1. 24play says

    No wonder 13-year-old girls luv him. He cribs their poetry. “Hiding behind this mask/No one sees the real me/Booooooooohooooooooooooo!”

  2. banjiboi says

    I’d pay top dollar to hear her back that up with a booze-fueled rendition of Lush Life, complete with running eye liner.

  3. Peter Vazquez says

    Didn’t see the performance, never liked him, doubt I can….the song is not of his own lyrics, I’ve heard it sung by a real female, although I can’t recall that factoid either…As a sometime singer myself, we are trained to emote the lyrics to make the song our own, perhaps in that respect ” he doth protest too much,” and the lyrics are more personal than even he realizes….

  4. crispy says

    Oh, HAHA!, I just looked on Wikipedia. That song is a Christian song that was originally performed by a contemporary Christian singer. He’s singing to Jeebus about being born again, not sucking cock. I can see how the two might be confused.

    Anyways, Clay Aiken is still a huge closet case. I for one can’t wait until the Claymates show up here. They’re delightful!

  5. says

    Clay is not gay. He is not a lesbian. The song has nothing to do with a closet. You gays just leave him alone!

    Beating the Claymates to the punch. 😉

  6. Kyle Childress says

    As someone who didn’t come out until I was 25, I think cutting Clay some slack in the “coming out” department isn’t such a bad thing. He really is just a kid. Further, given his treatment on sites such this, you might imagine that he fails to see all of your open arms.

    I’m always the first one to jump on closet cases that have bad things to say about our community, and I don’t really have a lot of patience for those closeted celebrities that are old enough to know better. But I think it is okay to give someone in their teens and early twenties some space to figure it out.

  7. crispy says

    “He really is just a kid.”

    Clay Aiken is 29! And he’s been busted on Manhunt multiple times.

    Buy I’m so happy the crazy Claymates are making their way here. Welcome! Can I offer you a Vicodin?

  8. SONNIE says

    I am Gay, and i happen to like Clay, and i love his voice.I will never say anything negetive about him. If he is gay, he will come out when he is ready to come out, and in his OWN way.

  9. Bogus says

    He wasn’t busted on manhunt. There are dozens of gays who think its fun to impersonate him on gay sites so they can force him out by embarrassing him. It isn’t Clay you’re talking to honey.

  10. non says

    Like Kyle I give closet cases a break–until they’re 30. Clay’s got about 6 months with me and we’re finished.

  11. Noel says

    Do Clay Aiken and Nancy Pelosi have the same hairstylist?

    I have to admit, I rooted for him when he was Idol. Bought his first album and loved it, but he’s fallen off the edge. Dare I say, he even sucks. He should just return to teaching.

  12. Addison says

    Noel, I was thinking he and Kate Gosselin have the same stylist…but that’s just me and I doubt Clay’s vagina has been stretched out by sextuplets. I think Clay is slowly making his way toward a life fueled by anti-depressants and cognac. One day we’ll see Britney talking about how much potential he had and what a shame it was.

  13. gabe says

    He’ll come out some 20 years after his career is over and when no one really cares anymore.

    Yeah, like Richard Chamberlain.

  14. Deborah Harry says

    Great voice.
    Awful looks.
    Immature sensibilities. We all know that Ginger kids shouldn’t reproduce. That’s why they are all made gay by God. I am totally kidding, but it sounded fun to say.