News: Oscar Wilde, Tasmania, Project Runway, Erotic Jesus

road.jpg Gay property developers driven from Tasmania by homophobic locals after dead kangaroo is found nailed to door. Stephen Roche: “It’s been an interesting ride. But I don’t feel as though I’ve been pushed out at all. It’s a very small minority that have had any sort of homophobic prejudice. Tassie’s probably got a way to go with acceptance of gay people.”

Miloroad.jpg Shopping with Milo Ventimiglia.

road.jpg Lifetime poaches Project Runway from Bravo and NBC is MAD AS HELL.

road.jpg Joe.My.God reports on the National Gay & LEsbian Task Force’s New York Leadership Awards which said good-bye to Executive Director Matt Foreman.

road.jpg Over 100 “pro-family” leaders applaud Romania’s bigotry.

road.jpg iTunes Canada removes Jamaican dancehall “Murder music”: “This action followed a campaign led by the Canadian LGBT rights group Egale and Stop Murder Music. The songs include advocating or approval of killing gays: ‘iTunes is exercising its corporate responsibility by pulling this murder music and raising the bar for other retailers and distributors to do the same,’ says Akim Larcher, founder of SMM. He calls iTune’s decision a victory for the gay community in Canada and in the Caribbean.”

Oscarroad.jpg Oscar Wilde brand alive and well and living in Paris: “In his day, Wilde – iconoclastic, bisexual, Irish – found fame and, briefly, fortune by dint of genius, charm and application. In his own time, he was an outsider and an exotic. Now he’s one of us. We understand his craving for celebrity. We share his obsession with youth. (‘Youth is the one thing worth having,’ he wrote in The Picture of Dorian Gray.) Gay or straight, we are easy with his sexuality. Indeed, so prejudiced are we in his favour, we tend to overlook the fact that most of the young men in whom he took an interest were little more than boys.”

road.jpg Christian radio station miffed over Wisconsin school district’s dress-up day: “Students at Pineview Elementary in Reedsburg had been dressing in costume all last week as part of an annual school tradition called Wacky Week. On Friday, students were encouraged to dress either as senior citizens or as members of the opposite sex. A local resident informed the Voice of Christian Youth America on Friday. The Milwaukee-based radio network responded by interrupting its morning programming for a special broadcast that aired on nine radio stations throughout Wisconsin. The broadcast criticized the dress-up day and accused the district of promoting alternative lifestyles.”

Nphroad.jpg Will you make it to third base with Neil Patrick Harris. These bitches did.

road.jpg UC-Berkeley blood drive encourages gay men to find donors to take their place.

road.jpg Sex and the City girls the star attraction at a benefit for The Point Foundation.

road.jpg Erotic Jesus exhibit sparks outrage in Austria: “The source of the dispute, which Austrian media has dubbed Vienna’s version of the Mohammad caricature row, is a retrospective honoring Austria’s cherished artist Alfred Hrdlicka, who turned 80 earlier this year…The Church hastily removed the main picture, ‘a homosexual orgy’ of the Apostles as Hrdlicka describes it. But the protest has continued, much to the surprise of the small Cathedral Museum which is nestled down a narrow street in Vienna’s historic Gothic quarter. The museum’s director defends both Hrdlicka’s work and his decision to host the artist’s controversial versions of biblical imagery in a museum tied to the Catholic Church. ‘We think Hrdlicka is entitled to represent people in this carnal, drastic way,’ Bernhard Boehler said in his small museum office, across the street from Vienna’s imposing St. Stephan’s Cathedral. He said the museum never intended to offend people but that art should be allowed to provoke a debate.”


  1. Zeke says

    Isn’t it sad and funny how a Christian website declares that Romania, a VERY socially conservative, largely anti-gay Eastern European country and land that produced the murderous dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, is “courageous” for proposing a law to ban gay marriage?

    Next we’ll hear how courageous Mississippi was to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment.

    As far as the blood drive scheme at UC-Berkley to get gay men to find replacements for them, I couldn’t open the link, but on the face of it it seems to add insult to injury. “We know you can’t give your own blood because you’re considered to be disease ridden sewer rat, but please take time out of your day to find a pure blooded person to take your place.”

    Considering the fact that it’s Berkeley, I’m sure it’s intended to be gay supportive. I hope the link gets fixed soon so that I can read what the scheme is all about.

  2. south of there says

    My partner and I traveled to Australia two years ago and spent three weeks traveling that beautiful country on our own in an SUV. I’ve heard stories about how homophobic people are in Australia not only in the large towns but supposedly even more so in the outback.

    Completely false.

    I’m happy to say in our three weeks we never – never came across any homophobia. Everywhere the locals (even in the most remote regions of the outback) were warm and inviting.

    We had a grate time and are now planning a return trip.

  3. says

    Kudos to Akim Larcher! That little thing is such a fighter. iTunes US should do the same and pull out all hate music!

  4. humanist says

    i actually really like the berkeley blood drive plan. i hear what you’re saying, but i think it’s precisely because it will get people indignant and riled up that it will generate progress. instead of removing people entirely from the process, it’s aiming to draw more outsiders in: gays who will now be explaining the ban to their friends, and their straight “recruits” who may be hearing about the issue for the first time. kudos to the organizers.

    there is a bit of valid reasoning behind the ban. not a lot, but a bit. mostly, it’s just a “quick and dirty” method to eliminate risk factors, trading precision for expediency. what bothers me is that a more precise methodology (better screening questions) would not be much more time-consuming or prone to error, and in the mean time, many high-risk straight individuals are not caught by the screening questions. i mean, they don’t even ask about unprotected sex, or monogamy/promiscuity.

  5. says

    “…much to the surprise of the small Cathedral Museum which is nestled down a narrow street in Vienna’s historic Gothic quarter.”

    Since when did Vienna have a gothic quarter? Associated Press must have it confused with Barcelona.

  6. AggieCowboy says

    I would add to Humanist’s comment that most “straight” guys on the DL will also lie to the screener. The original expediency for precision trade is no longer valid. An excellent screening test is available for HIV and all donated blood is screened for a large number of disease markers (including HIV) before being released for use.

    Liver enzymes were used as markers for Hepatitis. The problem was that some OTC drugs, such as aspirin, can also cause an elevation in the same enzymes. Once better screening tests became available for Hepatitis, policy regarding the elevated enzymes have been changed.

    Maintaining the blood ban is purely political as there is no valid reason for keeping it.

  7. Paul R says

    I’m glad the people celebrating/exploiting Oscar Wilde managed to add that he was a child molester. I’ve read a lot about the man, and though I know he idealized youth and beauty, I don’t think his tastes ran to “boys.” It’s also worth remembering that life expectancies were lower and sexual maturity more rapid in his day.

    AggieCowboy, you’r absolutely right, of course. There’s no logic to blatant discrimination.

  8. Gander says

    @ PAUL R –

    While it may have been more socially acceptable for adults to have sex with significantly younger partners back in the day, I don’t think that you can say that kids reach their “sexual maturity” earlier than they do nowadays, since kids are reaching puberty MUCH earlier nowadays than they used to.

  9. Henry Holland says

    My reaction when I read the bit about Wilde that Paul R. mentioned was to look up that scumbag Alfred Douglas’ birthday: he was 21 when he was introduced to Wilde. From what I’ve read, he liked his rough trade to be what we would call high school age guys, say, 15-18. He was hardly out in Hyde Park, looking for 8 year olds to diddle.

  10. Zeke says

    HUMANIST, if that were really the current reasoning behind the gay ban on blood donation then African-American males, people from Haiti and Jamaica and people from sub Saharan Africa would also be banned from donating.

    This is clearly about discrimination against gay men at this point.

    SOUTH OF THERE, did all the people that were so nice to you know that you were gay? I’m don’t know if Australians are anti-gay or not. I’ve never been there. I just don’t know how a tourist would know if people in a place they visit are homophobic or not based on a visit. When I go on vacation I don’t wear a sign that says I’m gay so I would have no idea if the people who live in my vacation destinations are gay friendly or not. I’m just curious as to how you were able to make such a determination.

  11. Matt says

    oh hell, we had opposite-sex dress-up day in high school way back in the late 70’s and nothing more happened than a dumb jock ripping off his wig in disgust at the pep rally (all the girl cheerleaders dressed like bums and businessmen complete with cute painted-on moustaches) that ended the day. Bitch was a member of Fellowshit of Christian Athletes of course. He’s probably one of the losers crowing about Egypt, Tasmania, and Romania today. Such moral leaders the Xtians!

  12. John says


    Given the unholy alliance between the right-wing and China over this Tibet issue, I’d say conservatives aren’t against murderous dictators per se. As long as aforementioned dictators are selling us lots of cheap products through Wal-Mart, they can kill whoever they want.