Henry Rollins Would Kick Your Arse if He Was Gay

Henry Rollins is down in Australia, where he’s set to perform in Sydney. And he continues to speak out about homophobia. He spoke with the Sydney Star Observer:

Rollins“While attending a military school, Rollins was struck with disgust as a teacher’s open attacks on a gay student led to the boy attempting suicide. It stayed with him as a defining event and he has gone on to publicly lambast institutions and propagators of homophobia. He hosted the successful Wedrock concert to raise awareness of same-sex rights to marriage and has made his views on gay rights well known. While still strongly denying all rumours that he is gay, Rollins puts across the message for gay rights strongly and simply. ‘To me it’s just common sense. You come out of the womb and you’re something. You’re straight, you’re gay or you’re lucky,’ he said. ‘You know what you are very soon in your life. So when someone says you can’t love that person, you can’t marry that person I’m like, ‘Really, fuck you!’ Boy, if I was gay I would kick your arse!'”

You may remember we noted he wanted to kick arse last May. One of these days he’s gonna do it.



  1. Dan says

    We need to embrace and celebrate our straight allies in the fight for equality. Having been a huge fan of Rollins forever – it is great he’s using his platform to be supportive and pointing out the obvious. Rock on Henry!

  2. Walker says

    ummm? is he such an advocate for the gays? “…if I was gay I would kick your arse.” What he seems to be saying is that if he was gay he would do more about the injustice but since he is not gay he is just gonna bitch about it.

  3. noah says


    How is Rollins “bitching”? Have you organized a giant concert to fight for gay marriage rights? Rollins doesn’t have to say or do a thing to help gay people but there he is fighting the good fight!

    Rollins is a hero. His comment was meant to imply is that if some said something homophobic to him he would “kick arse.” Since he’s straight and very butch that doesn’t happen.


  4. John Haggard says

    Why do gay people find a reason to complain about someone that is obviously making a statement in their defense. How about” wow, that guy is great to take an interest in something that would other wise never affect him”. No, just bitch about it, yeah, that makes friends. I’ll do it for you- Mr. Rollins, thanks a lot, I appreciate your support.

  5. Arunz says

    Henry is awesome. My brother-in-law, former skate punk himself, reminds me of Henry, and is absolutely sincere in his love and acceptance of my being gay. That’s a real man there, to me.

    Secure, straight, confident, with a big heart, and a conscience about the unfairness of prejudice. It takes bravery for a straight guy to stand up for gay rights, loudly, knowing of the mockery he might get. I’m very lucky to have him as a brother-in-law.

  6. Rej says

    Henry Rollins can do anything to my ‘arse’ he wants. I know he isn’t gay, but man, I’d love him to just use my hole. Just once — the man is HOT!

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