes no real sense to me. It’s quite strange and bizarre but people say what they say.”

road.jpg A gay and lesbian hotel brand with Attitude.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I guess some women think their “stuff” is so good that they can turn a gay man straight. Surprise, Starr. How many gay guys think we could turn a straight man gay. I want to try with Republican Dwayne Johnson. I’ll turn him gay and Democratic. Well, when I was young I could do it. Sure. I made plenty men gay for about 90 minutes.

  2. says

    Not about any of this stuff but as a side note, Gov. Spitzer (NY), one of the more LGBT-friendly governors in office right now, has just been linked in a prostitution ring by the NYT.
    This is not good news for our community in the Empire State if this is true.

  3. chandler in lasvegas says

    What an interesting mishmash to comment on. (A sly suggestion to split up the comments.) Finally Miss Starlett Jones can get her groove back.

  4. anon says

    The story about supposedly gay Afghan men is interesting. Muslim culture makes so many assumptions about how the world works that it misses “seeing” much.

  5. JJ says

    Good riddens to Tucker Carlson… he jumped the shark the day Jon Stewart appeared on Crossfire.

    On Bill Maher, I remember him saying that he can’t understand why health care is a national issue, because surveys by health insurance companies show that Americans are generally happy with their health insurance…that’s when Bill Maher pointed out that 40 million Americans don’t have health insurance. lol

    Is he gay? btw

  6. GM says

    I love the idea of Cyndi Lauper taking Britney Spears on tour with her. I can see the former acting like a Marine drill sergeant with the latter, ordering her to bed at 9:30, supervising her diet and “other” intake, etc. Kinda hot. I don’t put anything past Cyndi Lauper.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Finally, Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or ‘get out.’”
    I know it’s not nice to laugh at the misfortune of others or kick them while they are down but….. HA HA HA HARDY HAR

    And Tucker, ditto to you too.

  8. Yet Another Mike says

    Also starring:

    CHITA RIVERA as “Mimi Marquez”
    LAURENCE FISHBURNE as ‘Tom Collins”
    BEN VEREEN as “Angel Schunard”
    ELAINE STRITCH as “Maureen Johnson”
    TELMA HOPKINS as “Joanne Jefferson”
    MORGAN FREEMAN as “Benjamin Coffin III”

    (And I’d pay to see it.)

  9. scar2 says

    I love ‘Rent,’ but I agree with Yet Another Mike. Those guys are too old to do the show. They were also too old for the roles when they did the movie version. Let it go.

  10. says

    “Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or ‘get out.’”

    “get his act together” could mean so many things…

    -get a job and stop mooching off of my stash!
    -quit acting gay and start munching my ass!
    -get those queens you hang out with all the time to get a routine together and get to making some cash!

  11. Michael says

    The ‘news’ story about being ‘gay’ in Afghanistan rather misrepresents the issue. It buries a rather clear situation: as with much of the Islamic World (particularly in Central and South Asia), there are two ways in which homoeroticism is expressed more-or-less legitimately (or at least not prosecuted as stringently as other forms): 1) sexual relationships between older men and youths who are just beginning to grow facial hair (this age is seen as the height of male beauty); and 2) some men who act and dress as women can be hired as prostitutes. In both cases, the erotic act takes place between two people who are considered, by Western standards, to be of unequal social standing (age-differentiation, gender-identity-differentiation, class-differentiation). The internet is changing all this, of course, with the boom in chatrooms and other remote ways to connect. Many men are now finding methods to meet others who are “like them,” and who are also the same age, etc. Often, these websites can fly under the radar of the authorities who rigorously monitor the internet for such activity. Sometimes, these men are caught.

    However, the larger point is that this story mischaracterizes the situation a bit: homoeroticism in Afghanistan is by no means unique – there are parallels for the kinds of situations described in the story in Iran, India and Pakistan, for example. This is far from being ‘gay’ in the Western sense, moreover. ‘Gay’ is a construct born of the 19th century Industrial Revolution, whereas homosexuality and homoeroticism have been historical facts since the cave, no doubt. Moreover, the word ‘gay’ indexes a whole community and identity, the latter of which really is only just now beginning to take hold (again) in the Islamic world. (According to my older friends, Tehran had a booming gay nightlife in the 1970s; and until recently one could also find gay clubs in Beirut, however the recent war seems to have caused many of these establishments to close for lack of tourism and money. I can’t confirm this.)

    Ah, the wonders of globalization…

  12. says

    MICHAEL-above- sums it up quite perfectly.”Gay” in the Western sense of the word is insignificant outside of the, well, western world. Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and I hear some countries in latin America, see this purely social construct as nothing but another form of sexual expression. Often hand in hand with heterosexuality. Very interesting, indeed.

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