1. James says

    I love how gay men channel their pain of being bullied and treated as inferior when its convenient but somehow fail to do so when it comes to not being a bully in the gay world. I regularly see how gay men target others for ridicule when don’t measure up because they aren’t young, hot or stylish enough. I’ve had to get on a number of friends for this. It’s easy to get to show compassion and get behind the underdog when it doesn’t require anything, but it’s more important when it comes to not being bullies ourselves.

    OK–waiting for all the comments from “mean girl” queens saying I must be ugly or old and out of style and so I’m just jealous or just bitter because I was treated that way. Luckily that has not been my experience, but hopefully there are a few people who will internalize what I have said instead of just coming up with some dismissive bitchy retort.

  2. CLIFF says


  3. Jeff says

    Thanks so much for this. After a difficult weekend, this was a wonderfully uplifting way to begin the week. I’ll keep young Andrew in my prayers. I hope he does well.

  4. Sebastian says

    Bless his heart and all the kids who are bullied for whatever reason, gay, over weight, bookish, poor, etc., and the best of luck to him and, what a beautiful voice!

  5. Brian K. says

    Wow. Just “WOW”. Don’t know what just happened but I completely burst into tears in my office… and I’m not entirely sure why. Was it the gorgeous voice? More than likely. Was it the fact that I can relate (even though I have no discernible talent)? Definitely. I felt strangely comforted in the fact that I wasn’t the only commenter that felt compelled to respond… and cry. Maybe this is the beginning of a new internet fad, a new meme that has gay men crying in unison at YouTube vids?? Regardless…

    Amazing, Andrew. You’re my hero.

  6. David says

    James, agreed. My only comment is that there are gay men who don’t bully anyone, for any reason, other than for being cruel. I’m one of them. We’re out there, and I hope you find us.

  7. says

    Well… I’m glad I’m not the only sissy out there that teared up at this. I watched it in my office and had to grab a kleenex.

    SOOO not expecting that voice.

  8. Ted says

    Im sitting here… CRYING at my desk at work. Holy crap.
    And JAMES… HERE HERE! I work in a place where the velvet mafia runs rampant. And though my kenneth cole shoes are as good as anyone elses… I feel like I’ll never be accepted by the gays in the cool club, for one reason or another.

  9. sparks says

    Voice of an angel! I was knocked out cold by his clarity and perfect pitch, an uncommon attribute even among professional singers.

    I hope he sails through and is able to record lots of music before his voice changes. And then he can thrill us all over again – in a lower register.

    Love this kid. Can’t wait for next week!

  10. says

    Scary how much this kid reminds me of what I went through (and sometimes still do)… When you’re a 13-year-old boy and you sound like a Soprano (and enjoy singing this way), people make fun of you and you start to have doubts whether or not what could potentially be a great voice, be nothing more than “freakish” to most of the world. I love that on this show, this voice triggered tears instead of ridicule.

    I’m 32 now and still have this Soprano voice. I used to think it was a “curse”… but luckily, in the context of singing with the Orange County Gay Men’s Chorus, less people make fun of me…I guess it’s acceptable to hear a dude sing soprano within a group like that. But in the wild world of YouTube, people still leave comments like “ewww…” or “what’s wrong with him?” Sigh.

    Thanks, Andy, for sharing the clip. Thanks for showing that it’s possible to be heralded for a “unique but beautiful” talent…

  11. MikeInSanJose says

    I have been watching this since it was posted – over and over and over again.

    4 days later and it still makes me teary eyed. Like some of the others, I’m not sure I even know why.

    Thanks for posting it, Andy.

  12. Hephaestion says

    Young Andrew has the voice of an angel. A voice so pure and beautiful it stuns us into joy that the world can feel like a beautiful place when we hear such a voice.

    We all know that every day, in so many ways, such beauty is stomped on and dashed, so it is a pleasure to see one instance when the “good guy” is victorious.

  13. Wade says

    Wow, I’ve just seen this now and what a treat to see someone that sings and doesn’t feel a need to wail.

    He’ll go far. I admit that as a countertenor myself I’m biased but I love his voice.

    He doesn’t have an easy road ahead as there are still alot of ignorant people that think that a male soprano or countertenor is missing a gonad or two. I’ve run into that myself on many occasions, but things are changing.

    Bravo Andrew!

  14. Natalie says

    Just because he sings high and does not like to fight with stupid bullies does not mean he is gay. And even if he was what business is that to you! None whatsoever!!! Leave him along and worry about your own life if you have one.

  15. Natalie says

    I meant that comment to be toward Ewwwww. I did not mean to be hateful to that rest of you. Sorry! I found your site because I like Andrew’s voice. I said something because I am getting sick of the hate sites toward Andrew and I felt that I had to say something. Sorry, if I made people here uncomfortable. I did not know this was a site for homosexual tendecies however, I had to say something because I been made fun of since I was a little girl. Sorry if my presence made you uncomfortable I meant no harm I was tying to enjoy some wonderful talent in Andrew’s singing.

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