1. Joseph says

    Incredibly narrow minded and full of it.

    I’m not sure what they have issue with really …

    They say only women should have babies and they keep referring to him as a woman so what’s the problem.

  2. says

    No one watches this shitty show and now it’s going to get attention. This horrible and unfunny show is the conservative version of “The Daily Show and The Colbert Report”.

    Please don’t give them the attention they are yearning.

  3. fanboi says

    It is completely unacceptable to use a position as a TV personality to mount vicious personal attacks on an individual citizen. If you want to badmouth the person or their actions that is one thing. but to suggest they kill themselves is a grievous misuse of the modern soapbox.

  4. queendru says

    “One of them suggests “it” (meaning Thomas Beatie) should kill itself”

    Baiting much, Andy? First, the host said “he, she or it” which is a different tone than you suggest.

    Second, the woman said when your 7, 8, 9 months pregnant you want to kill yourself and hopes that experience happens to Beatie. Again, you spun what was really said out of context into some hate-filled horror.

    I find Beatie a selfish person and an embarrassment to the already little understood or tolerated transgenders in society.

  5. Zeke says

    There seems to be no homo/trans-phobe or level of homo/trans-phobic indecency that won’t draw the likes of QUEENDRU and other apologists for hate out of the woodwork to defend and support them.

    It’s just amazing.

  6. seattle mike says

    Boy, it is amazing how worked up some people get over this story which has absolutely no effect on their lives. I do pity the poor child who’s going to born into this media circus and I hold Beatie partially responsible for initiating that by appearing on Oprah, but that’s no excuse for this “burn the witch” kind of behavior by these jerks.

  7. rjp3 says

    If we as a LGBT community and the HRC and GLAAD and every other LGBT advocacy group do not demand an apology and GET one (and or have this overnight tool fired) then STONEWALL was a failure.

    Seriously people. I am no fan of the this woman – and SHE is PREGNANT so SHE IS A SHE still …. BUT …. making statements that HER CHILD will be LESS THAN HUMAN is exactly the SAME behavior that took place in NAZI GERMANY. We all know gays are the jews in NAZI FOX NEWS RED STATE AMERICA.

    Will we take any WOMAN’s child being called less than human ? (Even if the silly confused woman is going around calling herself a man.)

  8. Jesse says

    Are we really still having the he/she argument? Whether Thomas Beatie is looking for attention or has other motives for being so public, it’s unimportant. Why should we care what he calls himself, and who are we to challenge that? Just because something comes along and fucks with our societal impressions of what a man or woman SHOULD be, it doesn’t mean that we get to force our own feelings and preferences on others. I don’t understand why people get so worked up over other people’s lives. If you want to call Thomas Beatie by “she” because he was born a biological female, by all means, please do, but shut the hell up about it!

  9. rkm says

    It makes me sad to hear comments such as these. How can humanity realize that love is a great thing? It’s a bit arrogant to say that only the traditional, heterosexual couple is entitled to this type of joy. And a baby! I believe babies are always blessings… congrats to the happy couple for finding their joy!

  10. aj says

    I saw the Oprah interview, and if the rest of the world can keep their noses out of it, this child is coming into a loving home, with two intelligent and caring parents. What more does a child need?

  11. Paul says

    I just can’t believe that this Red Eye program is still on. I thought they wised up and canceled it long ago. It really has no place on a news channel that wants to be seen as credible…and more importantly it was one of the most embarrassingly unfunny things I have ever seen.

  12. ed Walker says

    Please do the world a favor, don’t take the (fox) bait; launching a campaign against this idiot will have the net effect of increasing his viewer numbers to above the 10 or 20 it stands at now. Like when you step in dog shit…keep walking and most of it will fall away.

  13. says

    You’re all upset with the Red Eye crew over this? You people have no sense of humor.

    Beatie is the very definition of selfishness: wanting to be accepted by the child as both a man and as mother.

    There is no thought to the child in any of this. Beatie made this clear when he declared everyone has an unchallengable RIGHT to a biological child. This is just the egocentrism of our age in action. People today are so into their own egos they think being told they shouldn’t have something they want is tantamount to being murdered.

  14. says

    If the conservatives wanted to unify the LGBT community this is certainly the way to do it. These remarks are beyond repugnant and demonstrate a sociopathic ideology. This has to be condemned strongly and emphatically by our community. Fuck Fox! Fuck News Corp!

  15. John says

    So, because a hermaphrodite who’s been living his life as a male wants to have a baby, that gives the uptight pricks of America the right to threaten his life?

    I find that incredible. Of course, 10-20% of America still believes Barack Obama is a Muslim, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It brings me no joy to say this, but we’re so immature and ignorant in this country.

  16. PistolPetey says

    Amen, Jesse.

    DC, keep your judgmental attitude to yourself. You sound just like a right-winger when they talk about gays adopting or bringing children into the world. “Two fathers? Egads!”

    Geebus, with “friends” like these who needs enemies.

  17. adaminchicago says

    Sorry, but my opinion is this…if a person is willing to put themselves through the hell of surgery and stigma from both the heterosexual and LGB community (I’m removing T out of respect for transgenders), then I feel that person to deserves any pronoun they wish to have.

    As for the baby…this is 2008 people. Amazing that even queer people are so married to the concept of “what’s male” and “what’s female.” I’m a happily gay man, but I admire and respect the transgender community for their strength. NOBODY wants to do this to their bodies if they can help it…but some people feel they must so they can be who they feel they truly are. And if you don’t like that, then go crawl back under a rock in the podunk square state you came from, ass.

  18. sare says

    This is so disgusting. These “people” are embarrassingly ignorant not to mention shallow souls. There is no humor in this subject. They should all be fired, from whatever lowly position it is that they hold on this 2nd rate “news” channel, immediately…Utterly disgusting.

  19. david says

    dont you just love america? This is a prime example why FOX is ntoriuosly the place to go for ignorant,low-brow,and misguided entertainment(as well as being strangely conservative).

    am i the only one who finds the whole segment very juvenille? Jesus,as if they could sound any less intellignet yelling over one another.Of course people are going to have a problem with the situation,but who at FOX greenlighted this?! its insanely offensive,with a harsh finger pointed at LGBTC issues that attacks one person for no other reason than having facial hair. Not ot mention that overall they dont even come close to reaching a point. If they wanted to alienate a veiwing audience,they’ve got a great head start,just show some old StoneWall footage and pipe in some wacky sound effects.

    i hadn’t even heard of this show until watching this clip.I almost feel ashamed to come from chicago.


  20. says

    For those of you who STILL don’t see why there’s a T in LGBT, I’ll repeat what I said before.

    Classic feminist analysis of masculinity:the male body is defined as an integrated whole. No penis comes in. No baby comes out. The hatred in this clip has exactly the same roots as homophobia.

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  22. MHK says

    this person submitted to a sex change operation not for biological or psychological needs but to circumvent existing anti-gay laws. now that this person has the benefits, he or she want to utilize his or her supposedly unwanted body parts that were kept in reserve in order to make complete his or her heterosexually modelled family. sorry, but this doesn’t make a good case for you T’s out there.

  23. ian says

    i think it’d be startling to see a man who is pregnant, but other than that, i still don’t see the issue.

    if “she” perceives “herself” as, actually, a “he,” then she should it offend me to call her a he?

    also, if she is able to have this child healthily, then why not? she already established that birthing a baby is not a female or male motivation…it’s a human and animal motivation to procreate. it makes sense.

    what doesn’t make sense is hoping that someone feels tremendously more pain during child birth because their different. or to wish “it” dead.

    these are disgusting people.

  24. says

    DVR this crappy RED EYE show sometime…it airs @ 3:00am ET weeknights. It features a bunch of unknown losers who sit around and make moronic “jokes” about items in the news. To mention it in the same sentence as the DAILY SHOW or COLBERT is a gross injustice (and I do mean “gross”). Their comments are so lame you can easily sit through the whole program without cracking a smile. Mostly, they just string together a few non-sequiturs & make references to drugs, under-age sex, and homosexual activity.
    You’d think the Religious Right & GLAAD would be equally offended, but it’s still on FOX….go figure!

  25. says

    A child wants loving parents. Most kids don’t actually care if they’re straight, gay, transgendered or Klingon, frankly.

    The Fox Noise buffoons are mocking this person because she represents a commonly belittled minority (transgendered people) and because of the unique circumstances they can take the gloves off and be as hateful and foul as they truly are.

    “Crapped out an Ewok?”

    That’s robbing parents and child of their humanity. It’s victimizing them as subhuman. And it’s marking them for attack.

    Please call Fox News to complain. After massive floating head John Gibson launched his hateful homophobic attack on Heath Ledger he lost his show. These losers should go likewise.

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    Lord, Lord, oh, Lawdy Lord.

    Until you homos do right by transgendered gay people, you aint gonna’ ever see full civil rights yourselves…that goes for black folks too. And that’s my AYNHOREH on the oppressed communities who oppress others(a little black vernacular, a little Yiddish…comprende?)

  27. mike says

    Red Eye is the most unfunny show on television. It’s supposed to be comedy with a “conservative twist”, but it only shows how pathetic and morose conservatives are. Regardless, if you have a womb and you get pregnant, you are a woman no matter how you wish to identify yourself. Beatty is a man in her own mind, but the biological facts speak for themselves.

  28. CK says

    Those fucking Fox Neanderthal conservatives should all be fired… thrown out on their sorry asses. What a bunch of hateful, disgusting oxygen-thieves they are! And then some people on here seemingly side with their attitudes? I agree with Derrick from Philly, until we fight ALL gay prejudice our equal civil rights in this country will be something that just sails on by!

  29. says

    It is because of people thinking or acting like this that lead to Lawrence King being murdered. I’m appauled that FOX would allow such hateful things said on it’s network. Those hosts are responsible for the attitude of Lawrence King’s Murderer.

  30. says


    When I wrote about the egocentrism of our times, just where did I go wrong? Hmmmm?

    Your response to my post demonstrates that you aren’t judgmental enough (except when condemning the opinions of conservative thinkers).

    In today’s political climate, I am a right-winger, and damn proud to be one, too. Left-wingers like yourself have succumbed to the notion that procreation is a self-regarding action and therefore off-limits for judgments by anyone else. But procreation isn’t a self-regarding action. Beattie couldn’t care less about the effect of his choice on others, including his baby.

    Beattie wants the child to acknowledge and respect him as a male, but also as a mother. He wants the same from society at large. But what fucked-up bullshit is that? Motherhood and maleness are mutually exclusive. Unless we are now to accept that a ‘trans-man’ is simply a woman who plays at being a man — and then perhaps only part of the time.

    The fact that almost all the commenters here accept Beattie’s actions without a cavil, and condemn any and all criticism of them, demonstrates the devotion to identity politics among the gay left.

    So strong is this devotion you have actually bought the nonsense that transsexualism and homosexuality are intrinsically linked politically and that there really is a GLBT community.

  31. Martin Smith says

    Fox and the Right never cease to amaze me… this sort of hate speech has a historical precedents in the 1920s in a certain country in Europe… I bet these bullies feel great after there romp in the playground…

  32. keno says


    If there is a strong positive desire to have a child and raise that child in a loving environment, then I don’t see why there is an issue with who is conceiving the child and the whether they are straight, gay, male, female, whatever. What exactly is so egocentric about wanting to have a child?

  33. CK says

    DC, what fucking planet are you from? Are you even gay? Have you been so consumed by the selfish and self-righteous right wing ideology that you so happily spout that you have lost any trace of compassion? I know that Republicans are generally known to be “I am fine in the way I am so fuck anyone else who is not like me” attitude, but you have really plumbed that selfish arrogance to an astonishing depth!

    How can you talk for Beattie and the thoughts behind having the baby? YOU are the one so blinded by your conservative ideology that you cannot even conceive that he may actually REALLY want a child for the same reasons ANY other potential parent might. YOU have no idea. Only your prejudice forces your narrow mind to believe that he is being selfish, instead of a potentially caring nurturing and amazing parent.

    But that does not fit into the right-wing ideal of moth-eaten Ozzie and Harriet clones. This is NOT the world of the Stepford Wives, it is real life, and it is Beattie’s real life, thankfully, and NOT yours.

  34. says


    I cannot say that wanting a child is egocentric, although most people want children for their own self-interested reasons.

    My point about Beattie’s attitude fitting in with the egocentrism of our time is that Beattie expects his child to have a mother who, from the very time he was conceived, wanted to be accepted as a man. That isn’t fair to the child. But Beattie doesn’t care; his (her?) desire to reproduce is all that matters. Which is selfishness, pure and simple.

  35. says


    I’m from planet Earth. And whether or not I’m gay is wholly irrelevant to the topic at hand.

    My opinion on this matter has nothing to do with political ideology. It has to do with my belief that every human being has a right to what is natural: a woman for a mother and a man for a father.

    Your ideological response — complete with bigoted comment about Republicans — is filled with common assumptions of today’s left-wing, ‘progressive’ thinking: Everything is political; People are entitled to whatever they want for themselves and no one is ever to ask whether a person should want such; Minorities are never to be criticized; Gays and transexuals form a single political-identity unit. All of which is rubbish.

    I do not assume to know why Beattie wants to bear a child. Nor do I care. The selfishness I address concerns wanting to the child to accept a birth-mother who was living as, legally known as, a male.

    Beattie could care less what effect this has on the child. It’s all about Beattie’s right to reproduce.

    I point this out and am branded as hateful. Your criticism (and others in this forum) just prove my point about the egocentrism of our times — which the secularist, progressive movement celebrates: “People today are so into their own egos they think being told they shouldn’t have something they want is tantamount to being murdered.”

  36. Keno says


    The question one must ask then is, does having a transgendered parent negatively affect a child? How different is that (or how much more challenging is that) than other facets / difference in family structures outside of what we consider “the nuclear family”?

    I don’t see an issue with transgendered parent.. is the parent is willing to love and raise the child in love, where does the ego go into it? What is wrong with parents wanting to have biological offspring? From my understanding, the wife in this relationship could not conceive…

  37. AS says

    LoL, get a clue; it was a joke. Some of you are so sensitive. So, it’s okay for other late night television programs to make jokes, but not the guys that happen to be on FOX. Besides, their comments were not as bad as anyone else’s. I guess it’s okay for a left winger to make fun of someone but if you lean a little to the right, watch out. Hypocrites!

  38. marcela says

    go ahead with your life and be happy !!! I am from ARGENTINA…I WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD OF PEACE, LOVE…
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