McCain to Face New Orleans Protest Over Anti-gay Pastor Hagee


John McCain is going for a photo-op in New Orleans' 9th ward today, but he will be met there by gay groups urging him to disassociate himself with pastor John Hagee, whose endorsement McCain gladly accepted and who this week told a radio host that he stands by his comments that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because sinful gays were planning an event there.

According to The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder, the flier on the left, above, is one that McCain will be greeted by. MoveOn is behind the action, asking people to sign a petition which will be delivered to McCain at his photo-op in a number of hours. The petition reads: "John Hagee continues to blame the people of New Orleans for the catastrophe of Katrina. Senator McCain: If you reject intolerance and bigotry, reject Hagee's political support and stop courting hate-mongers like him."

You can find that petition here.

Watch John Hagee's remarks on gays, the Catholic church, and more, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via TPM)