Towleroad Guide to the Tube #256

TERRY MCAULIFFE: The Clinton campaign chair appears on Real Time with Bill Maher.

DANNY NORIEGA: The sassy former American Idol contestant thanks his fans.

JOHN MCCAIN: McCain’s daughter Meghan posted this video to her blog about a recent press day at the McCain Sedona ranch.

MAN IN THE ARENA: McCain’s new spot. It has everything, even sparkly galaxies!

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  1. peterparker says

    I see Meghan McCain is taking eyeliner tips from her mother.

    How is it not a conflict of interest for John McCain to entertain members of the Fourth Estate at his ranch during an election cycle (or any other time for that matter)?

  2. patrick nyc says

    Cindy McCain sounded like she was stoned. I saw a clip of one of the CNN zombies talking about posting McCain’s receipts on their website. Oh Boy!!!

    McCain’s ad is just stupid. It is too long to run in most markets, it will make people run for the kitchen or bathroom, if not grab the remote. Teddy Roosevelt is rolling in his grave.

  3. Krypenthorff III says

    I had no idea that the American press were so cozy with candidates. Yet another reason not to pay any attention to the major news outlets.

  4. Rob says

    Wow, that McCain ad is just terrible. It looks like it was done by a student who just learned Adobe After Effects, using as much stock footage as possible.

  5. Rob says

    Its like so cute cause you know its like so rare to see these reporters like having a really fun time eating good food and like laughing outside of Washington and I actually had fun which I really wasn’t expecting.

  6. David R. says

    And Cindy McCain mentioned “Anne and Lorraine, the couple who take care of the ranch while we’re no there…”. Wow, Beans at the ranch! I guess they’re OK as long as they don’t serve in the military or put on “faggy sweaters.”

    What an awful campaign video. Yeah, McCain wears the mantel of TR and Churchill. My ass. And just look at his smug, self-satisfied smile as he tries to quiet the crowd. Priceless.

  7. Joshua says

    KrypenthorffIII….oh yes my friend….reporters LOVE being part of the rich and famouses circle. In all fairness though, McCain has always had a good relationship with the majority of the news media. Mainly because he isn’t one of those *awful* Republicans and because he allows them complete access to him at anytime. He never speaks off the record and usually spends a couple hours a day just taking questions on his plane or bus while out politicing. And while they like him, they never seem to have the Obama problem, they WILL go after him when they have tough questions, and he dosen’t hold a grudge.
    A lot of Gays don’t like McCain and thats understandable with his stance on DADT, but at least he dosen’t want a federal ban on gay marriage(he thinks it’s a state issue) and he is in favor of civil unions. What we gays have to do is vote for those who support us and then be able to tell which of the others are really bad for us(Huckleberry, others) or at least support a lot of our agenda like McCain.

  8. Joshua says

    Sorry….I need to post a disclaimer here. My parents are close friends of the McCains and have been for all of his time in Arizona. While I know him well, we aren’t close friends or anything. But I have total respect for him as an honest, honorable man, who won’t lie to you just for your vote. I was angry last year when he tried to win over the religious wing nuts and told him so…..turns out he wishes he hadn’t done it as well, it’s pander politics, something he rejects.

    If McCain weren’t in the race, I probably would vote for Hillary, even though I don’t like the idea of Bill loose in the corridors of the WH again. My candidate was Kucinich for his gay stands and war stands.

  9. Lucky says

    Terry is my favorite. I love him. Is he single now. I saw his profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “” last week. Just curious.

  10. joe says

    Why do you post so much propaganda for the homophobic warmonger MCstain? Enough already. He is not honest, he considers himself exempt from his own rules. Mccain will finish this country off. He is mcbush!

  11. TonyG says

    ” I think if there’s one common denominator among women, it’s that everyone loves a road trip.”


    I also loved the “good friends” she describes, a/k/a the cook and the caretaker.