1. christopher says

    WTF? This is soooo Rise of the Machines. You just know that in five years or less this thing will be walking up walls and shooting people through windows.

  2. jjd says

    If only it cut grass too (sounds like a gas powered weed whacker) — and the movement, especially when it loses balance, is just freaky in its replication of animal instinct. scary.

  3. WildGuy says

    This is what NASA should make as the next Mars explorer… Go practically anywhere, getting there in a tenth of the time. The problem would be a sustainable power source.

  4. Toto says

    That thing is grotesque, pathetic and fascinating all at the same time. I found my self thoroughly distrubed yet concerned with its well being. Freaky!

  5. Miguel says

    The posted still of the vid made the thing look like a giant flea. That was frightening enough for me! But watching the actual footage–wow! very OMG-ness.

    It’s loud noise though won’t make it very useful for any missions requiring stealth. It sounds like a lawn mower.

  6. NotJustYet says

    Um, “rise of the machines”, not just yet. If they ever get close to the N5 on I, Robot then run for your life or rip your own spinal cord out.

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