1. johnnzboy says

    Hmm, not sure if “dated” is an accurate description for his relationship with the transgendered model – from what I’ve read, it was a one-night stand, and he was unaware of her former identity – apparently it’s a source of great amusement amongst his team-mates…

  2. Gary says

    Johnnzboy is right-it was one of those “I didn’t know” moments. He would’ve played last week against Scotland (which England played horribly and gave the Scots their first win in the Six Nations this year) because he violated a going out to clubs ban prior to games.

    He’s an okay player. I’ve watched him with the Wasps and he still needs some time to gel. I do have a feeling that England will lose again against Ireland, as they are wholly reliant upon Wilkinson’s foot to get them out of trouble.

  3. nic says


    as i live and breathe, if this is not a pro-miscegeny argument, i don’t know what is.

    what is he, italo-asian-anglo? who cares? beauty is beauty; straight, gay, male or female.

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