1. Derrick from Philly says

    I think athletes get a bad rap. Some of them are very interesting people. Many athletes are not just a pair of biceps, wide shoulders, thick chests, mighty calves, powerful thighs, bubble buns, etc. And just like Sean, some of them even like to “smell nice sometimes.”

    Where is THE QUEEN’s comment on this topic? I hope the dear darlin’ is all right.

  2. DKNATL says

    Can’t he be a man and go fishing instead? I really lose my tent when I hear about the hotties doing the gayest things. Anna Wintour is such a douche and sounds like Sean wants to have that same, all over fresh spring flower douche smell.
    Someone needs to be checking his crotch on a daily basis for dribble spots when he’s rubbing on that cashmere throw in his patent leather giddy up shoes.

  3. the queen says

    hello miss derrick, yes i’m alright, thanks for asking.. i’ve just been laying low, waiting for the next gay republican sex scandal… my comments? well, i wouldn’t mind mr. avery digging his well-shaped tongue between my asscheeks, that’s for sure… and i’d be more than happy to return the favor!

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s my girl! You got sick of the Obama/Clinton Wars too? Yes, relax & enjoy that California sun, darlin’. (This isn’t the rainy season out there, I hope.) Well, enjoy that California mist and dew too.

  5. says

    I can not tell you how much this guy’s description turns me on. I mean for a one-night stand, of course. Think he’d be too hot to handle for more than that.


  6. Jillian says

    I love Avery, I think it is amazing what he will be doing. Not only does he dress well, he is super Good looking.
    He is a great act, he is a pest on the ice, but it works for him, he also gets points,
    Except one thing, I am a Fashion graduate and he is also getting the job because he is a celebrity, you know how many normal humans would love that chance.!!

  7. says

    Sorry if this comment spoils the fun, but for me, the politics of this post are a problem. The author is attempting (not very convincingly) to out someone based solely on stereotypical “gay” behavior, like an interest in women’s fashion. This bolstering of gay stereotypes does not help the gay cause, it hurts it.

    Instead of trying to out someone like Avery, we should be looking at the way that Avery, and the media, spin what might be seen as stereotypical “gay” behavior. For example, in the New York Times article linked above, after listing many attributes and interests that might read as gay, Avery then goes to great pains to appear straight by bragging that there’s always “a beautiful woman” by his bed. And The New York Times basically plays along with him — in fact, the whole point of the article seems to be, hey, here’s a really macho aggressive guy with all these feminine interests . . . who claims he’s straight. (Pa-dum-bum.)

    Rather than label Avery gay, which is what every schoolyard bully does to the boy interested in girly things, I’m going to wait and see if Avery’s experiences among the many gays and fantastic women of the fashion world sensitize Avery. And I hope that Avery, whether he’s gay or straight, will find a way to bring his new appreciation of gay culture back to the homophobic world of sports and open up minds there.

  8. Bob says

    WHAT IF….. He is actually bi or gay and still is a macho, posing, semi-jerk????
    Ten times worse than the insinuation that someone might be gay by his tastes, is the “DEFENSE AGAINST ACCUSING HIM OF BEING GAY” — which is just self-hating fag stuff.

    This boy creates his own image — let him have it!

  9. RYAN says

    It’s sad that he is being given the opportunity to intern at Vogue when there are more talented and passionate people who would die to be in his position. He treats fashion as a hobby and for some people it is their life. Stick to sports where you belong.