1. says

    Hillary belongs to a right-wing fag-hating church, too.

    Hillary is a member of the United Methodist Church, and even has delivered a keynote address at a past general conference. The UMC to which Hillary belongs and otherwise supports refuses to ordain gay clergy, refuses to perform gay marriages and refuses to approve gay sexuality. In fact, the UMC even conducts church trials to expose any UMC minister who promotes the gay agenda.

    The UMC currently is holding a general conference in Fort Worth, TX, and is voting to defrock a pastor who had a sex change. Thankfully, Soulforce is there to protest.

    Why does not Hillary show some leadership and courage to challenge the gay hate of her church since she claims to be such a fighter on our behalf?

    In contrast, the church to which Obama belongs, the United Church of Christ, supports gay marriage and gay clergy.

    Hillary should spend less time attacking Obama’s church and more time challenging her own chuch.

  2. rudy says

    Good. Make all the candidates face the consequences of their endorsers and those who assist them onstage and behind the scenes. What many do not realize is that the Internet has changed campaigning forever. It is no longer possible to hide from one’s “friends” and contributors.

  3. Nathan says

    i like the juxtaposition of this and the previous post.

    The previous post is about republicans associating Obama with Wright, and we’re saying it’s wrong and should be denounced and taken off the air. This post is about gays and democrats associating McCain with Hagee, but that’s somehow okay. I’m sure there will soon be an ad with Hagee’s comments, with the picture with McCain and Hagee like the one above, and we’ll all be forwarding the link around.

    Are we being hypocrites here? I’m not saying we are, just opening a debate.

    Obama has stated that Wright is much more than just his ‘god damn america’ comment. couldn’t mccain say the say thing about hagee and his ‘god punished new orleans because the gays’?

    (i voted for obama, btw, i’m just bringing up a point)

  4. johnosahon says

    Nathan | Apr 24, 2008 12:15:23 PM


    you may have had a point, IF THE REPUBLICANS WERE NOT USING WRIGHT AGAINST OBAMA, so if they can play the game, we can too.

  5. johnosahon says

    Nathan | Apr 24, 2008 12:15:23 PM


    furthermore, wright was not abusing the american people but the way they treat their citizens and the world.

    on the other hand, Hagee is abusing a group of people.

    wright is trying to get more rights for people while hagee and the republicans are trying to take rights away.

    that’s the DIFFERENCE.

  6. says

    By “abusing” our country , he is abusing the people who voted in the government. Also McCain did not sit in a pew for twenty years listening to Hagee “abuse” people. Obama sat ther for twenty years soaking in Wright’s messages.

  7. Scott says

    Yes, Nathan, we are being hypocrites. Whether that’s right or wrong is left as an exercise for the reader. But let’s at least be honest enough to acknowledge we’re doing it.

  8. johnosahon says

    ousslander | Apr 24, 2008 12:59:04 PM


    so are you telling me, that you don’t abuse your country for the way they have treated you (i am assuming you are gay)?

    if so, then you should be ashame of yourself, if you cannot call out the faults of your country. so wonder gay rights is lacking behind in u.s. compared to other western countries.

  9. MikeinSanJose says

    The difference is that Wright was condemning the government’s ACTIONS, and most people only know Wright from a 30 second clip played ad nauseum by the conservative press. Hagee is condeming an entire group of individuals simply for their existence. He’s also missing the point that virtually the only part of New Orleans left after Katrina was the gay section where all the sinners would have gathered.

    If the mythical fantasmagorical gawd is so pissed at the gays, why not send Katrina while they’re all there, instead of taking it out on the poverty-stricken inhabitants who had nothing to do with Southern Decadence days before the “sinners” even arrived?

  10. Eric says

    I have to set one thing straight (har har): the French Quarter is not the only section of New Orleans that survived Katrina. Many square miles of the city (the Garden District, Uptown, the Marigny and Bywater, not to mention much of the greater metropolitan area) saw no flooding at all, and other sections saw only minor flooding. I am by no means minimizing the devastation in the 9th Ward and Lakeview, just putting the fact out there on the eve of Jazz Fest. Tourism has been our biggest industry for years, and I would hate for anyone to get the wrong idea and think the whole city washed away.

  11. says

    I’ve had a good life in this country. The only abuse it suffered upon me was being discharged for being gay. Did it ruin my life? NO. The policy was and is wrong.
    I’ve been stripped of no rights. You can’t take away what you never had. by the way it was Clinton who signed DOMA into law. What has rights have bush and co taking away?

    Wirght thought we had 9/11 coming to us and that we got what we deserved

  12. Joshua says

    Are Gays being hypocrite’s…you bet, and so are and the Democrats.
    Obama was a 20 + member of Wright’s church and heard for himself the sermons he gave(he even writes about his very first sermon and how much it inspired him, it was about America and how all whities are racist), Obama never repudiated Wright or made any effort to distance himself from him.

    McCain got an endorsment from Hagee, nothing more, he dosen’t attend Hagee’s church or listen to his sermons, and stated publicaly that Hagee endorsed him, he didn’t endorse Hagee, nor does he.

    That friends is the difference. Obamabot’s can rationalize all they want, but the guy has been friends with a bigot, racist(yes Virginia, blacks can be racist’s too) preacher for 20 years, calls him his mentor, got married by him and had his children babtised by him and still remains friends with the man.
    Compare that to McCain getting an endorsement, period.

  13. Zeke says

    JOSHUA, your ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth is clearly affecting your hearing and your ability to be even the slightest bit objective. Obama repudiated the offensive words of Wright MANY MANY times but he didn’t throw his pastor and friend under the bus just because the news media clipped 15 seconds of tape out of a 36 year ministry and played it without context. Come on JOSHUA, you are REALLY sounding like a Rove Republican now. I have no doubt that you will become a full time volunteer for McCain once Obama wins the nomination (if you’re not already). I personally will be glad to see you go because all you do is go on vein popping, spittle flying tirades that are usually full of gross exaggerations and misinformation.

    Now, even though I am no fan of Senator Clinton’s campaign I have to point out to HISTORY OF GAY BARS that even though The United Methodist Church has anti-gay church-wide disciplines but the Clintons’ Methodist pastor is VERY gay supportive; in fact he just recently performed a blessing for a same sex couple.

    As for, I appreciate what they do for the Democratic Party (and Hillary did too when they formed SPECIFICALLY to defend her husband) but they avoid supporting gay issues LIKE THE PLAGUE; even when the Republicans were/are using anti-gay initiatives to rally their base against Democrats. They, as far as I know, have NEVER taken a stand on behalf of gay rights or against anti-gay initiatives. In fact, even with the sign in NOLA that’s featured here, they were very careful to not address the SPECIFIC gay directed hateful comment that Hagee used when talking about Katrina and New Orleans. Because of this I had them take me off their email alerts and I quit giving them money.

    OUSSLANDER, are you saying that you have no problem with denying gay people rights that are available to other citizens as long as nothing we have now is taken away from us. We should just feel lucky with the second class status quo? You have no issue with Bush and the Republicans blocking giving gay people and gay couples equal rights to their straight counterparts by enshrining this discrimination into state constitutions as long as they doesn’t take away any rights that we already have? Do you have no problem with Bush and Co. using the gay community and our families as scapegoats and wedge issues in order to stir up animosity toward us and our families in order to scare people into voting Republican? What I find most confusing and bothersome about some of the arguments of gay conservatives is they claim to be supportive of conservative values but they are against gay people fighting for “family values” for themselves and “fair and equitable taxation” and “personal responsibility without government intrusion into our private lives”; things that are all supposedly conservative values but somehow gay conservatives don’t think they should apply to gay people. When a gay conservative doesn’t want to get married himself he feels that no gay person should be able to marry. I find these upside down and backwards contortions of their values and how they apply differently to gay people than to straight people very confusing. I also see a lot of Stockholm Syndrome in the gay community. Too many of us have bought into the anti-gay propaganda that we have been marinated in our whole life. Too many of us don’t believe we are worthy of or deserve fairness and equality. Well that’s fine if that’s how an individual feels for himself or if he’s satisfied getting less return for more investment (not exactly a Republican way of thinking usually) but he should get the hell out of the way of those of us who aren’t willing to settle for second class citizenship or table scraps.

  14. Dave says

    OK, someone explain to me why I would sign a petition to HELP McCain and his campaign? Good lord (literally), let him hang his own rope from the tree. We don’t need to sign a petition, just bring it to the national media or buy an article in a major publication.

  15. LeeBo says

    Pastor Hagee is very adept at quoting scripture to support his hatred and disapproval of Gays (and other groups). I often wonder why he chooses to ignore what the Good Book says about “gluttony” (that is, eating too much). Gluttony is lumped in with several other mortal sins in the Bible. Did God destroy the Rev. Jerry Falwell because of his sin of gluttony? Will God do the same for Pastor Hagee? His hypocrisy reveals much about his perversity.