Brady Quinn Gives Football Rookie Chris Long a Hummer


Joe Sports fan reports: “Chris Long was presented with a model HUMMER H2 before being handed the keys to a 2008 HUMMER H2 for being named ‘Hummer’s Top Rookie’ at ESPN Zone on Friday…Last year’s winner, Brady Quinn, joined in on the pomp and circumstance. It’s like the previous year’s Masters winner presenting the Green Jacket to the current winner, only the previous winner in the golf tournament doesn’t daydream about truly giving a hummer to Chris Long.”

Photo above fold via Boy Culture)

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  1. Mike says

    I know that BQ is very handsome and all but I’m not sure of the idea of oggling him after the Columbus fiasco. On a more interesting note, La Fogata is now building a patio which will sit next to Union’s patio so unfortunatley more altercations may occur when the alcohol flows.

  2. Adam says

    Can we talk about how ridiculous it is to give Hummers to people who are going to be making MILLIONS of dollars? They should give them “how not to go to jail” lessons instead.

  3. says

    Mike, I feel now as I did then; there’s absolutely, positively NO PROOF he did or said anything, never mind an indication as to how strongly he supports/doesn’t supports glbt people. All we have is the word of one person, who has two motives to lie: he was angry and it’s a quick 15 minutes. I’m not saying he did lie, but it’s almost as likely as him telling the truth, or anything close to it.

    I will say this: having been involved in politics, on more than one occasion, newspapers have just made up shit about me and published them in the papers. Stuff about my sexuality, usually, irregardless of whether or not it was true. So whenever I read these kinds of stories, I look for bonafide facts and whether they pass the smell test. This one, for me, didn’t and still doesn’t (the very fact that it went away makes it less likely to be true).

    In this case, it’s one person’s word against another and there’s nothing in Brady’s past that would make me scream “bigot.” In fact, he’s done photo shoots with very, very out photographers and done many a campy thing, so campy that clearly even he had to know it.

    Honestly, it wouldn’t shock me if the NFL propagated this stuff to distance Brady Quinn from his many gay admirers, since he’s a young, up and coming cash-cow for them. It would be a silly idea, of course, because they’re guaranteed to make more money with a guy like Brady Quinn being a sex icon to both gay males and straight women, as well as a bona fide future high-caliber NFL QB, but who knows what kind of intelligence level the PR people are really working with over at the NFL these days, since they almost as much as they humanly can to make sure the NFL’s ratings tank on a seemingly daily basis.

  4. Turtle says

    He’s a hunky young kid, sure, but I’ve been wary ever since he told “Interview” last year that he’d given his life to Jebus. That doesn’t automatically mean he’s a homophobe, but it certainly doesn’t bode well. So, yeah, he’s sexy. But until he proves otherwise, he’s in the bugger-off column.

  5. Mike says

    Ryan – you may as well be living on another planet. Are you a Browns/ND fan or just live in Cleveland? You lie. All we have have is word of one person. Wrong. There were at least two gay guys involved and countless onlookers. He said he wasn’t there/involved. The police said he was. Big difference!

    Listen, I know bad things sometimes happen when alcohol flows and people f up. I have had and I am sure many others have. Some words were exchanged and someone was physically assaulted. Don’t forget that. So even IF he didn’t say anything he was with a bunch of drunk str8 guys who were verbally and physically attacking people like us.

  6. nic says

    TY JONES, i’m a middle-of-the-roader on this. brad pitt is also a philanthropist, right? what about matt damon? manu ginobili? ricky martin? oprah? (oh sorry, she’s into gale’s vajayjay, and i’m into large, tumescent exterior clits.)

  7. Toddy says

    Um… Bono? WTF?

    Brady has done nothing wrong. Nothing has every been directly linked to him. He is a young man that has never been in trouble and has–by all accounts–been a hard worker, a graduate of an elite academic institution, and a fine athlete. Role model? Sure.

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