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    No, he’s straight, with wife and children.

    I’m very happy to hear that Ang Lee is on track to make another movie, but what makes this a “gay-themed” film as described in the MSNBC article? The memoir on which the film is based doesn’t sound like it has particularly strong gay content, other than the fact that the protagonist swings our way. The story seems to be more focused on the organization of Woodstock. If someone made a move about me, with a slant on my professional life, would it be “gay-themed”? (I don’t think I have enough sex to make it all that juicy.)

    In any case, I’m thrilled that Ang Lee is helming another film; and yet again, so different from anything he’s ever done before. I recently watched a string of his films – “Eat Drink Man Woman,” “Sense and Sensibility,” and the powerful “Lust/Caution” – and I’m amazed by his versatility and the generosity he shows his characters. The man makes very fine films.

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    Love Ang Lee! Love his choice of films and this sounds like another winner! And anything with even a hint of gay is crazed over by the mainstream media, they love the sin hate the sinner, metaphorically of course (we’re not sinners).

  3. timr says

    the important thing is that Ang Lee is making a film about a gay man in which his sexuality has nothing to do with the film’s main issues. That is progress. The media will need a few more dozen films like this before it stops acting “crazed”. And not many come to mind from the past.
    But great points, you both made me think.

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    It’s too bad they’re sold on that “nobody” to play him. They should’ve cast the guy from the Sci-Fi mini-series “Tin Man”, Neal McDonough is a deadringer (no pun intended) for the actual person.

  5. towlebart says

    Ang Lee is indeed a stellar director. Does anyone have some info on this: Jeffry Dean Morgan is in Taking Woodstock. I wondered why they wasted him on a tiny role. Then I read that his character was the secret lover of the lead character played by Demetri Martin. Their love scene, sadly, was edited out…! I loved the movie, but that scene would have made me love it more…

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