1. kujhawker says

    Well I like them, give you pause to think of all the baggage someone has to carry around. Though I am not sure how this helps sell underwear, it still makes a nice statement.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    Great, now we have socially conscious underpants companies. Wooo. If they sold something that fit well and looked good, and wasn’t trying so desperately to be “smart”, they might actually sell some goods instead of risking being known as the faggot-nigger-paki-panties.

    And for the record, you can imply such stereotypes without using precise words, but that’s a whole other can of worms. Bottom line…Hanes would be absolutely out of its corporate board members’ collective mind to risk such an incredibly stupid idea. I think it’s a just hoax or someone’s college junior year ad design project.

  3. Oscar says

    India is the filthiest country in the world.To bathe and drink in a river were corpses are burned and dunk is about as disgusting as one can be.Imagine swimming and a rotten arm hits you in the face,uhg.Besides that indian skin color is king of yukky.It is not black,brown or white is so sickly purple.Base on all the above they have to be envious of everybody and have to lash out to make themselves feel a little better.Anybody that have called the help line of some companies and ended up being answer from India is like trying to decifer some animalistic mumbo jumbo.And at the end they are as helpful as a headache.

  4. Brett says

    I do agree they are pretty damn amazing, but I wonder which publications or in what medium will they be shown?

  5. says

    Any kind of “big statement” that’s trying to be made in this medium is diminished by the fact that ultimately, they’re just trying to sell a product – and they think this might be the best way to do it.

  6. A says

    Dear Oscar. You seem to have some anger issues, and they seem to be manifesting themselves as racism, classism, eliteism, and ignoramousism. Please seek therapy.

  7. Aaron says

    love the concept, but i think they went overboard in picking such offensive/hot button words as the “labels” it would have been equally effective (though certainly not as shocking) to use some other label.

  8. g says

    it’s basically craigslist rant and raves. it’s what people say and think but are too afraid to say it to everyone. only in the right company or anonymously. there’s nothing offensive about the truth!

  9. g says

    it’s basically craigslist rant and raves. it’s what people say and think but are too afraid to say it to everyone. only in the right company or anonymously. there’s nothing offensive about the truth!

  10. scientitian says

    As art only, I could respect it. As art that’s selling sweatshop undergarments, I cannot.

  11. says

    They’re awesome as art! Don’t make me want to run out and buy the underwear though…

    So in answer to your question: I don’t think they’re “offensive” but don’t really think they’re “effective” either.

  12. John says

    I was just going to say, “genius”, but then i saw the last few comments – scientitian has it right and tweety is right about oscar…

  13. says

    Is that the Oscar Unacceptance Speech?

    The ad is good but too irrelevant and if they are meant for India doesn’t make a lot of sense either. The N-word and P-word for selling in India?

  14. Zak says

    I’m not sure I’m on board with this. I wouldn’t say I’m quite offended, but when I look at the above pic, I see something more drag-queen-Mardi-Gras than anything related to the word “Faggot”.

  15. Buster says

    I agree with FIZZIE above – I doubt this is a real Hanes campaign but if it is, it’s unquestionably offensive.

    Offensive on its own terms.

    Offensive because it’s using hate speech just to grab the consumer’s attention.

    Offensive because it’s using social controversy to sell underpants.

    Offensive because half the people seeing it won’t suss out the overly-complicated “social message” it’s purportedly trying to deliver and will instead just think it’s funny (and acceptable)to see the terms “faggot” or “nigger” or “paki” used in print.

    Offensive because it perpetuates the idea that being a faggot is somehow the same thing as being a girl/a travestite/a drag queen (note the pink, the high boots, the lipstick, the mardi gras mask, etc.)

  16. Cadence says

    Buster and Zak, I think the point is that society labels gay men as wanting to be women, drag queens, fa**ots, etc, not that gay men are those things. And that society lables all white males as racists druggies.

  17. marc says

    I love the artwork, but not sure if I want it in mainstream magazines.

    I feel conflicted.

  18. queendru says

    As art it’s pretty cool. As commercial advertising it’s crass and offensive.

    I haven’t worn Hanes in years. This doesn’t make me want to switch.

    David: Andy used “Pak!” to avoid being “offensive” just like he censored faggot. I don’t know about others I’m rolling my eyes as his faux sensitivity.

  19. soulbrotha says

    Ryan, you beat me to the punch, too! What the hell is up with THAT?

    As for the campaign, Scientician and Queendru sum it up in a nutshell.

  20. ML says

    Sharp, smart and provocative — these illustrations are great. They force issues in your face, so there’s gonna be some resistance, but that’s what makes them so damned good. Will I buy Hanes now? Not likely, but I’ll have a more favorable impression of the company, because I like an ad that forces me to think while looking at a compelling image.

  21. Jeff says

    David, Queendru: Trendhunter self-censored itself in writing “Pak!” etc. Andy was linking to quoting them and thus included their censorship…

  22. Jesse says

    yah, they’re “pretty amazing” because they have shock value, and actually take a stand on serious political topics, but it’s done in a tacky way, by showing their portrayals of stereotypes, they’re only strengthening them, and how the fuck does this sell underwear..
    I understand, yah, it’s a clever line…labels, whatever.. but don’t exploit stereotypes to sell a fucking tacky pair of tighty whities…

  23. dave says

    I would buy Hanes underwear if they featured chicanos, jews or other mud people. I support
    WHITE underwear for white people. Well, white except for skid marks.

  24. says

    Some of the better responses:

    Offensive because half the people seeing it won’t suss out the overly-complicated “social message” it’s purportedly trying to deliver and will instead just think it’s funny (and acceptable)to see the terms “faggot” or “nigger” or “paki” used in print. -Buster

    As art only, I could respect it. As art that’s selling sweatshop undergarments, I cannot. – Scientitian

    This is a two for one special. 1) Targets the consumer that would fall into these categories giving the false impression Hanes is being socially responsible. 2) Targets every racist and homophobe to back up any moronic belief they might have, leaving the impression that the Hanes Corporation is “with them”.

    Finally, I wonder how much money, time and effort has the Hanes Corporation actually put into defeating these efforts that they are purportedly championing in these misleading ads.

  25. brokebackbob says

    Many thanks to Keith for summing up the
    “nailed it” responses. I couldn’t have
    picked better myself. As -for- myself,
    I always wondered why if I touched one
    of Hanes packages, I became slightly
    nauseated and rageful and when I put it
    back, the feeling went away!
    Oh, and this campaign -would- be fine
    -outside- the American market; the U.S.
    business world has -got- to diversity
    create more bigoted, racist, homophobic
    *ssh*les or someday there might not be
    any! What better place to do it than
    anywhere but here (we’ve got the most
    per captia I would conjecture); their
    work goes on. I only hope that the whole
    thing -is- a hoax.

  26. PEKEMO says

    I must admit when I first saw it, I was horribly offended, but then when I understood the context I thought it was simply AMAZING. Someone said that they didn’t want this seen in mainstream magazines, and I completely agree. I don’t think a mainstream audience can handle this, they’ll simply be drawn to the offensive language and artwork. But yeah i am actually digging the artwork.

  27. Ted says

    Agree with those who dont want it seen in mainstream mags. Most folks who are not gay wouldn’t get it and buy hanes because they are homophobic.

    One more lashing for Oscar: At least when the folks on the customer service line in India answer our calls, their grasp of proper grammer is above the third grade level. Meow!

  28. says

    This is prolific trash,in it’s finest moment.Where was Michael Jordan when these ads were being ceated and were is he now ? You can get away with so much bigotry in the name of art.This is not pop culture or angry art,as in Basciat.The THIRD REICH is alive and well.It’s becoming the American way of life.

  29. Pekemo says

    Keith, I think your missing the entire point of the ads. The tagline is about the labes that SOCIETY puts on certain people. These labes that they are talking about are of course offensive, which is the point.The ads are saying that we are more than the labels that soceity gives us. And I doubt that Micheal Jordan could even grasp the concept of this artwork.

  30. Buster says

    “their grasp of proper grammer is above the third grade level”

    —and they also may be able to spell “GRAMMAR”

  31. says

    i really like the “faggot” poster and would totally wear it on a t-shirt.

    but i definitely see how many people can miss the point of the ad what it’s trying to say and find offense.

    these images are a social statement, but in a marketing campaign? there’s no way these images will every fly in the US.

    i think these are amazing.

  32. susan says

    I do not agree with these statements, as I find them extremely offensive. Such terms (i.e. nigger,paki etc) should not be allowed to be used in context. Also India is actually a very beautiful country,and I do not remember swimming in the water and coming across any dead corpes.However every country,city and town has poverty including Britian and US. So I would appreciate it if in the future you could refrain ur self from using such explicit words and try using a thesaurus for a better choice of words.

  33. jaimie says

    This is the kind of “message-art” that high schoolers find inspiring.

    A little broad, wouldn’t you say?

  34. Tony says

    The campaign seems to be one that will go the way of the Seinfeld/Gates PC ad disaster. Too many people will just be left shaking their heads in confusion – and confusion is the polar opposite of awareness. Just reading these comments shows the myriad of misunderstandings that will occur. So the effectiveness will probably be lost.

    Again, why is a white guy dragging the ‘Nigger’ stereotype?

    And as for Oscar…..there are no words.

  35. says


    Risky advertising, I like it, but it could have blown up in their faces. But any publicity is good publicity?


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