Rearview Mirror: Looking Back at the Week on Towleroad


road.jpg Oliver Stone’s Bush flick: the first 3 pages.
road.jpg Britney Spears in Streetcar Named Desire???
road.jpg Zac Efron wanted for gay Warhol twins movie.
road.jpg POLO: U.S. goes preppy for Olympic wardrobe.
road.jpg Dolly Parton releases bald eagle back to nature.
road.jpg PlanetOut sells Out, Advocate, and book business.
road.jpg Tearoom: Film looks at Larry Craigs of the 1960’s.
road.jpg Must watch: Karl Rove hammered by Harvard hottie.
road.jpg Man who faked his way into Yale outed by gay lover.
road.jpg THE STAGE: Gypsy, The Four of Us, The Drunken City.
road.jpg Hanes utilizes offensive tags to sell tagless underwear.
road.jpg Elton John gives Hillary big love at Radio City Music Hall.
road.jpg Emile Hirsch strips for David LaChapelle in Hawaii. More
road.jpg Out names 50 most powerful gays and lesbians in America.
road.jpg Ten-year Australian news veteran Peter Hitchener: I’m gay.
road.jpg Sir Ian McKellen to battle for openly gay bishop Gene Robinson.
road.jpg Massive naked angel heralds L.A. arrival of Alexander McQueen.
road.jpg John Barrowman on Botox: How to avoid that Nicole Kidman look.
road.jpg McCain Girls: It’s 3am and there’s a Republican staring in the window.
road.jpg Gay activist Peter Tatchell detained amid London Olympic torch protests.
road.jpg Egypt sends five to prison for being gay; effort to out-moralize Islamists.
road.jpg Judge places lien and bond order on Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church.
road.jpg Karl Lagerfeld will appear in Grand Theft Auto, but will his Diet Coke butler?
road.jpg Poll shows gay candidate Jim Neal strong in North Carolina U.S. Senate race.
road.jpg Nick Lachey fantasy: Arizona QB Matt Leinart demonstrates his oral technique.
road.jpg Accused killer of gay man uses ‘gay panic’ defense; gets off with manslaughter.
road.jpg THE TUBE: Anderson Cooper, Model swallowed, Al Gore, Daft Punk boys, intolerance.
road.jpg New York Governor Paterson vows to bring full marriage equality to the Empire State.
road.jpg The full 40 minute recording of bigoted OK State Rep. Sally Kern’s meeting with PFLAG.
road.jpg Hillary Clinton talks gay rights to Ellen; Barack Obama talks gay rights to The Advocate.
road.jpg George Michael and Kenny Goss display Damien Hirst objects in Dallas; wait for Banksy.
road.jpg PLUS: Tom Cruise, Madonna globe, Chace Crawford, In The Moment, Lance Bass.

Posted April 12, 2008 at 11:00am ETC by Andy Towle
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