DOJ Looking into Possible Firing of Atty Over Sexual Orientation

NPR reports on a probe into the possible firing of an attorney at the Justice Department for her sexual orientation. It’s an investigation which grew out of the larger Alberto Gonzalez U.S. Attorney firings there.

GoodlingAttorney Leslie Hagen, who received “outstanding” job evaluations, was let go under Gonzales’s senior counsel Monica Goodling.

According to NPR, “The Justice Department’s inspector general is looking into whether Hagen was dismissed after a rumor reached Goodling that Hagen is a lesbian. As one Republican source put it, ‘To some people, that’s even worse than being a Democrat.’ Several people interviewed by the inspector general’s staff said investigators asked whether people drew a connection between the rumors and Hagen’s dismissal. The witnesses, who spoke to NPR on the condition of anonymity, said they felt that the rumors led to the decision not to renew Hagen’s contract. Someone who worked in Hagen’s office says that in a 2006 meeting, senior officials were told that Hagen’s contract would not be renewed because someone on the attorney general’s staff had a problem with Hagen. The problem, it was suggested during the conversation, was sexual orientation — or what was rumored to be Hagen’s sexual orientation. One person at the meeting asked, ‘Is that really an issue?’ But the decision had been made.”

Justice Probes Lawyer’s Dismissal Amid Gay Rumor [npr]


  1. says

    Well isn’t this interesting?

    Of course a contract non-renewal is the slickest form of firing. It doesn’t have the impact of an in-your-face “be out of here by this afternoon,” and thems that fire can cover their tracks with all manner of blather.

    Very interested to see how this will play out.

  2. Sebastian says

    And, this is a reason why I think that the gay marriage issue needs to be on the back burner for now, we don’t even have basic job protection rights in this country. You can still get fired in this country just for being gay, even when you have an exemplary work record, and, that’s just wrong and there is little legal recourse to fix it now.

  3. Taylor says

    It’s articles like this that make me happy for having one courageous homo in Edmonton, Alberta and a team of people who would fight for whats right, no matter what the costs. Thanks to Delwin Vriend, we gained protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights 10 years ago this month so that atrocities like this can’t happen.

    America, I’d say it’s high-time you caught up.

    /me tips is hat to Delwin.

  4. says

    It is absolutely outrageous that this inexperienced kid from a 4th rate law school was given such a high ranking position of responsibility in the Justice Department solely because she was ideologically “pure.”

  5. says

    I’m guessing Goodling was the person at DoJ who “had a problem” with Hagen. Her 4th-rate law school was Holy Roller-based. Fear and loathing of even the perception of gayness was part of the curriculum.