Henry Rollins Would Kick Your Arse if He Was Gay

Henry Rollins is down in Australia, where he’s set to perform in Sydney. And he continues to speak out about homophobia. He spoke with the Sydney Star Observer:

Rollins“While attending a military school, Rollins was struck with disgust as a teacher’s open attacks on a gay student led to the boy attempting suicide. It stayed with him as a defining event and he has gone on to publicly lambast institutions and propagators of homophobia. He hosted the successful Wedrock concert to raise awareness of same-sex rights to marriage and has made his views on gay rights well known. While still strongly denying all rumours that he is gay, Rollins puts across the message for gay rights strongly and simply. ‘To me it’s just common sense. You come out of the womb and you’re something. You’re straight, you’re gay or you’re lucky,’ he said. ‘You know what you are very soon in your life. So when someone says you can’t love that person, you can’t marry that person I’m like, ‘Really, fuck you!’ Boy, if I was gay I would kick your arse!'”

You may remember we noted he wanted to kick arse last May. One of these days he’s gonna do it.