Clay Aiken: People Don’t Care About My Sexuality

Clay Aiken appeared recently on The Billy Bush Show and told Bush that the only people that care about the love lives of celebrities are the press.

AikenSaid Aiken: “People don’t want to have that type of stuff pushed, people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever. They don’t want stuff like that pushed in their face. I don’t think that’s necessary and that’s also not what I’m here for. I mean, I went on Idol to be a singer, I went on Idol to be an entertainer and that’s what my priority is…I think when you get into anything and you’re not used to people scrutinizing this, that or the other… it bothers you. After awhile you kind of just say, ‘Forget this … This is not who I am, this is not about me, what I want to do is be a singer, want to be an entertainer, and forget all that stuff.'”

Clay Aiken Talks Keeping Sexuality Private [access hollywood]


  1. Nick says

    It’s really sad that these people still just don’t get it. No one’s asking them to tell us who they are dating, screwing, what they do in bed. All they need to say is, “I’m gay and my private life is private.” There’s nothing to be ashamed of in being gay. And if Aiken loses a few cd sales over it, he should be happy not to sell songs to bigots.

    Jumping on the Jodie Foster/Anderson Cooper bandwagon is not an act of bravery in 2008. It’s pathetic.

  2. says

    While I agree with Clay on principle (and don’t really ever want to think of him having sex with anyone… shudder), I think he needs to be more educated on how having a popular gay singer would help people around the world, not only gay people but straight people who need to learn more about what gay is.

    He’s prolly waiting to reach that critical mass of success and money before he states the obvious.

  3. Jeff says

    I think I feel bad for him. Maybe he’s not ready to really come out to HIMSELF. Or his family or whomever. Sure, he’s shrill but if I’d had people trying to get me to come out in worldwide media constantly when I wasn’t ready to do it in my private life, that would have BITTEN.

  4. funbud says

    Pathetic and freaky.

    The “Claymates” can have him. Even if he did come out, I’d say “Um…thanks…but that’s okay. We’ve got enough folks on our team already!”

  5. says

    Actually, they totally want it pushed in their face, secretly. Who does Clay think buys the Enquirer? What he can’t say is that he’s afraid that after “that type of stuff” is pushed about him, they won’t want to buy his records. He knows his audience, and they don’t want to believe he’s on Manhunt.

    That said, I can empathize with his bind. Cynthia Nixon (mentioned elsewhere on Towleroad today) gave an eloquent interview on ABC (I think?) where she talked about how, when the paparazzi were salivating at her doorstep after the gay rumors surfaced, she was reluctant to hand it all over to those lowlife pigs. (She put it better.) Now, when the press is less interested in her, she’s grown as a person and can be forthcoming in a dignified way. So maybe there’s hope for Clay? Maybe.

  6. chandler in lasvegas says

    That is the Log Cabinnette philosophy in a nut shell. I WILL NOT BE DEFINED BY MY SEXUALITY WHEN IT CONFLICTS WITH MY ARTISTRY/GREED.


  7. Carrie says

    “Clay Aiken appeared recently on The Billy Bush Show and told Bush that the only people that care about the love lives of celebrities are the press.”

    The press and the gays who want to screw him. Everyone else does not give a crap.

  8. Rey says

    You’re half-right, Carrie.

    The people who DON’T want to know are the sad ‘Claymates’ who want to hold him and pet him and love him forever and ever.

  9. Michael says

    “People don’t want to have that type of stuff pushed, people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever. They don’t want stuff like that pushed in their face.”

    Well, this gay man living in Lincoln, NE (just a hop, skip and jump from Omaha) is interested and wishes Mr. Aiken would grow to understand being open and honest would net him more respect than anyone who might narrow-mindedly be put off.

  10. Carrie says


    I doubt that he cares about the respect from hypocrites who demand equal rights for themselves, yet find it acceptable to insult and ridicule a person on the basis of their perceived sexuality.

  11. Wheezy says

    ‘All they need to say is, “I’m gay and my private life is private.”‘

    Outing yourself kind of defeats the purpose of ‘my private life is private.’ If his private life (i.e. who he likes to screw) his put out in public, then it’s no longer private, it’s public.

    I’m all for being out, but I think I’d be uncomfortable with my personal business being spread all over the tabloids and internet, which all celebrities, even minor ones, have to deal with in their ‘private’ lives.

    That being said I think Clay is probably gay and when and if he comes out of the closet is his business, but I’d respect him more if did just fess up.

  12. queendru says

    He’s said he isn’t gay. He’s said it multiple times. Who are you arrogant asses to demand he come out of the closet? Or anyone, for that matter.

    Nick: why can’t he just be a singer and philanthropist and protect his private life. Why do you insist he must say “I’m gay” (even when he says he’s not) but leave me alone?

    Chandler: if you’re defined by your sexuality then I pity you. Where’s the “I’m a truck driver/parent/astronaut/whatever who just happens to be gay and that’s not even the most interesting thing about me?”

    Ernie, what’s this about getting caught? After damage was done and he got the porn career he sought, John Paulus finally admitted to lying with all of his Clay Aiken allegations. I never saw anything concrete on the Manhunt claim.

    Wheezy: I thought you “got it” until you said he needs to “fess up” for your respect. He’s been asked! The question has been answered over SIX years since he was on Idol. He’s moved on from answering directly to guarding his privacy.

    He’s a entertainer and doesn’t owe you one damn thing about his life. Don’t like his acting, book, music, charities, teeth, attitude, hair style? Don’t buy his tickets or music. That’s the only relationship that matters here between you and him.

    Looking at the trashing he already gets, and Lance Bass continues to get, I doubt any one of you would become a fan if Aiken announced tomorrow he is a gay man. Instead you’d bitch if he believed his faith held that a gay man is called to be celibate. He’d be attacked for being self-hating, mouth-breather, non-atheist, or worse!

    Carrie: THANK YOU.

  13. Nick says

    My point about privacy is that we have to evolve to the point where saying you’re gay is not part of being private. No heterosexual ever says they don’t want to talk about whether they are heterosexual or not. They may not want to tell you who they are dating or if they are having sex, but you know they are attracted to the opposite sex. ‘Being private’ is part of the shame surrounding being gay. If he is gay and he says he’s not, then that is the problem. If you tell the truth and treat being gay like eye color or hair color, and then say my personal life (the specifics of who I date, etc.) are my own business, then you’ve put sexuality in context. Until then, we are all buying into the internalized homophobia.

  14. says

    Well said, Nick. Another poster might want to take a Valium to calm the melodramatic accusations.

    Sexuality is an essential, yes, defining part of one’s being. Do other things define a person? Of course, but it’s a biggie, especially for gay people, because we have harder choices to make in a mostly het world. Being honest about it should not mean sacrificing privacy. I am gay, but that only tells you that I love and am attracted to men. What I like in the bedroom is no one’s business.

    Frankly, I don’t much care whether Clay is gay (but if he’s straight then I’m the next AI), and I understand that for a celebrity with very mainstream i.e. AI fans, he has a lot at stake. But he invited criticism (I’ll resist choking the chicken jokes) when he says that people don’t want “stuff like that pushed in their face.” The fact of being gay is not pushing anything in anyone’s face, and it’s a whole lot more than who you happen to be having sex with. So, tho I wish him a happy and honest life, the statement is offensive and (probably unintentionally) homophobic whether he’s straight or gay.

  15. Carrie says

    “The fact of being gay is not pushing anything in anyone’s face, and it’s a whole lot more than who you happen to be having sex with.”

    Ernie, how in a world did you come up with that interpretation? Listen to the interview again. Clay was there to discuss his new album, and instead, he was asked the same damn question he has answered many times before. Yes, I consider that behavior by the interviewer to be pushing the subject in the public’s faces, and Clay had every right to call him on that. It has nothing to do with other people being gay, and Clay was not talking about that at all.

  16. Dani says

    Frankly, I don’t much care whether Clay is gay (but if he’s straight then I’m the next AI),

    Only if you can sing :) But he was honest and answered that he was straight. You gays didn’t like his answer so now he says fuck you all, I’m done answering.


    Who does Clay think buys the Enquirer?


    The gays.

  17. menoh says

    i think he said it right. he is a singer and entertainer. case closed. if he does want to tell people about his sexuality, then fine. just give a rest. if i was an entertainer i would do the same. it is not hiding, and i would not want to be a ‘gay icon’ or something like that. it is no one’s business.

  18. says

    Carrie and the Clay fans, I wasn’t just speaking about Clay, whose sexuality I couldn’t care less about. And if you read my posts, I sympathized with his reluctance to answer paparazzi questions. Paparazzi can be scum.

    What bugs me (and other gay men here) in general is that sexuality (when it’s not straight) is still seen as something to admit to rather that something that essentially is and that stating you’re gay is still seen as offensive by some people. His statements feed into that idea (I stand by my interpretation), but my intention is not to pick on Clay, whatever his sexuality. (People like Anderson Cooper are far bigger culprits in keeping sexuality a titillatingly taboo subject, for example.)

    If Clay just wants to talk about his music, fine, but he might want to pick a better venue for discussing his artistry than The Billy Bush Show.

  19. Rikard says

    Clay is flat out wrong about people’s interest. Look at these posts for proof. Compare the numbers with other topics. Look at the many, many sources for salacious gossip and base innuendo, present site excepted. We gorge on it. It’s the high fructose corn syrup thet tents the front of our pants. As for gay or not… When a nice, dorky guy like Clay sets off EVERYONES gaydar, it walks like a duck. At least he’s not using a beard and if I can let a President get away with “it depends what your definition of IS is” then I guess I can let a non-practicing homosexual draw the line where he wants.
    p.s. QUEENDRU? I’m not your subject and think your personal attacks for differing opinions are petty proof you are unworthy of your (self appointed?) title.

  20. Brian says

    If clay came out as bisexual, their would be a totaly different picture. The whole Bi double standard here that Jason has been saying for months now, I’ve notice way before Jason ever started typing here. But then again we get to see alot of hot girls making out :). what do you liberals have against bi men anyways, I really don’t understand it. I find 2 girls kissing hot, But I don’t say Bi men can’t exist, or that their only gay. There is a Bisexual double standard, it’s there and don’t deny it.
    If a ”sleazy straight guy” notice it, then there is one.

  21. Cathy Kline says

    I think Clay Aiken is an enormous talent and a lovely man. I wish him success and happiness. Whether he is gay or straight does not matter. What matters is that he is happy and that he is free to be his authentic self. Keep reaching for the stars Clay and be proud of the man God created you to be.


  22. Hanna says

    The Bible is clearly against male homosexuality. And Clay said he is a Christian. If he stays celibate then he is a Christian. Read these Bible verses: Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27. I am not meaning to be offensive.

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